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Casey Anthony: Alex Roberts, a senior meter reader with Orange County, is on the stand in the Casey Anthony trial

Casey Anthony :Search volunteer testifies water covered area where Caylee Anthony was found

Casey Anthony Murder Trial : Day 29

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Casey Anthony: Levi_Page show...murder trial, replay

casey Anthony: Kronk On Call To Sheriff's Office: Roy Kronk testifies about his call to law enforcement after finding a bag.

George Anthony On Alleged Affair: George Anthony testifies for the defense in the Casey Anthony murder...

Casey Anthony: Roy Kronk ,the man who discovered Caylees remains, to testify at Casey Anthony trial Tuesday:

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Casey Trial: Celebrity Look-Alikes:

Casey Anthony special that aired on WFTV this afternoon. You will find it here....

Pat Brown Criminal Profiler has profiled the McCann case BUT has yet to comment on another doctors allegations, possible paedophilia amongst the group of doctors when Madeleine ' disappeared' one of whom is Madeleines own father, Dr. Gerry McCann !

Casey Anthony Aggravated Manslaughter Guilty Verdict Won’t Need Premeditation

Casey Anthony: Follow The Hinky meter for all the latest on the trial

Casey Anthony: Images of Casey in court today...

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Casey Anthony personal photos

casey Anthony : A personal opinion

widowan wrote:

We know zanny doesn't exist - although the defense never SAID that, it can be inferred at least by everyone but Cindy Anthony who was still looking for Zenaida up to 8 weeks ago when Baez came over to the house and dropped the bomb on them.

Jesse Grund I think it pretty much exonerated, no one is calling him.

Vasco didn't have the phone that called George until last year so he's out.

That leaves George, Lee, Roy Kronk and no one - moving the body.

Either Casey dumped the body out of her trunk 3 days after the death when it began to stink and she began to complain about the squirrel and so on - or her dad father or some stranger found a 3 days dead child, inside a garbage bag, and put her into the woods.

No one moved her after that because the way her body is found says it was right where it was found for months, you could not stage that insect activity and bone scatter and plant growth if you wanted to.

Of the people who would find Caylee's body and move it might be George CIndy or Lee.

However how many of them would then hide it - to protect Casey - in her old Jr High hang out where she used to bury pets?

If it was to hide Caylee and protect Casey they'd bury it or dump it in a swamp that was not right where Casey would be most suspected.

I think they got her.

Casey Anthony :Baez getting told off like a naughty school boy!

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Casey Anthony: Ask the Judge...

Profiler Pat Brown on the McCann case...

Judge Belvin Perry Jnr.

Casey Anthony: Cindy Anthony testifies...

Is Cindy Anthony playing us all for fools ?

Casey Anthony : Levi Page on day 14 of Anthony trial...

Casey Anthony : State prepares to rest case in Casey Anthony trial:

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Cadaver dog searches for body parts after badly decomposed body found dumped in shallow grave

Casey Anthony: Mum mouthed 'I Love you'

Apparently Cindy mouthed "I love you" to Casey on her way back up to the stand according to courtside tweets.

Casey Anthony : Cindy answered questions as to her hair and Casey's.

Cindy up there this afternoon after the hair dna specialist lady and the prosecution asking her about the dna on the hair (mitochondial) and who it could belong to. It seems that that kind of dna is found a little more often in the Hispanic population - I wonder if Caylee's father was Hispanic...

Cindy answered questions as to her hair and Casey's and her mom's and Lee's (all would have same motochondrial dna) and whether it was naturally brunette, what length and treated. Obviously Cindy's hair is shorter and treated, Lee's is untreated but much shorter than 7 inches and her mom's is grey, white, blond and some brown and shoulder length, Caseys after Caylee's birth was cut short and she highlighted it and then dyed it back to tis original brown however it was treated since Caylee's birth. Cindy's own hair has been short and treated either highlighted or dyed that reddish blond since 2004.

None of them seems to be a fit for the hair (with death band never seen in hair from living subject) 7 inches long brown and untreated, except for Caylee!

Cindy then answers about the laundry bag full of toys kept by Caylee's bed then moved to the shed.

