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WIKILEAKS / Daily Record readers SLAM the McCanns and pros leap in to defend

hajduk wrote:
So now it seems as though a *British* police report by Lee Rainbow highlighted suspicions against the McCanns, and of course it was a *British* police adviser, Mark Harrison, who first suggested the parents had to be looked at, it was a *British* top dog handler, Martin Grime and his two springer spaniels who apparently alerted to the scent of a corpse in the McCanns' apartment. It wasn't all the fault of that 'disgraced', incompetent Portuguese detective, then? No wonder the McCanns are reported to be 'furious'.
19/12/2010 3:00 PM GMT on
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santaclaus1 wrote:
So after reading this, will Kate and Gerry now persecute the British Police and sue them for hindering the search for their daughter?
19/12/2010 3:27 PM GMT on
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JusticeJones wrote:
I'm lost I thought everyone knew the British police were totally involved from the beginning! I think the people who hindered the search the most was the very people who refused to work with the UK and Portuguese police that being the Mccanns themselves, refused to answer questions and do a reconstruction. Yet they use the limited company funds set up on behalf of Madeleine to sue/silence anyone who thinks this is suspect, strange world we live in.
One day you will get justice Madeleine, people like those behind the Wikileaks are speaking on your behalf. RIP little one.
19/12/2010 6:01 PM GMT on
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JusticeJones wrote:
"Those who could help Madeleine but choose to do nothing are also complicit in this injustice"....Mr Gerald McCann.

Wonder what Madeleine would have thought when you and your wife chose not to answer the questions put to you by the police? When you chose not to hold a reconstruction. Doing nothing Mr & McCann I'd say, injustice you bet.
19/12/2010 6:05 PM GMT on
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Rosiepops wrote:
I am ashamed to admit I supported the McCanns believing absolutely their claims of abduction but lately with the expected release of their forthcoming book to achieve no other ends but make money and now this information from wikileaks I am beginning to have my doubts regarding the veracity of their claims and I am not the only one among my friends. The veil is starting to be lifted and I'm afraid I do not like what is being revealed about the McCanns.
19/12/2010 6:48 PM GMT on
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Principles wrote:
Weren't the British police involved anyway? Everyone knows they brought the dogs and the FSS did the forensic tests. I'm puzzled.

How does all this square with Amaral saying the British embassy/Government/police/uncle Tom Cobley and all were working FOR the McCanns and against him? I'm puzzled.

Of course the British police co-operated with the Portuguese. Why wouldn't they? Of course the parents were, correctly, the first suspects. BUT then the tests proved that there was no evidence against the McCanns didn't they? I'm puzzled.

I don't understand the big fuss about this Wikleaks stuff. Apart from showing that Amaral's accusations against the British police were wrong, which everyone knew anyway, what's new?
19/12/2010 6:56 PM GMT on
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JusticeJones wrote:
Some people take longer to see the truth than others Rosiepops. I applaud your honesty. On a seperate front why would the mccanns need the offer of a substancial book deal to be honest. Similarly why would they need money to look for Madeleine if instead of ordering a review of the evidence (which is nothing other than a publicity stunt) rather than the re-opening of the process with full co-operation from them re the answers or reconstruction.
God bless wikileaks.
19/12/2010 7:01 PM GMT on
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JusticeJones wrote:
Principles you need to emerge yourself in the case of the McCanns might sort out your apparent confusion.
The parents are still suspects, the case does not have enough evidence to proceed to Court, hence it is shelved. The Portuguese asked for Madeleine's medical records - denied. They asked for the McCanns statements - denied. The FSS have lost samples - True. They tried to get the UK police to pass on other information which was denied.
You misread the Wikileaks (as you might if you were one of the paid employees of the McCanns many PR companies), the UK POLICE DEVELOPED EVIDENCE. Comprende? Not suspected or thought but evidence aka the stuff that gets people put away for a long time.
Finally no not everyone thought the UK police were involved, the Mccanns passed them off as mere co-ordinators and Clarence Mitchell repeated this to slur the Portuguese. When Mr Amaral stood in Court the UK police denied their co-operation, you get it now?
Merry Christmas pal and happy reading.
19/12/2010 7:11 PM GMT on
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JusticeJones wrote:
I wonder if those that have pre-ordered the Mccanns new book, (which according to the Aunt is honest! and scathing of the Portuguese), will have a bit of a wait a bit longer for their book to arrive now. I also wonder what kind of a Christmas the publishers will have now it turns out that the UK were the driving force behind all this all along...hmmmm. Shelved (like the matter) or amended to libel the UK police, decisions, decisions.....!
19/12/2010 7:55 PM GMT on
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justforinfo wrote:
Readers and editors, as well as administrators, should know that the messages here against the Mccann family have not arrived here by chance. The Chairman of the so-called 'Madeleine Foundation', Tony Bennett, helps to run a particularly vile and mean-spirited little forum, where he posted the link to this article and urged his supporters to spam it with negative comment.

