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#AylaReynolds : Maine Offers Largest Reward For Information On Ayla

$30,000 reward is being offered in the case of missing Maine toddler Ayla Reynolds, the largest missing person reward in the state's history.
In announcing the reward, police said that they believe there is foul play in the disappearance of the 20-month-old girl who has been missing since Dec. 17.
"We are confident that Ayla did not let herself out of the house," Waterville Police Chief Joseph Massey said. "We believe that someone removed Ayla from the house, and that is where our investigation is focusing."
Massey and local attorney John Nale said that calls were pouring in from private citizens and businesses wishing to make donations for a reward, with the money adding up to $30,000.
"I am very hopeful that the offer of a large monetary reward may serve to spur someone to make the phone call we desperately want to receive, the call that will lead us to Ayla Reynolds," Massey said.
Investigators searched for the toddler through the holiday weekend. Police said they believe that additional leads that came in over the weekend were prompted by the coverage of the case on "America's Most Wanted." more

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#AliahnaLemmon : Comments Section - People Are Mad As Hell...And Broken Hearted At This Horrific Crime

Michael Plumadore admitted that he beat Aliahna to death, stuffed her body into trash bags and hid her in his freezer, according to an Allen County Sheriff's Department's affidavit obtained by the Associated Press.

#AliahniLemmon : Levi Page Invites You To Leave A Comment On The Horrific Latest Child Crime

Christmas time is supposed to be a joyful and exciting time for children, filled with presents, food, family, and friends, but according to Indiana police that was not the case for Aliahna Lemmon from Fort Wayne.

#AliahnaLemmon :Plumadores Confession Reveals Horrific Death - Discussing Now At The Hinky Meter

Michael “Mike” Plumadore has confessed to 9-year-old Aliahna Lemmon’s murder.  This monster has confessed to beating her to death with a brick, dismembering her, hiding her head, hands and feet at the trailer home he was living in, and then dumping the rest of her remains in a nearby location.
Plumadore confessed that he first stuffed her body in trash bags and hid her in the freezer but later chopped her little body into pieces placing the pieces in freezer bags. You may read the Probable Cause affidavit here.

The death of little Aliahna was horrifically savage, and that is haunting enough.  But what bothers me more is….how much did her younger sisters hear or maybe even see.  The arresting affidavit states that not only was Aliahna bludgeoned to death while her sisters were present in the home, but the dismemberment took place while they were there as more


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#AliahnaLemmon : Found Dead - Neighbor And Close Family Friend 39-year-old Michael L. Plumadore Has Been Charged With Her Murder

#AliahnaLemmon Reported ' Missing' Since Friday - Mom NOW Claims She Has Not Seen Her Three Children Since Last Tuesday !

#AliahnaLemmon : Missing Since Friday By Valhall

9-year-old Aliahna Lemmon has been missing since sometime Friday morning.  Reports state that Aliahna, along with her two younger sisters, had been staying at the home of their mother’s male friend, Mike Plumadore.  The girls were staying with Plumadore reportedly because their mother, Tarah Souders, was ill.  The home is located at a mobile home park in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  While Aliahna reportedly went missing some time between 6 am and 10 am Friday morning, she was not reported missing until 8:40 pm that night.

Plumadore has stated Aliahna fell asleep in a chair still wearing her clothes, not pajamas, on Thursday night.   Aliahna was apparently left there over night and was still there at 6 am when Plumadore awoke the next morning.  He then states that around 10 am he noticed a “pile of her clothes” by the same chair she had been sleeping in and he “assumed she was still there”, but apparently did not check on her, nor did he report her missing until 8:40 pm that night.

Police state there must have been “some kind of miscommunication” between the caregiver and the girls’ mother that led to Aliahna not being considered missing for the entire day.  FOX 19 reports that this “miscommunication” is because the caregiver states the two younger sisters of Aliahna had told him she left with her mother.  According to reports by FOX around 10 am Friday morning Plumadore found the deadbolt on his front door unlatched, and Aliahna more

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#AliahnaLemmon Has Her Own FACEBOOK Page

#AliahnaLemmon : Grandfather (Deceased) Known Sex Offender ...If This Is Aliahna's Grandfather ?

James E Lemmon
Last Known Address: 9435 N CLINTON ST LOT 20 FORT WAYNE, IN 46825

Race:    Caucasian               
Sex:    Male          Eyes:    Hazel
Height:    5'8          Hair:    Gray
Weight    145 lbs.          Age/DOB:    66
Offense or Statute
Offense/Statute: 35-42-4-3 - Child Molesting Date Convicted: 06 March 2006

#AliahnaLemmon : Child Molesters Living At Northway Trailer Park

 Lot 1:

Brayden Aubrey Chayka age 26 Offender against children

Greg Herbert Shumaker age 63 Offender against children

Mike Tulley age 51 Sexually Violent Predator

Lot 2:

Frank Edward Rich age 37 Sexual Battery

Lot 12:

Timothy Daniel Banks age 40

Lot 19:

Richard Lee Patee age 38 Sexually Violent Predator Against Children

Jerry Lane Smead age 60 Sexual Predator (Ohio)

Lot 22:

Cecil Lee Smith age 41

Lot 25:

Long Ba Huynh age 43  Sexually Violent Predator

Lot 26:

Thomas Lee Kaufman age 53

Lot 34:

Dennis Wayne Epps age 39 Sexually Violent Predator

Lot 38:

Zachary Ryan Manny "Zacch"  age 27 Offender Against Children

Lot 39:

Micah Brett Fullerton age 43 Offender Against Children (Hillsborough County New Hampshire)

Lot 42:

Matthew Adam Refner age 27 Sexually Violent Offender

Lot 43:

Keith Alan Payton age 58 Child Molester|temp_addr&SubmitAddrSearch=1&AddrStreet=9435+n.+clinton&AddrCity=ft.%20wayne&AddrState=15&AddrZip=46825&AddrZipPlus=&excludeIncarcerated=

Source : Scared Monkeys

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#AylaReynolds : Cadaver Dog's Join Search For Missing Ayla

#SkyMetalwala : Should Be Enjoying Thoughts Of Father Christmas - However, Valhall Informs Us Investigative Reports Reveal More Information - None Of It Good

KOMO news has obtained copies of what they refer to as “investigative reports” that contain more details about some disturbing aspects of missing 2-year-old Sky Metalwala’s life. 

Included in these details are:  bruises on Sky that appear to be left unexplained, suicide notes by his mother, and more questions about when, exactly, Sky disappeared.Julia Biryukova, who has spent her time since her son went missing signing up for various dating services instead of talking to the investigators working to find her son, seems to be a very unstable woman.  The details reported from these documents state that in March 2010 she sent a suicide note via text message, which is kind of an interesting way to announce your death wish, if you think about it.  To whom she announced this apparent failed desire was not more

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#AylaReynolds Case: Custody Case And Strange Comments By Valhall

Justin DiPietro, father of missing 20-month-old Ayla Reynolds, issued a statement through the Waterville, Maine police department yesterday concerning the disappearance of his daughter.  While the statement itself came off as emotionally separated and possibly wordsmithed by legal counsel, the most interesting and confusing portion of the statement concerned custody of Ayla.

Justin DiPietro’s confusing statements about custody was:
Ayla was in my sole custody at the time of her disappearance per agreement between her mother and I…
It has always been my intention to have a shared parenting agreement with Ayla’s mother and I will continue to work toward that when Ayla is returned to us.
At this time we only have statements made by both sides of Ayla’s extended families as to why Ayla was with her biological father, and we can’t be sure which (if either) side is telling the truth.  However, there are some legal issues we can use to try to figure things out a more

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#BelvinPerry : Why The Long Island Serial Killer Holds Us Hostage

By: Scott Bonn, Ph.D.
Dating back to “Jack the Ripper,” who terrorized London, England, and the world in the 1880s, serial killers have captured our collective imagination while sending chills down our spines. Although they account for only a small fraction (perhaps 2%) of the 17,000 or so murders each year in the U.S., sexual psychopaths captivate many of us, in part, because of the unimaginable savagery of their deeds.  There is currently an unidentified killer of ten people (including at least six female prostitutes) whose bodies, some dismembered, were found on the South Shore of Long Island, New York, between December, 2010, and April, 2011. 

Those of us who have been properly socialized to respect life and possess the normal range of emotions, including kindness, empathy, pity and remorse, cannot comprehend the workings of a mind that would compel one to abduct, torture, rape, kill, and sometimes mutilate or even eat another human being.  Serial killers elicit a morbid fascination from us that we also have for terrible calamities such as train wrecks and natural disasters.  Simply put, we are compelled to understand why serial killers do such horrible things to complete more

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Ayla Reynolds : Signs Of Abuse - Vehicles Towed Away

New shocking details in the Ayla Reynolds disappearance have risen, indicating that the missing 20-month-old child had possibly been abused. Present bruises on the child's body and other details have been noted by family members. There are tons of new details in this captivating case, and they don't lend to a potential happy outcome, unfortunately.
 Ayla Reynolds was last seen where polka dot pajamas, and is wearing a soft cast on her left arm. It's just been reported that family members of the missing baby Ayla Reynolds reported seeing bruises on the little girl before she vanished. This is absolutely disturbing, considering the implications involved with these revelations. Whitney Raynor, the child's maternal (step)aunt, said the girl had bruises while in her father's care. The girl had been placed in the care of Justin Dipietro, her father, in October (November in some reports). Since then, the mother's side of the family have been fearful for the little girl.
It's also been speculated upon that Trista Reynolds, the mother of the missing child, could've abducted her own daughter. These are pretty steep allegations to make when police have acknowledged that both parents have been cooperative. Nonetheless, the most breaking development in this case reveals shocking details.

Ayla Reynolds Removed From Her Mother's Care

Ayla Reynolds was last seen in a sling, having a broken arm that has been reported as an "accident" which took place about 3 weeks ago.  The confidential information from the Department of Health and Human Services comes from the family in Portland.  DHHS did not make a statement.  Today, a river was searched.  

The family did not say by what means the Dept removed her from her mother's care, but the mother revealed that last Thursday she filed papers in court for full custody.  

We await statements from the family.