And about never having seen the shirt Caylee had on (pink one, BIG TROUBLE Comes Small) on Caylee in the photo of her in that shirt nor found with her remains.

Judge Perry bless him calls for a recess at the end of that questioning by the prosecution, Cindy began crying to see Caylee in that shirt. The pros will have time to work with her before Baez can get at her on cross after the recess.

I am dying to see this cross. The jury will be sympathetic to her and if Baez tears into her - on changing her recollection of the canvas bag, which she did when "she began to remember more" after December - they won't like it. Of ANYONE here she is the one grieving Caylee, Casey sat stone faced during this.
Write up by WIDOWAN

Casey Anthony: Murder trial updates

Bill Schaeffer saying the jury may spare Caseys life for her parents.

Casey Anthony tattoo as shown to jurors...

Casey Anthony : Detecting deception

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Casey Anthony : Watch trial LIVE stream...

Casey Anthony: Baez, Cindy and George all seemed to be very chummy up to the time and after the time including the day they found the body

Source : WIDOWAN updates and thoughts on the Anthony trial
The deposition of Jim Hoover who was the "body guard" working free for the Anthonys as a nice guy private citizen just offering his unpaid services to keep people from harrassing them at the house (?) with Dominc Casey who had left Baez' employee over a money dispute. Baez had told D Casey that when he received the $225,000 from ABC for videos of Caylee that the Anthony's sold to pay for Caseys defense, he would pay D Casey but did not.

Casey then went to offer his help to Anthonys and I don't know if he every got paid. In this deposition Hoover believes that Lee "knew more than he should" about the search in the woods and it was his supposition that Lee was behind that tip. If the pavers were left there as a tip to show DC where to look who else but Anthonys would have done that? The search area was marked by three flast 2" thick 12 by 12 pavers that were marking the area right by the place where Caylee's body was eventually found. Not those big chunks of white rock pieces the prosecution was saying were "pavers" these were ones very much like what the Anthonys have at their house, that George had laid by the pool area.

They went back twice to those woods, parking right across the street from where Caylee was found, and looked but not quite far ENOUGH in. The attorney for Zenaida FG is John Morgan, he is a very good interviewer, gets a lot out of Hoover including Baez' inappropriate conduct with Casey, ( bringing a licorice stick tot he jail and poking it thru the hole in the plastic between them and each of them nibbling an end til they were pressed up against the glass like the two dogs eating spaghettin in Lady and the Tramp) and Dominic Casey's inappropriate relationship with Cindy who was touching and patting his hand and arm and calling him "my rock" in front of Geroge - and how CIndy called DC numerous times a day with tips. He did not say who this woods tip came from, but if you get a chance to read this prior to the next phase of the prosecution it might be interesting because I think it'll come in.

Baez, Cindy and George all seemed to be very chummy up to the time and after the time including the day they found the body and Cindy and George had to come back from California and they all ate dinner at the Ritz and Anthonys and the PIs stayed there, all paid for by ABC by 20-20. Baez was at the house Dec 14th and surely no "George molested Casey and found Caylee's drowned body" stuff was going on at that time. The search for Caylee was over, they all seemed to know that. The duct tape was on tv the same day they found the body that the skull had duct tape over the face so the parents would have known that.

However I can't think of a single good reason for Dominic Casey - who never searched for Caylee on any of the dozens of tips Cindy called him with- DID go and search for Caylee on the one tip right where she was found, and told Hoover to come with him because they were going to find Caylee's body and wanted it videotaped.

Hoover says DC went into the woods 20 feet - we know Caylee's remains were found 19.8 feet into the woods. Hoover claims he does not know if they were at the exact spot where Caylee was found because he never went back there after that and after Dec 11th of course the place was totally different looking however the FBI interviewed him - John Allen did - and Dom Casey as well.

I can't imagine the prosecution not using this, except that it DOES reflect badly on Anthonys in a way to share Dom Casey with Baez and very badly indeed if those calls were from them. Their attorney at the time Brad COnway is no longer with them.

And the defense if they use this, would have this PI going right where Caylee was and not finding her, Dom Casey evidently blurted out "we looked there already" during this meal on the 14th December so it could be a set up to not find her right where she was. This search was Nov 16th ish time frame and she was found by the meter reader (for the third time) December 11 2008.

