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Lisa Irwin : Family Ask For Vigils Outside Their Home To Cease !

Lisa Irwin : Picerno Continues To Jump The Shark !

I’m not quite sure why Picerno can’t pass a mic up.  After you step in the non-Shinola pile in front of the media more than one time, you’d think you wouldn’t keep wandering through the same patty-laden pasture.  But he does!  This time it’s in response to the family court suit that has been filed by Rasleen Raim concerning the custody of missing Lisa Irwin’s 8-year-old half brother.

The Bradley/Irwin household is a blended family with Jeremy Irwin bringing a son from a prior relationship (I do not know if they were ever married), and Deborah Bradley bring a son from a current marriage (lol)… serious, she’s not divorced.  Then there was Lisa who was Bradley and Irwin’s biological child.  In past media reports it was stated that Jeremy Irwin had fought intensely to retain full custody of his son from his previous relationship with Rasleen Raim.  Not much has been reported on why the battle was so intense, or why a family court eventually ruled to give full custody to Jeremy Irwin.

Since the news of Lisa’s disappearance Rasleen Raim has filed a suit to try to regain custody of her son.  Now, the first questions I have about this more

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Lisa Irwin :Levi_Page - Pat Brown Confronts "Psychic"

Lisa Irwin : Investigators Plan To Search Well Found Last Saturday

The search for little baby Lisa Irwin has taken a new direction, thanks to persistent volunteers who are desperate to find the little missing Kansas baby. On Saturday, volunteers searched the casino property pointed out by a psychic, who claimed she saw the baby with a person on that exact property. The volunteers searched the property for about 3.5 hours and found a well; a well that was identified by the psychic as an item of interest.

At the time, an investigator was called to the scene and once the search was over, it was unclear whether police would take another look at the well. The police did not participate in the search to begin with. But now, a new report from IB Times claims that police are now considering investigating the well in hopes of finding clues in the case - or little Lisa Irwin herself.

"We are exploring the possibility of searching it soon. Numerous resources are needed to get it done, but no reason not to search it," a Kansas City Police spokesperson said in a statement in response to Saturday's voluntary more

Lisa Irwin : Gag Order Discussed In Custody Battle Over Lisa Irwin's Half Brother

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Lisa Irwin : Web Sleuth Radio 28/11/2011

Jhessye Shockley Disappearance And Philadelphia's Charnae Wise

Earlier this week, we learned that authorities believe Jhessye Shockley, a 5-year-old Arizona girl who has been missing since mid-October, is no longer alive. (Note: Her name has also been spelled Jahessye, but I'm going with the local Arizona media spelling, which is likely the accurate one.) Though Jhessye went missing about the same time as “Baby Lisa,” the cases were treated very differently in the media: There was extensive national coverage of Lisa Irwin’s disappearance, while Jhessye’s was largely overlooked. The Irwin family is white, while Jhessye is (or, as the sad case appears to be, was) African-American.
Now the story of the little girl whose disappearance didn’t inspire a national outcry grows even sadder. The Associated Press reports that Jhessye’s 13-year-old sister, who was placed in foster care soon after the 5-year-old’s disappearance, has shared with Child Protective Services some troubling information. The teen “told police that [her mother Jerice Hunter] kept Jhessye in a bedroom closet and deprived her of food and water, and that she had seen the girl with black eyes and bruises and cuts to her face and body,” says the AP, quoting a probable cause statement.
These allegations reminded me of a similar terrible tale from Philadelphia. In 1997, the body a 5-year-old girl, Charnae Wise, was discovered in a basement. As Shankar Vedantam chronicled in an exhaustive report for the Philadelphia Inquirer, The girl’s mother, Charlene Wise, struggled with drug addiction and lost custody of her six children soon after Charnae’s birth. Slowly, she regained custody of the six kids, but she was overwhelmed, telling a social worker she couldn’t care for them all. “You either take them now or we put them up for adoption,” Wise was reportedly told. So she took more

LisaIrwin :Stephanie Almaguer Psychic/ Medium Drawn Into the Search For Baby Lisa !

