Thursday, November 17, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Valhall - Update On The Case

There’s really not much to update on the case of Lisa Irwin.  She’s still missing.  The Irwin family has moved back into the home from which Lisa disappeared on the night of October 3rd/4th.  Some speculation has it that their defense team may have recommended they do so, for image sake.  It could be as simple as whomever they were staying with got tired of Deborah running through their stash of boxed wine.  Who knows.

The two older brothers of Lisa were finally re-interviewed by a forensic interviewer last Thursday.  There has been no word on whether useful information was obtained from that interview.

Meanwhile Debbie’s defense team believes the cell phone information exonerates their client of involvement in the disappearance of her daughter.  I see it just the opposite.  If baby Lisa isn’t found soon, which apparently will be without the cooperation of her own mother, we may never know which is more