This truly horrible individual, still the subject of an undertaking given to the High Court in England to get the hell off the McCanns' back and stop libelling them, has celebrated previous Chistmases by desecrating a much-loved Carol. replacing the words with a vile anti-Mccann ditty of his own invention. And this man claims to be an ardent Christian.
The McCanns were cleared by the Portuguese prosecutor and continue to search for their daughter. Others meanwhile find meaning in their own empty lives by persecuting the parents of a missing child and circulating comments made on media sites such as this as 'proof' they are representative of public opnion.

McCanns the trailer trash. I once spoke to Levi about the McCanns and he said they are Europes Ramseys and the Cummings are the trailer trash that follow behind. I disagree ,the McCann' s through a certain family member now begging for legal aid and benefits has helped them become a fully paid up member of the trailer trash.

Haleigh Cummings: Surrounded by Psychopaths

I was writing a blog post about the families of suspected perpetrators in three missing/murdered children cases that have made headlines over the years. It is my opinion, that in many of these cases there are more than just one "guilty party" involved in these crimes. Because often, while the main perpetrator or perpetrators are arrested, convicted and sentenced, there are others that knew what was going on, covered up, lied, obstructed, and aided the guilty parties. Most of the time, it is family coming to the aid of other family members for various reasons. I'll post the blog post in a couple of days...

While using the Haleigh Cummings case as an example, I just started thinking how this missing child had so many psychopaths and sociopaths around her.

Nobody involved in the Haleigh Cummings case is a criminal mastermind or genius by any means. Most of them are dumber than a box of rocks, but there are many cold blooded people involved, that do have personality disorders and are involved in the criminal element.

A psychopath is someone who is manipulative, ruthless, and often charming. They do not have any morals. They're callous, cold blooded, and self centered. While a sociopath is all of that, they tend to be a little less organized, a little more unpredictable, and they often live on the fringes of society and have, or have never had family or economic support. A sociopath seems to be someone who, because of life's circumstances turns into an evil individual, because they never had any structure or support. While a psychopath just chooses to be the way they are.

I don't know all about the life of the people involved in the Cummings case, and I'm not a psychologist, but from what I've seen many of the players in the case seem to be sociopath/psychopathic.

Take Misty Croslin for example. The babysitter of Haleigh, and live-in-girlfriend of Haleigh's father. Part of her "act" is to make everyone believe she is an innocent, dumb little country hick, who couldn't hurt a fly. But in fact, this is a woman who complained about watching over Haleigh Cummings on her 17th Birthday. She complained about it AFTER Haleigh went missing.

It would be normal for a teenager to complain about watching a child on their Birthday, but not bringing that up after the child is missing, and most likely the victim of a horrible crime. Sometimes Misty lets her real personality slip out, when she complained about having to watch Haleigh, she showed just how little she loved Haleigh, and just how self centered she was.