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#LisaIrwin #KCPD - The Parents Win Again !

#LisaIrwin : Why No Arrest ?

Why has there been no arrest in the case of missing 10 month old, Lisa Irwin?

In another case of a missing child, (Jhassey) police have made an arrest even though they have not charged the mother in the disappearance; rather holding her on child abuse charges.

Although there are differences in the details in the cases, there is one blaring difference overall:

One case has a high profile defense attorney and the other case does not.  Is this why there is no arrest?

Deborah Bradley is responsible for the disappearance of her child, Baby Lisa, no matter who you believe or who you listen to.

Deborah Bradley has lied to police and invented an implausible story of a kidnapping to cover what it is that she has done.  This must first be proven in order to gain a conviction.

However, if you restrict yourself to believing the mother (and her attorneys) than you still come to the same conclusion:

Deborah Bradley is responsible for the disappearance of her daughter, Lisa.

#LisaaIrwin : #AddisonWeast - Never Forget Child Abuse

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#LisaIrwin : #SkyMetalwala - Solomon Shares Family History Details Of Wifes Mental Illness

#LisaIrwin : Valhall - #Picerno Loses Gossip Game

Gossip, telephone, pass the message…whatever you called it when you were a kid, you probably remember playing the game.  You sit in a circle and the person who starts the game whispers something in the person’s ear next to them, who in turn whispers what he believed he heard to the next person until it gets to the last person who must say the message out loud.  Rarely does the message stay intact.  Such was Picerno’s latest hope at pointing fingers at someone else.

Picerno hasn’t had a good couple of weeks.  He sure hoped the Tyler Dasher case would be one where he could point his finger and say, “See!  Strange men wander streets in the middle of the night with stolen babies!” – only to have his hopes dashed when the finger turned on him, and wagging fiercely said, “See!  Moms kill babies in their cribs after partying!”  Then, his more

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#LisaIrwin : #SkyMetalwala - Valhall- Items Of Interest Found In Search

This past Saturday law enforcement conducted a search at Watershed Park in Kirkland, Washington in the case of missing Sky Metalwala.  It is reported that “several items of interest” were located during that search and that those items have been sent of for analysis.

Police expanded their search in this case to the Kirkland area, and in particular the heavily wooded Watershed park area, due to tips that came in reportedly on the afternoon/evening of Friday.  Those tips appear to have come in after law enforcement published new photos of Sky in hopes someone would recognize the child.

As for Julia Biryukova, who has lied to police from the start of this investigation and then refused to cooperate past the first day – instead hiding behind her lawyer, instead of assisting police to find her missing son, she’s been busy uploading pictures to her Flickr page.  Several of the photos uploaded in the past week have Sky in more

#LisaIrwin : Missing #Mellersch Children Found Dead With Mother In Turkey

Two children allegedly abducted by their mother from the custody of their British father have been found dead in Soke, Turkey after she apparently gassed them and also killed herself.

Yaanis Mellersh and Mira Mellersh : Missing children found dead with mother
Image 1 of 2
Yaanis and Mira Mellersh  Photo: FACEBOOK
The children were meant to be in the custody of their father Justin Mellersh, 46, from Lyndhurst in Hampshire, but were reported missing in February last year - and a Europe-wide search launched. They were last seen near Bremen, in Germany.
A Facebook page dedicated to trying to find the youngsters said: "On November 18th 2011, all three were found dead in Turkey. Elke had committed suicide and taken the kids with her. This had been our greatest fear."
Another post added: "We do not blame the mother for this tragedy, it's clear that she suffered a debilitating mental illness with paranoid delusions. Rather we mourn that we were not able to ease her inner pain and confusion, and so were unable to prevent this sad, sad end."
The Daily Mail said that Turkish reports suggested the family died of carbon monoxide poisoning - possibly from a heater. .. read more

#LisaIrwin : Disgust At #Tacopina Team As Propaganda Is Exposed !

 How far will deception go to accomplish the goal of making money?
Since Friday evening, we have deleted comments reporting that a teen was told by Jersey that he was paid $300 by someone to kidnap baby Lisa.