Casey Anthony :The prosecution may bring Dominick Casey in next week and ask him under oath who was on that phone.

Write -up by WIDOWAN and her thoughts on the case.
It is very difficult for me to believe, knowing what I know from reading for instance George Anthony's deposition in the civil suit brought by the real zenaida gonzales, say page 108, that the Anthony's had no knowledge of where Caylee's body was.

The PI, Dominic Casey, worked for Baez til he left that office and he went to work for Anthonys. Anthonys were trying to find Caylee and they were doing so IMO in the knowledge that she was dead and had been in her mother's car trunk, George at least I feel really knew this. He admits during the deposition that if it wasn't a psychic on the phonetelling his PI Dominck Casey where to look in the woods for Caylee, then it was someone who knew where the baby was.

Their PI goes out in the woods talking on the cell to a psychic supposedly and bashes all around BEING VIDEOTAPED, by his helper Jim Hoover and guess what, they DON"T find a body. And this will be used in court during Baez case to say that ANTHONYs PI knew where Caylee's body was and he's going to say they knew it because George put her there. But George and Cindy were "working with" this guy and had an "arrangement" to pay him and he was working on finding Caylee AND ON CASEY"S CRIMINAL CASE. Or as George put it "our criminal case."

The prosecution may bring Dominick Casey in next week and ask him under oath who was on that phone. Because whoever it was knew where the child was and D. Casey was either out there to find her or to be filmed searching that area and NOT find her, which means she wasn't there, after Casey was in jail, so Casey couldn't have put her there.

Go to wftv.com and the files are in there or go to

and you can see the statements the police took, from Kiomarie, Casey's former best friend, saying that this woods is where we hung out.

[On July 20th, 2008, at approximately 2025 hours, Kiomarie Torres Cruz later called me to tell me that she was mistaken when she told me about talking to Casey Anthony on the telephone. She said she was actually talking to Casey Williams, not Casey Anthony. She said Casey Williams also has a young daughter]I asked Kiomarie Torres Cruz if she could provide me with an itemized T-Mobile bill for her July calls. She said she would have to check with her fiance, since the T-Mobile account was in his name and get back to me. She also told me she heard that Casey borrowed the neighbor's shovel and she immediately thought about their "hide-out" that they used to go to in the woods just around the corner from Casey Anthony's parent's house. She agreed to meet me in front of the Hidden Oak Elementary School tonight and take me to their special place in the woods.At approximately 2131 hours, Kiomarie Torres Cruz met with me in front of the Hidden Oak Elementary School and walked me back into the wooded area behind the school where she showed me where Casey, Jessica and her favorite spots to "hang out" were located. Afterwards, at approximately 2153 hours, Kiomarie Torres Cruz willingly without threat, promise or coercion provided me a recorded statement.She told me that the only babysitter she knew of when she and Casey worked at Universal Studios was Casey's mom and dad.

He did meet her there but it must have been different place in the woods because how could you walk 19 feet in to the woods and have that sack under your feet and not see it, the baby would have been there only 35 days and actually by what the evidence tells us would have her remains pretty obvious at that point before the storm came in to cover it with silt and muck. Her skull was almost ON the path into the woods.

You can also read the interview on that same link of the neighbor, who said on June 16th Casey borrowed his shovel at 130 pm, her dad would have just gone to work if he wasn't still AT HOME, she borrowed the shovel for an hour with her car backed in to the garage. So the baby was dead when she brought her home at 130 PM if this is the right day, then George did NOT see Caylee Marie that day leaving at 130 because Casey was fixing to bury her at that time. Either that or he did see them leave, as soon as her dad left, she came and got a shovel, duct tape etc and spent an hour doing God knows what, before returning it. Frantic phone calls to her mother and father I believe (which tends to indicate they were not home)