Furthermore, Misty (who is in jail for dealing drugs...) also whines about the food in her jail cell, it isn't good enough for her, she isn't able to have any salt on her food, and she complains about how bored she is. All the while, a little girl that she allegedly loved is out there somewhere. She shows no concern about Haleigh. It is all about her, and her suffering. She is a cry-baby.

Misty also has no problem with lying. She has failed multiple polygraphs. That shows how manipulative this girl is. She has been able to manipulate so many people, such as disgraced Equusearch volunteer turned partner in crime Donna Brock. Since she has been able to manipulate people in the past into believing in her, she thinks she can manipulate a lie detector test. Obviously she was wrong.

Another good sign of a psychopath or sociopath is promiscuous behavior. Because to them, sex is not a big deal. To most people sex is something you engage in, with a person that you love and care about. But to a psychopath or sociopath, sex is something that just makes them "feel good..." so they do it whenever they want, with whoever they feel like doing it with. They do not have any emotional attachment to sex, or the person they are having sex with.

Misty Croslin had cheated on Ronald Cummings and shortly before Haleigh went missing. She had engaged in group sex, partying, and drugging with a group of unsavory characters.

Misty turned out this way, mostly because both of her parents are drug users who haven't been able to provide a good support system. Furthermore, her family claims that Misty was raped at a very young age. Which will obviously mess with someone psychologically. Is that the reason behind what caused Misty to have an anti social personality disorder? I don't know. But it is a good possibility...

Then we have Ronald Cummings. A man that went on national TV and cried in front of the cameras, a man that acted and put on a very dramatic show for the camera, where he fell to his knees and started balling about his missing child.

One would think this is a man who is distraught that his daughter is missing, but then we see a man dealing drugs while his daughter is missing. Plus, we see a man consumed with making a quick buck off of illegal drugs. We don't see a man that is interested in the whereabouts of his daughter.

It was also common knowledge, that after Ronald would go on various TV shows that he would cry for the camera, and then when the show was over, he would join his redneck buddies and go mud bogging.

That shows two sides to Cummings: A man who is crying in front of the camera, and one who acts different when he doesn't think the camera is on him. That shows someone who is manipulative, who is constantly trying to fool people for his own personal gain. The bad news is, is that Cummings has been somewhat successful in his game of deception of trying to make people believe he is a loving father, because he was able to fool a national TV host and a certain segment of people who follow this case. Those people may be easily fooled, but I can see right through the sleazy scum bag.

There are many similarities between Ronald Cummings and his former teenage bride Misty Croslin. Both publicly claimed that they "loved" Haleigh. Which is very common for people with personality disorders to do:  "The shallow emotions of the psychopath are evident in the fact that many claim to love the people they have abused or even murdered. Most abandon their spouses and children, or mistreat them if they stick around. Those that do stay part of a family unit tend to view their families as possessions, existing to create a favourable impression of the psychopath to the world, and to serve his or her needs."

Photo from

Ronald Cummings claimed that Haleigh was "Daddy's Little Girl" and they had a special bond with each other. But photos were released that depicted abuse. Abuse that people close to the family claim was done at the hands of Ronald Cummings. We also know that Ronald Cummings would often leave his children with god knows who, to go on drug runs. I've also heard that Cummings would also leave Jr, unattended after Haleigh vanished, while he and Misty Croslin would lock themselves in a room and have sex and snort coke. Doesn't sound like he loved them that much. Instead it sounds like he treats them, like a psychopath would treat their children.

Ronald, like Misty, is also very promiscuous. Misty Croslin is not the only teenage girl that Ronald has been sexually involved with. He also has another child in addition to Haleigh and Ron Jr, that he doesn't seem to care for. Furthermore, About a month after Haleigh vanished, Cummings had approached an individual and asked her if she was interested in having group sex with himself and Misty Croslin.

Again, Cummings seems to think that women are here for him to have sex with and impregnate, and then kick to the curb when he is finished with them.

Cummings also doesn't have a problem with lying. Since he along with Misty Croslin, were deceptive in their polygraphs.