Who started this rumor?

Would you like to know how low some will sink to accomplish their goals?

Bill Stanton could not make a straight sentence and implicated Joe Tacopina for making this up.

This is the spin team at its best;  quick to blame someone more

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#LisaIrwin : #Paedophile Allegations- Looking For A Journalist To BREAK The News On The McCann Cover- Up

#LisaIrwin : #HaileyDunn Blogtalk With Peter Hyatt

#LisaIrwin #Anthony : #Florida Bar Rules...

#LisaIrwin : #Picerno Fitting Up And Framing A Patsy...NOT Very Bright Is He...Picerno Should Have Contacted The McCanns EXPERTS In Arranging Faked Abductions AND Framing Innocent Men !

Saturday, November 19, 2011

#LisaIrwin #Picerno Spin Now In Orbit ' Ground Control To Major Tom'

A teen located by the NBC Action News Investigators denies ever saying a neighborhood handyman "bragged" about a $300 payday for kidnapping Baby Lisa Irwin.
"No," said the teen.  "I haven’t seen him since like September 11 th.
In a story published Friday, an attorney for the Irwin family said he was trying to track a teen who supposedly claimed a neighborhood handyman told him he'd been paid to take the infant.

Read more:$300-baby-lisa-kidnap-rumor-denied-by-teen-who-supposedly-implicated-handyman-in-disappearance#ixzz1eEGaJh3f

#LisaIrwin: Disgraced #Picerno -Does He Want Us To Believe 'Jersey' Killed Lisa Before Abducting Her For 300 Bucks ? ...Cadaver Dogs DON'T LIE !!!!!

 Dog handler Martin Grime - Cadaver Dog Eddie 

FBI....Dog Handler Martin Grime - Cadaver Dog EDDIE -   alerted to cadaver husband now serving time !!!!!

FBI....Dog Handler - Marting Grime- Cadaver Dog- Eddie -  Husband Confessed To Wife's Murder

FBI.....Dog Handler Martin Grime - Cadaver Dog - Eddie - Attracta Harron Murder case

PHOTOGRAPH :Dog handler Martin Grime - Cadaver Dog Eddie

EVRD dog EDDIE who alerted to HUMAN CADAVER scent in the #McCann Apartment, Hire Car, CuddleCat.... #FakeAbduction

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#LisaIrwin #SkyMetalwala : New Images Of Sky Appear Online

#LisaIrwin : #Picerno's 'Triple Hearsay' Puts Jersey In the Frame...Buying Irwin's Some Time !

#LisaIrwin : #TylerDasher - Tylers Dad.. His Disbelief That His Mother Killed Him Then Faked An Abduction !

Tyler Dasher was allegedly beaten to death by his 20-year-old mother, Shelby Dasher. The woman reported her son missing, using the same details as the high-profile case of missing baby Lisa Irwin. The father of the slain boy has decided to speak out in light of the massive load of publicity his son's murder has garnered.

Joe Ellington is described as having a "limited role" in his son's life, but that doesn't mean the young man didn't love him. He was first under suspicion of the murder of one-year-old Tyler Dasher, but it's been quickly revealed that this is not the case. He is glad to set the record straight that he wasn't involved in his son's disappearance and murder, but at the same time he can't believe that Shelby Dasher would do such a thing as beat the boy to more

#LisaIrwin #Picerno Puts 'Jersey' Back In the Frame Now Dane Is A No Hoper !

#LisaIrwin : Megan Wright Reacts To Dane

#LisaIrwin: #SkyMetalwala - Dad Hits The Streets In Search Of His Son

#LisaIrwin : Valhall On Alina Fitzpatrick - Who Killed Alina ?

In recent weeks there has been the unfortunate trend of young girls being found dead in the Oklahoma City metro area.  First there was Carina Saunders, 19, found dismembered and stuffed in a duffle bag, left to be found in a field immediately behind a grocery store in northwest Oklahoma City/Bethany.  Then there was Kelsey Bransby, 19, from the same Mustang High School class as Carina found shot to death in her apartment in southern Oklahoma City.  And now 17-year-old Alina Fitzpatrick, her nude body found by a property owner in far rural northeast Oklahoma City.  Under no circumstances am I attempting to link Alina’s murder to the other two recent murders.  In fact, it’s the differences in Alina’s case that concern me.