Zenaida's attorney said that he heard that LEE phoned in that tip to Dominc Casey - remember the jail tapes with Casey telling Lee "look for places familiar to us, to our family". How Lee would have got it I do not know but he's the one who said to "CMA" "Your secret is safe with me" at the memorial. Cindy didn't have a secret (or did she) and Caylee sure didn't. The one CMA with the secret we know of, was Casey. And if he found out from Baez, who was able to talk to Casey with the cameras off, and she told him to tell Lee where to look, and they worked this out with D. Casey to go and look and NOT FIND Caylee there then that is obstruction of justice and the man was working FOR THE ANTHONYs at the time. "I looked there and filmed it, there was no body in August or SEpt"

george was still saying in this civil deposition that he adamantly believed that Casey had a job (although to the FBI Lee swore he suspected she did not have one) and that they still believed Zanny was a babysitter and she took Caylee (although they NEVER LOOKED FOR ZFG or at least gorge never did) and knew this ZFG was not the kidnapper despite their daughter seeing her photo and refusing to rule her out.

Attorneys Morgan and Mitnik -
http://www.wftv.com/pdf/19734584/detail.html working for ZFG wanted to prove that ZFG - whose picture had been shown to Casey and Casey refused to say "that is not my nanny " - refused to clear her in fact and was suing her!an innocent woman she'd never met who she was willing to have go to the chair for kidnapping and murder! - did not take Caylee and the best way to prove that was not for George to say "no I never saw this lady before and she doesn't sound like the gal Casey described to me, THAT nanny was 25 years old, 5'7" etc " - the best way was to show that someone else killed Caylee and they do a damn good job of showing that George was not going to cooperate, he is particularly combtaive in this deposition, refuses to answer or lies so many times - that he didn't speak to his own PI, he didn't know where the guy was searching, he never asked Casey or the PIs or anyone about this Zanny, never discussed with his wife if Casey had got money from her to pay a nanny, never discussed with Lee if he had phoned in the tip to Dominic Casey - George stated he didn't believe Casey's story but also never LOOKED for a ZFG - and that would be IMO because he would have known or had a damn good reason to suspect Casey did this and there was never a nanny. Baez put the word out that if you find Caylee DO NOT CALL 911.

George said Casey used "Zanny the nanny" about 1% of the time she was going off "to work" different shifts at Universal for the past 2 years - 99% of the time he or Cindy watched the little girl and a couple times Zanny did.

But part of the big fight in their family recently was about the fact that Casey was stealing because she DIDN"T have a job and was leaving Caylee with them so she could go party. They DID discuss taking Caylee from Casey and Cindy stated as much to her nurse friends, that they were considering this yet George again lies about it in this deposition under oath. Because otherwise Casey wouldn't get a fair trial. Cindy's own MySpace post tells you what the relationship was like, so George's lies are easily discovered just like those of his sociopath daughter.

They ask him at the tail end of the deposition if there was a physical altercation between Cindy and Casey ever -and we know Lee testified to this to the FBI that Cindy choked Casey Father's Day night, the night Caylee had sat on her great granfather's lap singing You are my Sunshine to him -June 15th 2008 - when they came home and Cindy confronted Casey about stealing the money from her grandma, for the grandpa's nursing home, and George said no they never got into it other than verbal spats. after that fight, I believe, Casey left and I believe she left with Caylee. And returned 130 PM or at least that is when she came to get the shovel from the neighbor withher car backed in to the gargage, Maybe that was the 17th though.

They are in this up to their beaks, these Anthonys, not that they killed Caylee or knew for sure that Casey did but they suspected it and were trying to hide it, and that is what got them in to this, they will have a tough time explaining that away if the person on the phone to Dominic Casey was not some psychic who has no connection to this at all, but was someone in Baez office or someone in the Anthony home or connected to it, like Lee's girlfriend or Lee himself or CIndy. That Dom Casey is connected to them and to Baez is enough really to make this very dodgy. Baez moved to have D Casey under attorney clietn privilege so he would not have to testify because he had worked for him on Casey's case prior to that. !!

The FBI will have gotten those phone records I hope - and I hope like hell for their sake it was a psychic on the other end and DCasey was not out there trying to destroy evidence and "not find" a body right in that area so Baez and the family could later state that Caylee had to be dumped there AFTer Casey was in jail, by this other Zanny.

