Sunday, December 26, 2010

McCanns the trailer trash. I once spoke to Levi about the McCanns and he said they are Europes Ramseys and the Cummings are the trailer trash that follow behind. I disagree ,the McCann' s through a certain family member now begging for legal aid and benefits has helped them become a fully paid up member of the trailer trash.

Haleigh Cummings: Surrounded by Psychopaths

I was writing a blog post about the families of suspected perpetrators in three missing/murdered children cases that have made headlines over the years. It is my opinion, that in many of these cases there are more than just one "guilty party" involved in these crimes. Because often, while the main perpetrator or perpetrators are arrested, convicted and sentenced, there are others that knew what was going on, covered up, lied, obstructed, and aided the guilty parties. Most of the time, it is family coming to the aid of other family members for various reasons. I'll post the blog post in a couple of days...

While using the Haleigh Cummings case as an example, I just started thinking how this missing child had so many psychopaths and sociopaths around her.

Nobody involved in the Haleigh Cummings case is a criminal mastermind or genius by any means. Most of them are dumber than a box of rocks, but there are many cold blooded people involved, that do have personality disorders and are involved in the criminal element.

A psychopath is someone who is manipulative, ruthless, and often charming. They do not have any morals. They're callous, cold blooded, and self centered. While a sociopath is all of that, they tend to be a little less organized, a little more unpredictable, and they often live on the fringes of society and have, or have never had family or economic support. A sociopath seems to be someone who, because of life's circumstances turns into an evil individual, because they never had any structure or support. While a psychopath just chooses to be the way they are.

I don't know all about the life of the people involved in the Cummings case, and I'm not a psychologist, but from what I've seen many of the players in the case seem to be sociopath/psychopathic.

Take Misty Croslin for example. The babysitter of Haleigh, and live-in-girlfriend of Haleigh's father. Part of her "act" is to make everyone believe she is an innocent, dumb little country hick, who couldn't hurt a fly. But in fact, this is a woman who complained about watching over Haleigh Cummings on her 17th Birthday. She complained about it AFTER Haleigh went missing.

It would be normal for a teenager to complain about watching a child on their Birthday, but not bringing that up after the child is missing, and most likely the victim of a horrible crime. Sometimes Misty lets her real personality slip out, when she complained about having to watch Haleigh, she showed just how little she loved Haleigh, and just how self centered she was.

Furthermore, Misty (who is in jail for dealing drugs...) also whines about the food in her jail cell, it isn't good enough for her, she isn't able to have any salt on her food, and she complains about how bored she is. All the while, a little girl that she allegedly loved is out there somewhere. She shows no concern about Haleigh. It is all about her, and her suffering. She is a cry-baby.

Misty also has no problem with lying. She has failed multiple polygraphs. That shows how manipulative this girl is. She has been able to manipulate so many people, such as disgraced Equusearch volunteer turned partner in crime Donna Brock. Since she has been able to manipulate people in the past into believing in her, she thinks she can manipulate a lie detector test. Obviously she was wrong.

Another good sign of a psychopath or sociopath is promiscuous behavior. Because to them, sex is not a big deal. To most people sex is something you engage in, with a person that you love and care about. But to a psychopath or sociopath, sex is something that just makes them "feel good..." so they do it whenever they want, with whoever they feel like doing it with. They do not have any emotional attachment to sex, or the person they are having sex with.

Misty Croslin had cheated on Ronald Cummings and shortly before Haleigh went missing. She had engaged in group sex, partying, and drugging with a group of unsavory characters.

Misty turned out this way, mostly because both of her parents are drug users who haven't been able to provide a good support system. Furthermore, her family claims that Misty was raped at a very young age. Which will obviously mess with someone psychologically. Is that the reason behind what caused Misty to have an anti social personality disorder? I don't know. But it is a good possibility...

Then we have Ronald Cummings. A man that went on national TV and cried in front of the cameras, a man that acted and put on a very dramatic show for the camera, where he fell to his knees and started balling about his missing child.