Alina was 17 years old and being home schooled because, according to her parents, of a bullying problem at her former school, Putnam City North High School.  Alina’s parents had chosen to try homeschooling when the new year school began due to these problems and enrolled her in the Putnam City Virtual internet school to teach her from home.  Administrators at Putnam City North stated they had no knowledge of a reported bullying problem in connection with Alina.  I’d like to state that 1.) that darned sure doesn’t mean there wasn’t one, and 2.) it darned sure wouldn’t surprise me that they would be clueless if there was more

#LisaIrwin : #Tacopina's "Defense" Strategy In Custody Battle

 For some, the best defense is a good offense.  Is this Tacopina's strategy?

When the lawyers orchestrated the national media's questions about being drunk, did they not anticipate the backlash of allegations of neglect?

The strategy was obvious:  cover or excuse Deborah Bradley's inconsistencies and changing stories with a blanket reason:  she blacked out because she was drunk. 

The issues?

1.  Deborah Bradley appeared unable or unwilling to use her own words to say that she was drunk and high on anti-anxiety meds, but would only nod or say 'uh-huh' to most questions. 

2.  Drunken mother alone with a sick baby and two youngsters constitutes a situation of risk, as well as Child Neglect. 

The lawyer may have wanted to portray this as an alcoholic blackout, especially since Deborah Bradley repeatedly stated that she last checked on Lisa at 10:30PM, but 2 weeks into the investigation, after failing a polygraph, she changed the time to 6:40PM.   The criminal defense team needed a way to explain this away, even as it brought more attention to the 10:30PM time mentioned by Bradley. more

#LisaIrwin:#SkyMetalwala- Mom On Dating Sight- No Mention Of Children !


On the page, which was created July 25, a person identifying herself as "JB" says she is "looking for financial stability and assistance. I am looking for a successful mentor. I am looking for a REAL man. YOU tell me YOUR 'ideal' arrangement!"  The profile says "JB" expects "US$3,001 - $5,000 monthly."

The profile page features nine photographs of Biryukova and describes her as 30-years-old, a "non-smoker" and "non-drinker" who can "speak fluent Russian, Ukrainian and English" and lives in Redmond.

The last time Biryukova, or the person behind the account, accessed the account was October 26, Wade said.

#LisaIrwin : Russ Ptacek On Facebook- More On the Mystery man

#LisaIrwin : Video - Mystery Man Says He Had Phone

Thursday, November 17, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Video - #AliayahLunsford - Mom Releases Statement About Little Aliayah's 'Disappearance'

#LisaIrwin: #AliayahLunsford - Battered Child

Readers here knew that Aliayah Lunsford was a battered, unwanted child, living under the brutal domination of drug addicted mother, Lena Lunsford. 

We learned from statements that:

Aliayah was dead, and that the mother reporting her missing was deceptive.  (Please see prior analysis).
Aliayah was unwanted, left to herself, and unloved.  Her aunt lived across the street and referenced Aliayah in the past tense; as if dead.   

Lunsford has been arrested...again, this time for violating parole by getting high using bath salts.  She had 7 children with the others all removed from her care by child protective services. 

When the FBI used this photo, it confirmed that Aliayah was, in deed, a battered child.  We learned that she was the 'pariah' of the children, scorned, alone and highly independent.  When a 3 year old fends for herself, it is neglect.  Where there is neglect, always look for drugs. more

#LisaIrwin : Valhall - Update On The Case

There’s really not much to update on the case of Lisa Irwin.  She’s still missing.  The Irwin family has moved back into the home from which Lisa disappeared on the night of October 3rd/4th.  Some speculation has it that their defense team may have recommended they do so, for image sake.  It could be as simple as whomever they were staying with got tired of Deborah running through their stash of boxed wine.  Who knows.