Someone knew she was in there, they had several tips. I think it's a distinct possibility that Baez was working with Anthonys via Domick Casey, to at least check the woods where he knew Caylee had been dumped off and pretend that the area had been searched an no body was there at that time. It's a key part of their case, proving Casey was in jail when Caylee was dumped. But it won't wash. she was there from June so say the experts based on insect and plant evidence.

Casey Anthony :Cadaver dogs, botanists, CSi workers etc had him dead to rights that Caylee had been out in the swamp since June or early July.

It dawns on me that the reason Baez "admitted" Caylee drowned in the back yard pool June 16th was that he knew the forensics of the emtymologist, cadaver dogs, botanists, CSi workers etc had him dead to rights that Caylee had been out in the swamp since June or early July.

That means she had to die before the end of June and if he wants to pin it on anyone but Casey - specifically on George - then it has to be when Casey, Caylee and George were all in the same house. Since Zenaida Gonzales the nanny does not exist and the real ZG never met Casey, or Caylee, then it has to be one of the family and since Casey left June 16th that's the magic date, (also probably the right one since there are NO sightings of Casey with Caylee after that in fact no sightings of Caylee at all after that). So she's home June 16th with Caylee and it would have to be an accident since he won't agree to murder or his client won't agree to even an accident that she had a hand in like Chloroform.

So the accident happened in time to put her in the woods when forensics prove she was in the woods.

For it to be a real accident there has to be a reason not to call 911. The only possible reason would be her fear of getting into trouble. Hard to explain the lack of an attempt at resuscitation except that she'd been in the pool so long she was already so dead they knew beyond a doubt they couldn't revive her. But Dr G says they always do call 911 on accidental drowning in case you can save the child.

And Baez could have explained THAT - the accident - without bringing George into it, and having the possibility he would deny it. But the duct tape means either Casey murdered her or someone else did put it on after Caylee's death, so that means someone else had to have access to and dump her body. The car says that didn't happen, the car and the entymology say Casey did all of this from A to Z with no other person involved including the fake nanny or the poor meter reader -or her father -- and common sense tells you the body was dumped where it lay, and wasn't moved much, if at all by any human hand, after she was left in the wood.

Kronk is key to this because if all he did was pretty much find this baby in August - or think he saw the back of a skull - and kept calling it in til someone paid attention, there goes the idea that anyone but Casey dumped the baby and anyone but Casey put that duct tape on.

Unprovable child molesting as a mental defect - by a father who categorically denies it, with a girl so prone to lie she will do so when the truth would serve her better - and some crazy stuff about Kronk moving the body craftily about so he could get a non existent reward, will not save this case for the defense.

Casey Anthony :Caylee's remains were in the trunk of Anthony's car for a few days before they were moved to the wooded area

Stretching a tape measure across the courtroom, defense attorney Jose Baez demonstrated the remains were virtually steps from the road, nearly the same distance as the jury from the defense table. The testimony that the scene was easily accessible from the road could be significant because defense attorneys claim the meter reader who found the remains tampered with them.

During earlier testimony on Saturday, Neal Haskell, an expert in forensic entomology, said Caylee's remains were in the trunk of Anthony's car for a few days before they were moved to the wooded area where they eventually were found. Evidence of insect activity at both locations supports the theory, he said.

Haskell testified that insects related to decomposition were in the trunk of Anthony's vehicle. Flies investigators discovered were associated with some paper towels sent to a national laboratory and found to contain decomposition fluid, he said.


I wonder what Baez is going to try and make of the 19 feet marker. It was easily accessible from the road for anyone including Casey. It's also exactly within the geoforensics data about how far the body would be dumped away from the car. that woods wasn't easy to get in to either, off that path. I wouldimagine those remains were heavy and horrible smelling and she took them out of sight of the road and just left before anyone could catch her or notice her car there.

The meter reader wasn't out there til August the first time then after hurricane fay moved in and left so much standing water, he and the police were back -if they can prove through the bugs and decomp in the car that Caylee was in there for up to five days before being removed, and was in the woods off Suburban drive from June or early July then Casey was still out of jail then, Kronk wasn't yet on the scene yet and the dots seem to connect in the way the prosecution wants them to - dumped June 21st out of Casey's car pretty much leaves out Kronk. The question is, if George busted Casey stealing his gas can June 24 why was there no horrible smell of decomp at that time? She wouldn't let him get up to the car but just sort of flung the gas cans at him.

