Monday, December 26, 2011

#AliahnaLemmon : Missing Since Friday By Valhall

9-year-old Aliahna Lemmon has been missing since sometime Friday morning.  Reports state that Aliahna, along with her two younger sisters, had been staying at the home of their mother’s male friend, Mike Plumadore.  The girls were staying with Plumadore reportedly because their mother, Tarah Souders, was ill.  The home is located at a mobile home park in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  While Aliahna reportedly went missing some time between 6 am and 10 am Friday morning, she was not reported missing until 8:40 pm that night.

Plumadore has stated Aliahna fell asleep in a chair still wearing her clothes, not pajamas, on Thursday night.   Aliahna was apparently left there over night and was still there at 6 am when Plumadore awoke the next morning.  He then states that around 10 am he noticed a “pile of her clothes” by the same chair she had been sleeping in and he “assumed she was still there”, but apparently did not check on her, nor did he report her missing until 8:40 pm that night.

Police state there must have been “some kind of miscommunication” between the caregiver and the girls’ mother that led to Aliahna not being considered missing for the entire day.  FOX 19 reports that this “miscommunication” is because the caregiver states the two younger sisters of Aliahna had told him she left with her mother.  According to reports by FOX around 10 am Friday morning Plumadore found the deadbolt on his front door unlatched, and Aliahna more