The two older brothers of Lisa were finally re-interviewed by a forensic interviewer last Thursday.  There has been no word on whether useful information was obtained from that interview.

Meanwhile Debbie’s defense team believes the cell phone information exonerates their client of involvement in the disappearance of her daughter.  I see it just the opposite.  If baby Lisa isn’t found soon, which apparently will be without the cooperation of her own mother, we may never know which is more

#LisaIrwin #TylerDasher :" VERY VERY VERY ANGRY " !

Now we know what "very, very angry" means to the local police officer.  We don't need to enter into his internal subjective, personal dictionary.

We may also have an indication as to why there is no 'cracking' of Deborah Bradley as Tyler's little body revealed the anger that he faced when he cried interrupting mommy's time...

When Deborah Bradley justified drinking wine mixed with prescription medication as "adult time" which she felt she had earned by "feeding" the three children, a chill ran up my spine, fearing what wrath was faced by a crying, cranky, Baby Lisa who had the misfortune of both having a cold, and being born to a selfish, neglectful mother and a weak, effeminate, abdicating father.  I can only hope the other two boys end up in better places.

Bradley invented the "stranger abduction" story.  Police know it, the lawyers know it, and America knows it.  Her deception was not difficult to discern, even before her story started to change.

She has good reason to not want Lisa's remains recovered and has done everything possible, including stalling interviews for the boys, right to refusing to allow her bedroom to be searched, to keep America from finding Lisa.

We will find Lisa, and technology is such that we will learn what fate befell her, but America's guesses are not too far off the mark.

Sadly, we saw the tragic end to another child who dared to interrupt a mother who, even in her clue, told the world that her sleep was more important than her child's life.

Here's to you, Deborah Bradley, who now every mother in the land will think about when they want to enjoy a glass of wine, but wait until their precious little one is asleep, and there is another adult present to tend to the little one, should he or she wake up at 10:30PM, cry, and need a little kindness...the kindness you refused her...the kindness you refuse, even now, to show her, in death, with a proper more

#Lisairwin : #FBI Search For Mom Who Abducted Her Eight Children !

The missing children include:

Nephra Payne Male/11-year-old

Nephra Ceo Payne M/10

Nephra Shalee Payne M/6

Nephra Umeek Payne M/5

Nephra Yahmen Payne M/4

Nephra John Payne M/9

Nephra Rahsul Payne M/6

Nefertiti Payne F/11 Months

Nadal allegedly took them all and drove off in a 1996 black Chevy Suburban with the license plate number EXZ-5896.

“She really do love them, so I don’t think she will harm them,” Emanuel said. “But I just would like, please, make contact, make contact.”

Foster mother Amieka Smith cared for 9-year-old John and 6-year-old Rahsul.

“I’m still in shock, that’s why I’m on my way to the agency,” she told Guzman. “I’m very concerned about the children and the welfare of the mother and everybody involved.”

The couple currently lives in a public housing building in the Manhattanville and investigators believe both parents are now on the run with their children.

There is no answer at the couple’s apartment and police say there is no sign of them in South Carolina where they lived some years ago.

Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477), visit or text their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then enter TIP577.

Those with information can also call the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services Missing and Exploited Children Clearinghouse at 1-800-346-3543 or visit

#LisaIrwin :#TylerDasher - Missouri Mother Charged With Murdering Toddler Son


A suburban St. Louis woman who claimed her 13-month-old son had vanished from his crib was charged Wednesday with murdering him, after prosecutors say she admitted beating him because he wouldn't stop crying.

Shelby Dasher, 20, was arrested less than 16 hours after she reported her son, Tyler, was missing. People walking their dog found Tyler Dasher's body on Tuesday near a cemetery about a mile from his home.

Dasher was being held on $500,000 cash bond. The state's electronic court system did not list an attorney for her Wednesday afternoon, and a county jail worker declined to convey a request to Dasher seeking comment.

#LisaIrwin : #Tylerdasher - Memorial Near Crime Scene

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#LisaIrwin: #TylerDasher Live Press Conference

#LisaIrwin : #TylerDasher - Mugshot Of Shelby Dasher Who Has Confessed To Killing her Son


Multiple sources confirming that Dasher  has confessed to the beating to death of her son. During interviews with her which stretched into the early morning hours this morning sources say that she had dumped Tyler's body, then returned home and went to sleep. She then called police several hours later to report him missing.