Also the issue of the PI Dominic Casey specifically looking for the pavers as the marker to where someone, supposedly a psychic, told him the body was.


Casey Anthony : Summing up by Bill Schaeffer

Casey Anthony:It's an ugly system that wants a win, not necessarily the TRUTH

Sometimes prosecutors in their ZEAL to win a case are so ugly, the defense too, trying to say that george did this is no better.

It's an ugly system that wants a win, not necessarily the TRUTH. If they hooked up both attorneys to a few volts and a LDT I would think it'd be more fair. When they start in with this bullsh*t about Casey having George's parts in her mouth - or him screaming at her that she'd go toprison for the rest of her life due to accidental drowning - I'd like to see that machine go off as well when and if the prosecutor starts in on something that is pure conjecture that they themselves are only guessing at to try and make things so gruesome a person is put to death based on their say so.

I think Casey is capable, if she can DRIVE AROUND to night clubs with a dead toddler with duct tape round its face, in the trunk, of premed murder and might just be mad, a true sociopath or something other, but then I think that of anyone who can kill another person unless it's in self defense, and in the heat of the moment. WHat heat of the moment could there be in leaving the house with Caylee and her little back pack, bubbly and happy "as usual" June 16 - and her being dead that same day or night? It had to be premeditated, however it did not have to include this scenario - it's quite bad enough as it is.
 Source . WIDOWAN

Casey Anthony : I f she gets the Death penalty

It depends on the state and how they set it up, in this case and in all DP cases I believe they separate the punishment phase from the guilt phase as to the case, and it is never "you are guilty of M1 so it's DP for you" - they acquit her, they can find her guilty as charged on the count of homicide with the aggravating circumstances - child under 6, child abuse, etc - and still not give her the DP.

The jury will decide and I believe its the same jury. The judge sentences her but if they give her the DP it is very unusual for the judge to give another sentence and even more unusual for him to give the DP if the jury said 20 years or LWOP.

After they find her guilty - if they do - there will be a second phase and they try to bring in all the mitigiating stuff and have her parents and others plead for her life, she can make a statement, they can bring in friends and so on to give reasons why this person should not be sentenced to death and of course her attorney will get to argue it. As with Scott peterson. However the jury did give him the DP and the Judge sentenced him to death.

Then they get automatic appeals and it is usually over 15 years til they actually put them to death sometimes more sometimes they never do. I am not sure if FL has ever put a woman to death I think they have. In Texas Baby Grace's mom got LWOP. They didn't even seat a DP qualified jury for whatever reason. So I don't know what will happen here.

Casey Anthony : She is NOT a little girl

This coming week is the last of the prosecution - Thursday is the anniversary of Caylee's death, who ever you think did it, and Friday will be the summation of their case and rest that. They'll have wrapped this whole thing up and tied it with a bow and we will see how Baez does in not only casting reasonabe doubt but making Casey look sympathetic after what they've seen and heard, particularly that she drove around with her dead child's body in the trunk - not "scared and not knowing what to do" but giddily partying it up and getting a tattoo, her diary entry on the 20th etc.

If Ashton doesn't go crazy and make the whole prosecution look determined to kill this girl, regardless of her mental state or the supporting facts, I think they will do well but just as Baez in his bungling can make the jury sympathetic to Casey (poor kid look at her lawyer, she isn't getting a fair deal) so can the prosecution in over doing it.

Did you notice they seem to have Casey's chair ratcheted down about 6 inches to make her look more petite? Next to Baez she looks tiny her head is only up to his chest and I wondered about this as he is not a tall man and I've seen them outside court - but then I notice the back of her seat next to his is much lower. Same for her attorney on the other side, the woman who is there to comfort her when she is crying during the evidence - that woman's chair is ALSO much higher up than Casey's.
Will that work I wonder or will jurors see that for what it is? She is not the little girl here. She's an adult woman.

Casey Anthony: Link to the two women who have received death penalty in Florida,

Only two were executed - the first one, the black widow killer, was executed in 1998 the other, a serial killer, in 2002.