One would think this is a man who is distraught that his daughter is missing, but then we see a man dealing drugs while his daughter is missing. Plus, we see a man consumed with making a quick buck off of illegal drugs. We don't see a man that is interested in the whereabouts of his daughter.

It was also common knowledge, that after Ronald would go on various TV shows that he would cry for the camera, and then when the show was over, he would join his redneck buddies and go mud bogging.

That shows two sides to Cummings: A man who is crying in front of the camera, and one who acts different when he doesn't think the camera is on him. That shows someone who is manipulative, who is constantly trying to fool people for his own personal gain. The bad news is, is that Cummings has been somewhat successful in his game of deception of trying to make people believe he is a loving father, because he was able to fool a national TV host and a certain segment of people who follow this case. Those people may be easily fooled, but I can see right through the sleazy scum bag.

There are many similarities between Ronald Cummings and his former teenage bride Misty Croslin. Both publicly claimed that they "loved" Haleigh. Which is very common for people with personality disorders to do:  "The shallow emotions of the psychopath are evident in the fact that many claim to love the people they have abused or even murdered. Most abandon their spouses and children, or mistreat them if they stick around. Those that do stay part of a family unit tend to view their families as possessions, existing to create a favourable impression of the psychopath to the world, and to serve his or her needs."

Photo from

Ronald Cummings claimed that Haleigh was "Daddy's Little Girl" and they had a special bond with each other. But photos were released that depicted abuse. Abuse that people close to the family claim was done at the hands of Ronald Cummings. We also know that Ronald Cummings would often leave his children with god knows who, to go on drug runs. I've also heard that Cummings would also leave Jr, unattended after Haleigh vanished, while he and Misty Croslin would lock themselves in a room and have sex and snort coke. Doesn't sound like he loved them that much. Instead it sounds like he treats them, like a psychopath would treat their children.

Ronald, like Misty, is also very promiscuous. Misty Croslin is not the only teenage girl that Ronald has been sexually involved with. He also has another child in addition to Haleigh and Ron Jr, that he doesn't seem to care for. Furthermore, About a month after Haleigh vanished, Cummings had approached an individual and asked her if she was interested in having group sex with himself and Misty Croslin.

Again, Cummings seems to think that women are here for him to have sex with and impregnate, and then kick to the curb when he is finished with them.

Cummings also doesn't have a problem with lying. Since he along with Misty Croslin, were deceptive in their polygraphs.

Misty and Ronald are not the only ones that seem to have personality disorders. Ronald's grandmother, Haleigh's great grandmother -- Annette Sykes seems to show a lot of signs that she is a very cold, and self centered person who is incapable of showing empathy.

During an interview she gave to firstcoastnews about the murder of another little girl Somer Thompson, Annette Sykes made these comments: “It’s really sad and I hate that they found their little girl dead. I really do but they found her.  They have her we still don’t have our little girl back we don’t have Haleigh.”

Notice, how she says "I really do BUT..." She wants people to think that she has sympathy and empathy for Somer's family, but she really doesn't. During the interview, she doesn't show her sympathy or empathy, instead she brings it back to her family and how bad her family is doing, and how she and her family is suffering more than Somer's family.

It was a really odd and strange interview to say the least. Annette Sykes, also was an enabler of her grandson's behavior. According to the multiple women that Ron was abusive towards, they all claim that Annette Sykes knew and didn't care that her grandson was abusive.

And my big problem with Annette Sykes, is during a telephone conversation with her grandson Ronald, after he was busted for dealing drugs, Annette Sykes told him to watch out for snitches. Wait a second, if Ronald had nothing to do with Haleigh's disappearance why would he have to watch out for snitches? Sounds like a Grandmother who knows her grandson, may be involved, but is coaching him on how to avoid getting caught.

Bottom line, this case has tons of people that have no moral compass, have no problems with lying, are involved in criminal activity of some sort, and have a host of personality disorders. This is why this case is so hard for the cops to crack...

Hopefully soon, there will be justice for Haleigh...