Marc Cox from KMOV live report on 12 news.

Source : Hinky Meter

#LisaIrwin :Video #Tacopina Propaganda - Parents Move back Home - But Refuse To Talk To Police

#LisaIrwin : Recent Alleged Kidnapping Cases

#LisaIrwin : Levi Page - BLOGTALK Update

#LisaIrwin : Rasleem Raim Asks That her Sons Image Be Removed From The Public Arena

#LisaIrwin : Theatrics From #Tacopina As He Stabs Rasleem Raim In The Back !

"That statement is comprised of very touching words written by a lawyer but are fictional when it comes to this woman and the 8 year old boy she abandoned," Tacopina wrote.   Mrs. Raim hasn't seen her son , who she claims to care so much about, for six years, despite a court order allowing visits.

Read more:

#LisaIrwin #KCPD : A Familiar Case ...

#LisaIrwin : #TylerDasher - Mother Arrested - Police Believe She Killed Her Son

#LisaIrwin : #Tyler Dasher - Shelby Dasher Has Not Been Formally Booked

#LisaIrwin : #SkyMetalWala - Why No Arrest ?

Police say Julia Biryukova admits abandoning her son at the side of the road, and likely committing a crime. So why hasn’t she been arrested?

“There may be a strategic reason why,” says UW Professor Mary Fan. The former federal prosecutor has watched the case closely. “You want to make sure you have a strong enough case. If you have someone out and about, you can follow them, see where they go. You have a missing child out there.”

It’s a tactic that has been used in the case involving missing Oregon seven-year-old Kyron Horman. He disappeared from his elementary school in June of 2010 and hasn’t been seen since.

“It seems, from an outsider’s perspective, that they’ve really focused on Terri Horman,” says Kyle Iboshi, a KGW-TV reporter who has covered the case. “Terri Horman is the boy’s stepmother, and was the last person to see him. They’ve looked into her background, her cell phone records, her interaction on social media, everything, and every move she made.”

Fan says if, like in Biryukova’s case, she was arrested, and brought in for questioning. “The target may lawyer up, invoke right to counsel. It complicates things, when you take someone into custody and all sorts of protections kick in.”

Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist, who is not part of the investigation, agreed with the assessment, and says what Bellevue is doing is not out of the ordinary. “Sometimes you want more time to put your case together,” says Lindquist. “You might want to keep the person talking.”

Lindquist says, based on what we know right now, it is possible Biryukova could face felony or misdemeanor child abandonment charges.

#LisaIrwin : Why Did FBI Show Evidence To Joe Tacopina ?


The defense attorney from Kansas City representing Baby Lisa's parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, told media that the FBI gave him and Joe Tacopina a 30 minute "power point" presentation showing that three calls were made from the parents' cell phones at 11:57PM, and near 3:30AM.

Why would the FBI reveal critical evidence that points to the mother's direct involvement to criminal defense attorneys in a case where no one has been charged, or even named as a suspect?

This is puzzling.

It may be that the FBI thought that this damning evidence would provoke the attorneys into getting Deborah Bradley to make a deal:  come clean about what happened to Lisa, reveal the location of her remains, in exchange for a reduced sentence. .. read more

#LisaIrwin : #TylerDanielDasher - Drugs may end up as part of this case

updated:  Tyler has been found dead. 
The mother, Shelby A. Dasher,  said she put him to bed at 10:30PM and 'overslept' until 11AM the next morning.  She reportedly lived with Tyler and her own mother, Tyler's grandmother.  

A one year old does not sleep until 11AM, so the mother, along with boyfriends, associates, and the boy's father will be closely investigated.