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Casey Anthony: Taken ill when shown dead daughters skull

Casey Anthony's murder trial was cut short today when she was taken ill after pictures of her dead daughter's skull were shown.

Anthony cried and looked away as graphic photos of her two-year-old daughter Caylee's remains were shown to the jury at the trial in Orlando.

Judge Belvin Perry had warned anyone who might become queasy to leave the courtroom before the images were displayed.
Sick: Casey Anthony breaks down during a break in her murder trial at the Orange County Courthouse in Florida
Sick: Casey Anthony breaks down during a break in her murder trial at the Orange County Courthouse in Florida
Casey Anthony becomes upset during a break in her murder trial at
Casey Anthony is seen during a break in her murder trial at the Orange County Courthouse on
Too much: The court adjourned early after Casey was taken ill after seeing the skull pictures
Haunting: The spot where tragic Caylee's remains were found
Casey Anthony is seen during a break in her murder trial at the
Unbearable: Casey looks horrified, before standing up to leave the court room early

Shortly after the images were shown he sent the jury home for the day, asking them not to speculate about why court was ending early.

Earlier in the day Anthony's brother, Lee, testified his sister had told him a nanny abducted her daughter because she didn't think the 25-year-old was a good mother.

Anthony dabbed her eyes with a tissue as a series of images revealed how pieces of duct tape were still attached to her daughter's remains.
Haunting: The spot where tragic Caylee's remains were found
Haunting: The spot where tragic Caylee's remains were found
Harrowing: The court was shown pictures of Caylee Anthony's remains, including this shot of her skull, which has been blurred out
Harrowing: The court was shown pictures of Caylee Anthony's remains, including this shot of her skull, which has been blurred out
A photo entered in evidence is shown on a courtroom monitor during the Casey Anthony trial at the Orange County Courthouse
Tragic: An investigator picks up the skull, left, in one of many harrowing shots shown to the court

She is on trial accused of murdering little Caylee in June 2008, before hiding her body in the woods near her home. Caylee's remains were not found until December that year.
Today Anthony's brother, Lee, told the court how his sister claimed a nanny called 'Zanny' had met her in an Orlando park and abducted Caylee.

He said his sister told him: 'It was Zanny's opinion that Casey was not being a good mother for Caylee and that she was taking Caylee from her to teach her a lesson.'
Graphic images: A tearful Casey Anthony dabs her eyes with a tissue as the jury is shown photographs of her two-year-old daughter's skull at a courtroom in Florida
Graphic images: A tearful Casey Anthony dabs her eyes with a tissue as the jury is shown photographs of her two-year-old daughter's skull at a courtroom in Florida
Testimony: Casey Anthony's brother, Lee, tells the court how his sister claimed a nanny called Zanny had abducted Caylee because she wasn't a good mother
Testimony: Casey Anthony's brother, Lee, tells the court how his sister claimed a nanny called Zanny had abducted Caylee in an Orlando park because she wasn't a good mother

Murder charges: Casey Anthony looks pale and drawn as she waits for the 14th day of her trial to start
Murder charges: Casey Anthony looks pale and drawn as she waits for the 14th day of her trial to start
According to Anthony, the nanny told her not to tell police, the court heard. Mr Anthony testified his sister said she didn't try to stop Zanny from taking the little girl because she was scared and 'didn't know what to do'.

He also said Anthony claimed the nanny had taken over her MySpace account and was sending her messages telling her where to go as she searched for Caylee.

The court heard that Anthony told her brother the nanny changed her account password to timer55, saying it had something to do with the number of days between the date Caylee was taken and August 9, 2008, the little girl's third birthday.

Mr Anthony said: 'It was her hope she would get her back on that day.'
Enlarge   Heartbreaking: The court was shown new photos of Caylee as it emerged the home computer was used to search for 'death' and 'neck injuries'. Today graphic photos of her skull were shown in court
Heartbreaking: The court was shown new photos of Caylee as it emerged the home computer was used to search for 'death' and 'neck injuries'. Today graphic photos of her skull were shown in court

Tragic: Another photo shown in court of Casey Anthony and her two-year-old daughter Caylee
Tragic: Another photo shown in court of Casey Anthony and her two-year-old daughter Caylee

Yesterday there were gasps in the courtroom as an expert revealed Anthony's home  computer had been used to search for harrowing words such as 'neck breaking', 'death' and 'head injuries' as well as 'chloroform'.

