Friday, November 4, 2011

#Lisairwin: Nancy Grace - Jim Spellman On Mike Thompson Sighting.

SPELLMAN: Well, "The National Enquirer" is reporting on some extramarital affairs she had with her husband, who she`s still married to, who`s in the service. This is when they lived elsewhere.

Nancy, I just want to -- I just want to mention something. Mike Thompson`s sighting of this man at 4:00 AM -- I`ve been working on this for the last few days, and I`ve met this man, who we`re not naming. But I want to tell you, I`ve just discovered in that last break, we can now report that he has denied to me -- that man that Mike Thompson saw has denied to me that he was there at that time. He says it`s not him. And I know it`s the same person. I showed a photograph to Mike Thompson. So I just want to put it out there that that man denies that it`s him.

GRACE: Is it true, Jim Spellman, that cops have spoken to the guy and have ruled him out?

SPELLMAN: They have spoken to him, yes, and they say -- this is the common language they use, that they have spoken to the person, he answered their questions, and they`ve moved on. They won`t say that they`ve cleared anyone. You know, "cleared" doesn`t really mean anything. They won`t say that. They keep open the avenue to always come back. But they have told us that, yes -- and in fact, they -- about that, that particular individual in relation to that sighting.