Misty and Ronald are not the only ones that seem to have personality disorders. Ronald's grandmother, Haleigh's great grandmother -- Annette Sykes seems to show a lot of signs that she is a very cold, and self centered person who is incapable of showing empathy.

During an interview she gave to firstcoastnews about the murder of another little girl Somer Thompson, Annette Sykes made these comments: “It’s really sad and I hate that they found their little girl dead. I really do but they found her.  They have her we still don’t have our little girl back we don’t have Haleigh.”

Notice, how she says "I really do BUT..." She wants people to think that she has sympathy and empathy for Somer's family, but she really doesn't. During the interview, she doesn't show her sympathy or empathy, instead she brings it back to her family and how bad her family is doing, and how she and her family is suffering more than Somer's family.

It was a really odd and strange interview to say the least. Annette Sykes, also was an enabler of her grandson's behavior. According to the multiple women that Ron was abusive towards, they all claim that Annette Sykes knew and didn't care that her grandson was abusive.

And my big problem with Annette Sykes, is during a telephone conversation with her grandson Ronald, after he was busted for dealing drugs, Annette Sykes told him to watch out for snitches. Wait a second, if Ronald had nothing to do with Haleigh's disappearance why would he have to watch out for snitches? Sounds like a Grandmother who knows her grandson, may be involved, but is coaching him on how to avoid getting caught.

Bottom line, this case has tons of people that have no moral compass, have no problems with lying, are involved in criminal activity of some sort, and have a host of personality disorders. This is why this case is so hard for the cops to crack...

Hopefully soon, there will be justice for Haleigh...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Peaches, treated with more respect than Madeleine

Wikileaks McCanns

Source: Wikileaks
Reference ID: 07LISBON2527
Created: 2007-09-28 15:03
Released: 2010-12-13 21:09
Classification: CONFIDENTIAL
Origin Embassy: Lisbon
DE RUEHLI #2527/01 2711536
R 281536Z SEP 07

Friday, 28 September 2007, 15:36
C O N F I D E N T I A L SECTION 01 OF 02 LISBON 002527
EO 12958 DECL: 09/25/2017

5. (C) Madeleine McCann’s disappearance in the south of Portugal in May 2007 has generated international media attention with controversy surrounding the Portuguese-led police investigation and the actions of Madeleine’s parents. Without delving into the details of the case, Ellis admitted that the British police had developed the current evidence against the McCann parents, and he stressed that authorities from both countries were working cooperatively. He commented that the media frenzy was to be expected and was acceptable as long as government officials keep their comments behind closed doors.

Source ..Little Morsals Blog

Wikileaks / McCanns and more of the smae....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

McCanns book: judging by the comments NOT a best seller

'whoever may be with her is treating her with the love and respect she so deserves'