Drugs may end up as part of this case as mothers of one year olds do not sleep until 11AM and police must learn if neglect was part of Tyler's short life. more

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

#LisaIrwin : #TylerDasher Found Dead

#LisaIrwin . #TylerDasher - Update - A Deceased Child Has Been Found - No ID

#LisaIrwin : #TylerDanielDasher Missing ...And Yes We Have A Witness

Police are searching for a little boy that has turned up missing from a home in Affton, Missouri, just south of St. Louis city.  Authorities have issued a SARAA Alert in order to spread the word on the little boy.

News 4's Laurie Waters is at the scene and tells us that the boy's name is Tyler Daniel Dasher, born in September of last year.

Authorities say the boy’s mother put the boy to bed last evening about 10:30 p.m. on the 7700 block of Clevedon on Monday.  When the mother woke up at 11 a.m. Tuesday the child was gone.

According to police, the little boy has blond hair, weighs about 20 pounds.  Tyler has four upper teeth and four lower teeth.  Investigators say that he has a red birth mark on his shoulder. Police say he may have been wearing light blue flannel pajamas, with a truck pattern.

Rick Eckhard with the St. Louis County Police tells News 4 they are especially concerned because when they arrived on the scene around 11 a.m. on Tuesday morning, they were approached by a resident who said that they saw a man walking down the street with a child in a blue blanket. 

 Eckhard tells News 4 that a blue blanket is missing from the home.

Authorities say they do not have much to go on with this lead.  The man was described only as a white male, possibly in his 30s wearing what may have been a dark colored hoodie and dark sweat pants.  The witness did not have any information as to whether the man got into a vehicle.

While they have not ruled it out, Eckhard says the child most likely would not have been able to walk away from the house on his own.  Officers that inspected the house determined it would have been very difficult for Tyler to leave on his own.  Police are doing a complete search of the home to rule out the fact that the child might still be inside.

Eckhard says that Tyler lived in the home with his mother and grandmother, and had his own room in the house.

Anyone with information should call 911.

#LisaIrwin: #AliayahLunsford - Battered Child

For those of you still wondering about the deceptive responses from the family, including the aunt's past tense reference to Aliayah, 3, (indicating knowledge or belief that she is dead), the FBI has released a poster that shows her battered and bruised face, hair shorn off, for the public to see, as well as send a strong signal to family.  A 3 year old is likely not this terribly battered without others knowing about it.
Two new posters were released Monday in regards to missing 3-year-old Aliayah Lunsford. Both the FBI and the West Virginia Fusion Center released new flyers about Aliayah, whom they're calling missing and endangered.
"It's important to note that there are two. The West Virginia Fusion Cell took responsibility for releasing the first one, the FBI took responsibility for releasing the other one and they're freely available for the public to take a look at and we've also made copies and more copies are available if people want to distribute them," says FBI Special Agent Jeff more

#LisaIrwin : Better Late Than Never

It has taken 5 weeks, but the mother of the boy fathered by Jeremy Irwin has filed custody with a court, seeking to protect her son from Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin.

This is not a surprise, but the timing is.

What took her so long? more

#LisaIrwin : #StLouis County - One Year Old Missing - Mom Last Saw Him When She Put Him To bed

St. Louis County, MO (KSDK) - Police in St. Louis County are looking for a missing one-year-old boy reported missing earlier Tuesday.

According to investigators, the boy's mother last saw the child when she put him to bed Monday evening.

The St. Louis County Police Department has cordoned off an area ten blocks around the home, located on Clevedon Street.

NewsChannel 5 will have more information on this story as it becomes available.

#lisaIrwin : #KCPD - Chiefs Blog Invite's You To Share Concerns And Ideas

#LisaIrwin : #FACEBOOK - Rasleen Raim has Filed An 'Emergency Motion for Temporary Custody'

 Rasleen Raim, the mother of her Lisa Irwin's brother Blake has has filed an 'Emergency Motion for Temporary Custody' and 'Motion to Modify Child Custody/Visitation' in the Circuit Court of Clay County, Liberty, Missouri.

#LisaIrwin : New Phone Timelines


“There’s no mystery on that one,” Police Captain Steven Young said about the 8:30 call. “The 8:30 one, that was a detective calling that number. “

Previously Wright had said the mystery call was the 8:30 call.

