Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lisa Irwin : Investigators Plan To Search Well Found Last Saturday

The search for little baby Lisa Irwin has taken a new direction, thanks to persistent volunteers who are desperate to find the little missing Kansas baby. On Saturday, volunteers searched the casino property pointed out by a psychic, who claimed she saw the baby with a person on that exact property. The volunteers searched the property for about 3.5 hours and found a well; a well that was identified by the psychic as an item of interest.

At the time, an investigator was called to the scene and once the search was over, it was unclear whether police would take another look at the well. The police did not participate in the search to begin with. But now, a new report from IB Times claims that police are now considering investigating the well in hopes of finding clues in the case - or little Lisa Irwin herself.

"We are exploring the possibility of searching it soon. Numerous resources are needed to get it done, but no reason not to search it," a Kansas City Police spokesperson said in a statement in response to Saturday's voluntary search...read more