She didn't get that from her own parents when she went missing....
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Can't believe the venom in some of these comments - I think these poor people have more than paid for their mistake and have to live everyday with the knowledge that they were in some part responsible for the disappearnace of their daughter - lets have a bit of christian charity especially at this time of year .
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The parents must really start to move on. Brutal, but wishing won't change anything.
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Let's hope we hear no more of the McCanns in 2011.
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what makes me so annoyed is all the news on this case is about kate and gerry and what they did wrong forget that its happened lets all think for maddie and just hope that wherever she is she is safe and well and being loved but lets also just hope and pray that one day she will be reunited with her parents once again,now for kate and gerry what they have gone through and still going through could not be wished on anyone and yes they made a big mistake in there lives by leaving a 3 year old in her room alone but lets all take a look at ourselves for one moment have we ourselves made big mistakes at least once in our lives i know for a fact that i have and sure many of you have,PLEASE IN ANYWAY WE CAN LETS ALL TRY TO HELP IN FINDING MADDIE.!!!
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Guilt is a hard thing to Handle..pity they left her!!
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Only yourselves to blame. Now give it a rest. My thoughts are for that little lost child.
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I still find it VERY difficult that these people left three children under 3 years-old alone. Anything could have happened and the worst imagineable thing did. Every time I see these articles I feel deeply distressed. I feel it should be noted that that we, as members of the general public have to suffer the consequences of their actions too. I am beside myself that these people did not look after their children in the most basic way needed for basic safety and I don't want to be reminded of that at this time of year and when I am having to face this Christmas without some dear loved ones who have died this past year of terrible illnesses. Can't the Mccanns leave us alone now? I feel desperately for them and their plight but it was self-induced and I can only hope and pray for Madeleine and the twins.
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this couple must really stop laying their guilt on the rest of us is this what we are going to have for the next 20 years.
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This tragic story is now long overdue a happy ending. She must be somewhere, it's time this government stopped playing games, and got behind this couple, and gave some official help and support to their search.
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@ - Patricia, Belfast, N Ireland...I think they should be the end of the day they left their children on their own to go out drinking for the night...I don't understand why parents do this while on holiday...they would not dream of leaving their kids home a lone back in the UK! When we went away as a family...we took our children with us when we went out...not left alone in a strange room!
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I have run a preschool for twenty years and spend all my time with children the age Madeleine was when she disappeared. We never leave the children unattended even for one minute. I still cannot understand how two very well educated professional people could leave not only Madeleine but two even younger siblings totally alone? Anything could have happened and sadly it did. They are so lucky to have not lost all 3 children surely they must realise this everyday?
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From the start DM has championed the McCann's and in this one small article manages to explain why it is so keen on blackening Assange and WikiLeaks.

We all know that newspapers take stands and voice oppinions but, I have yet to see more biased reporting than those two pieces.
Looking at the comments (so far) I'd say the Mail is well out of sync with it's readers on either matter.
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Where was parental love and respect when Madeleine was left alone with her infant siblings night after night in a foreign apartment.?
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And what of all those parents who have left their child/children asleep in a hotel room while they have gone down for their evening meal - there, but for the grace of God, go all of us who are not as perfect as those who spill their disgusting bile on here.
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Is the UK to be subjected to appeals by the McCanns forever? Please, please, please let it go.
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Poor little Madeleine, this situation is a parents worse nightmare, it is difficult to imagine how they cope. What concerns me, however is that they have two other children, that deserve to have a happy childhood yet they appear to be growing up in their poor sister's shadow. One can't help but think that their lives are quite sad and lonely with their parents totally pre occupied. Obviously the search must go on, but McCann's must be good, balanced parents to their two remaining children.
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Of course it's a complete tragedy for all concerned but give it a rest. She isn't coming back and they have to let it go!
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Dear God please give the McCanns some peace and let them find their dear little girl. The pain they are going through must be unbearable. If by any remote chance the person or persons who are responsible for taking this child read this. I beg you to please make a phone call and tell someone where she is or what has happened to her. Life is so short, noone should have to suffer this kind of pain. God Bless all the McCann family. I along with millions of other will be praying for you this Christmas at all the masses around the world.
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I say a prayer every say she will be found safe and well. [ I am not a religous person just an ordinary father and grandfather ]
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They neglected their children and are Scot free. Fact.
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All the comments above are from Women nothing wrong with that but I just wanted to say I too pray for the safe return of little Madeleine's safe return. I admire her parents faith but I have to question mine in cases such as this.
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I hate reading these comments all the while. Yes they made a mistake. Get over it all you unforgiving people. A child is missing and the McCanns have paid the price of their selfishness a million times over. How wonderful to be like a lot of the posters here and "perfect".
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The media coverage has made this story so over hyped.

every day in mexico city 18 people are abducted. usually children of rich families for ransom and often for apparently no reason.