In a Facebook message to me, she said that's what detectives told her.

""The only information I know is what police told me originally," Wright wrote. "8:00 p.m. Then it was 2:30 a.m.  Now shortly before midnight.. Who freggin (sic) knows?!"

The family’s local attorney, John Picerno, said the authorities gave him times of the phone’s activity the night of the baby’s disappearance, Oct. 3rd going into the early hours Oct. 4th.

“That’s what we’ve been told by the FBI,” Picerno told NBC Action News.... read more

#LisaIrwin :Video - #AliayahLunsford -Aliayah's Press Conference:


This was taken by a member of Face Book Lewis County Rumor Mill.
Margie Blake took the video of the press conference. Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Source : Justice Quest

#LisaIrwin #AliayahLunsford - Bruise On Face Photoshopped Out ?

#LisaIrwin #AliayahLunsford - Image Of A Bruised Aliayah - Reported To Be The Last Photo !

Two new posters were released Monday in regards to missing 3-year-old Aliayah Lunsford. Both the FBI and the West Virginia Fusion Center released new flyers about Aliayah, whom they're calling missing and endangered.

"It's important to note that there are two. The West Virginia Fusion Cell took responsibility for releasing the first one, the FBI took responsibility for releasing the other one and they're freely available for the public to take a look at and we've also made copies and more copies are available if people want to distribute them," says FBI Special Agent Jeff Killeen.

The picture on the Fusion Center's flyer was supposedly taken just days before Aliayah was reported missing.

In it, you can see a bruise on the left side of her face. There's no word on where this bruise originated.

"I don't know the origin of any of the marks on the child. I wouldn't want to comment on that. That could be from a number of different sources. I do not know," says Jeff Killeen.

Killeen says the FBI was given this picture by a member of Aliayah's extended family with the approval to release to the public.  As far as investigators know, this is the most recent picture taken of the little girl.

"We're continuing our efforts just to find the child and we believe that having a new picture out here, the most recent picture that we know of of the child before she went missing, may spur someone's memory as to where this child was or maybe her movements right before she went missing," Killeen says.

The FBI is still offering a $20,000 reward for anyone who leads investigators to her whereabouts. You can call the Fusion Center with this information at 1-866-WVWATCH or 304-558-6592.

Agents say independent groups may still search for the little girl.
To see or print the new posters, click the following links:
West Virginia Fusion Center

FBI Missing Persons

FBI - Pittsburgh Field Office

Monday, November 14, 2011

#LisaIrwin : #Blogtalk - Levi Page & Pat Brown Discuss The Irwin Case

#LisaIrwin : Rasleem Raim Fights For Custody Of her Son

#LisaIrwin : Cell Phone Pings Point To Deborah Bradley

5 weeks ago, Deborah Bradley reported her 10 month old daughter, Lisa, kidnapped.  In her account, she was deceptive, and since has failed a polygraph, and will not speak to police.

News has been released regarding the cell phone records from the "disconnected" and "stolen" cell phones of Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin.

The results of the phone ping records is not good news for Deborah Bradley.

The KC attorney for Deborah Bradley says that the cell phone records clear his client.

This logic follows suit with Joe Tacopina's tactics saying "My client's drunkenness proves she is truthful" method of bulldozing one's way past logic by making illogical assertions in a passionate, confident manner. It is like saying, "the blood in OJ's  vehicle proves his innocence" as the audience shakes its collective head in disbelief.

The cell phone  ping records point to no one other than Deborah more

#LisaIrwin: Propaganda And Spin Continues..Meanwhile Statement Analysis From Seamus

As the propaganda campaign continues with a new attorney using a missing baby as an opportunity to put his face on national television, speculation about what happened to baby Lisa, more than a month ago, continues.

Joe Tacopina, criminal defense attorney representing the parents, had media ask Deborah Bradley, "were you drinking?" in which she answered in the affirmative, yet never used her own words to state that she was intoxicated, which, in Statement Analysis, we flagged for attention.

"Yes or No" questions are the easiest to lie to, therefore, it is the open editing process which we highlight for information.

Who would have done this? more