Saturday, December 4, 2010

Inside the mind of Gerry McCann, blog entry 11/07/2007 Day 69

This morning got off to a bad start when we were called, even before the twins were awake, by a reputable press agency saying that a body had been found and asking if it was true.

 It is very disappointing that this person did not check out the source of this rumour before contacting our representatives. Such calls and rumours are distressing even though we know if it does not come through an official source not to place much emphasis on it.

The Portuguese police interviewed three of our friends again today, to clarify points in their initial statements. As most of you will know, there is a lot of misleading information being published, both in the press and on the internet, about the events leading up to Madeleine's disappearance and the criminal investigation. We would like to give more information, especially about inaccurate and hurtful reports, but cannot for fear of prejudicing any subsequent court proceedings. The Portuguese police have made it clear to us that all witnesses should not divulge or discuss the information they have provided. Kate and I are, of course not party to all of the

information coming into the inquiry for sound operational reasons.

Similarly a lot of people have asked to learn more about Madeleines likes and dislikes.

This is information which we have been advised not to distribute publicly because of the risk of it being used in potential extortion attempts.

 The arrests recently in The Netherlands and Spain show that such information could be used negatively in the wrong hands.

Comment: This would be the three friends confirming they saw Murat the night of May 3rd and for O'Brien to show PJ his mobile phone to prove he had Murats mobile number . Of course O'Brien had plenty of time to obtain Murats number, but he claims Murat gave it to him that evening.  This information given to us by McCann on July 11th and not reported in the press until  July 13th, he must have felt very confident. Oddly enough the McCanns have never spoken about Madeleines likes or dislikes, they have never really discussed her at all. McCanns comment of being disturbed early in the morning and reports of finding a body, are would never think this is his own daughter being referred to. Interesting he writes of 'court proceedings' he must have thought with his friends returning to PDL to confront Murat that the case was almost solved.

Goncalo Amaral has said Murat is in the position to also ask for the case to be re-opened, why is this? is this a matter of law because he was an arguido ? and if this is the case I wonder why he chooses not to ?