its a sad fact that the only reason this story got so much coverage was because it was a blue eyed white middle class family. spare a thought for the thousands of children that have gone missing not just the ones the press tell you about
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I think Kate and Gerry are addicted to their 'celebrity'. I do wish they would just go away and accept the reality that due to their tight-fistedness that night in not bothering to pay a few measly quid for a babysitter their poor little daughter is gone - end of story.
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I'm quite amazed at people's lack of grace! It's fantastic that Britain has so many perfect parents though, who never get anything wrong, never make any mistakes because of their perfect parenting skills. Actually, you've just managed to get away with it because none of your mistakes have ever been made public as it has been in this tragic case. If nothing else, having Madeline's case well publicised, it may well protect other children for years to come.
It is so easy to criticise and point the finger (remember when you point your finger there are 3 pointing back at you....try it!) Let he who is without any sin cast the first stone......oh that's right you're perfect so throw away!
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Of course she shouldn't have been left but that doesn't mean that they have to be criticised for ever! Continuing to criticise take3s the focus away from the fact that the child is still missing.

- Patricia, Belfast, N Ireland, 19/12/2010 0:30

But it's okay for them to constantly criticise and complain is it? I think Mr and Mrs McCann might find people a little more sympathetic were they not constantly pointing the finger of blame at others.

I suggest anyone who hasn't done so read the full text of the update issued by the McCanns, which was not - incidentally - a plea to her supposed kidnapper at all. Rather it was a diatribe against those they perceive as being ''against'' them.

To Mr and Mrs McCann, I would say this - you, I'm afraid, lost her. It is not the fault of anyone else that she has not been found. What you are doing is the equivalent of someone losing their wallet then blaming Lost Property when it isn't handed in. The people at fault are you
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Had enough of all this coverage about 'Madeleine' although I wish we could have some sort of closure.. My heart is with the 1000's that don't get this coverage like she does.. Bless them all
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Maybe if they had treated her with 'love and respect' and not left their children alone in an unlocked apartment or more than one occasion she would be here today!?
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Of course she shouldn't have been left but that doesn't mean that they have to be criticised for ever! Continuing to criticise take3s the focus away from the fact that the child is still missing.
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I only think of Madeleine, and not of her parents. All I ever think about is that little girl. Wherever she is now, I hope that she is safe and happy. Anything else doesn't bear thinking about.
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As mother to a little girl about to turn three, I am filled with distress at the thought of such a living nightmare and cannot imagine the pain they endure each day. How could you go on? If only there could be closure of some form; if only someone could come forward to shed some light. Of course it is more than unfortunate that they left their children unattended on the night but that fact must just add to their dreadful burden every hour of every day. May God look after all of them and I continue to hope and pray that one day soon this awful nightmare will be resolved.
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Wherever you are Madeleine, I will be thinking of you this Christmas.
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As mother to a little girl about to turn three, I am filled with distress at the thought of such a living nightmare and cannot imagine the pain they endure each day. How could you go on? If only there could be closure of some form; if only someone could come forward to shed some light. Of course it is more than unfortunate that they left their children unattended on the night but that fact must just add to their dreadful burden every hour of every day. May God look after all of them and I continue to hope and pray that one day soon this awful nightmare will be resolved.
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I don't know how they can bear not knowing where their little girl is, it must be a living nightmare, and if i was able to grant one wish, i'd give it to them, so they could have her home again. Keep strong.
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May God keep your daughter safe and hopefully she will be returned to you one day... God Bless
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Shame they didn't care enough to pay for a babysitter while they went out drinking
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Alleged kidnappers. We don't even know if she was kidnapped. We don't know what happened.
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I pray for you all and hope that one day you will be reunited. Keep strong and your other children safe.
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When one thought we had heard the last of them they resurface.

When if ever will they accept that if they had not put their own enjoyment above their childrens safety they would still be a whole family. They could well have lost all 3 children when they left them all alone to party.

Maybe it would be more palatable if as much newspaper space was given to all the other missing children. Possibly Ben Needham could do with some publicity.
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I would very much like this case to have closure. Irrespective of the parents dining out etc, I feel very sad that that little girl might still be out there in the hands of evil people.
I wish that she could be found, whatever happened it wasn't her fault and she should not have suffered.
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The pain must be unbearable.
Click to rate     Rating   36
"Begging them to treat her with love and respect", if they had done that as parents, and not left her alone, things could be so different.
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