The searches, made while Caylee was still alive in March 2008, included 'internal bleeding', 'inhalation', 'ruptured spleen' and 'death'.

Jurors were also shown heartbreaking new pictures of Casey and her daughter, which were recovered from the family computer.

The prosecution’s case centres on the theory that Anthony incapacitated her daughter using chloroform and sealed duct tape over her nose and mouth, then disposed of her body, storing it in the boot of the car before dumping it on wasteland near the family home.

The defence - who claim Caylee died of accidental drowning - said Bradley's computer had a bug in it, that there was no way of knowing who used the computer to search for the terms and that the user only spent seconds on the pages.

Anthony, who faces the death penalty if convicted, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder.

The trial continues.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2001692/Casey-Anthony-taken-ill-court-shown-dead-daughter-Caylee-skull-photos.html#ixzz1OsX53Rsb

Casey Anthony : Discussing autopsy

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Casey Anthony : Lee Anthony: Casey said Zanny took Caylee to ' teach her a lesson'

Casey Anthony :The digitally altered photos are at

  - Scroll down to find a link for pictures under Jennifer Welch

Casey Anthony: Court Ends Abruptly When Casey Gets Sick:

Casey Anthony: Judge warns jurors graphic photos of Caylees remains...

Casey Anthony trial continues..live watch

Casey Anthony : Hinky Meter Reports

Casey Anthony: Ashley Banfield..

Ashley Banfield has been interesting case watcher. She doesn't think this is such a slam dunk when you see her on Nancy Grace. But clearly they are going to just keep the hits coming one expert after another.

Again we have the helpful parents' intervention, with Grandma Cindy spraying an entire can of Febreeze into the car to hide the smell.

Seeing the garbage, IIRC there was only paper trash in there apart from a pizza box which was either empty or had a slice of pizza in it but not "several pounds of raw hamburger with an extremely high fat content" that could have caused the stain and residue in the trunk.

Seems to me if the chloform levels were 10,000 times as high as normal, if Casey did searches for how to make it on her computer and if a syringe with chloroform in it was found near the body, if they can prove that, then the state has a good case, with the duct tape, the place the body was found and so on.

I don't think they will give her the death penalty though. I think the sentencing is separate so they can find her guilty of premeditated murder, or someething less - murder two, or even manslaughter - and then sentence accordingly.

Baez did bring out that the findigns of the dogs were "speculation" as to whether he was alerting to Caylee's remains, a false alert, or other. I thought the guy was pretty good, he said that he was telling him only what happened - the dog alerted next to Caylee's play house and not to the pool. The next day after they dug the area up and removed the top soil the dog did not alert. But that in his experience in all cases but this one, the alerts did result in a find of a body.

The second dog, bones, handled by a female canine handler had her dog alert in the same place within 6 feet. The dog alerts weren't videotaped unfortunately to see if the dog was alerting to "signals" given by the handler. He said if he knew where we would be today the searches would have been taped.

There was also testimony about the searches on the home computer for chloroform, 84 searches! -also searches for ruptured spleen, broken neck, self defense, and hand to hand combat as well. You wonder if Casey was planning to kill her mom and call it self defense. You don't need hand to hand combat to kill a toddler.

The experts on tv now on HLN say today was won by the prosecution. It seems Baez has conceded that it was Casey on the computer. So how he explains that number of searches for chloroform we shall see. If they were done well before Caylee died on June 16th (or the night of the 15th as I believe is possible) and chloroform was found near the body then either Casey drugged her to sleep and she died or Casey used the drug to put her to sleep before she smothered her so Caylee would not suffer as much. Neither one says she drowned in the pool though.

It occurs to me it wouldn't take much effort to bury a child in a sandbox if the sand were at least 8 inches deep. For at least a day or two. You wouldn't even really need a shovel.

Or she could have laid her there while digging, realized that it wasn't going to be deep enough and gave up, put Caylee's body in a bag and put it int he trunk.

HLN is now discussing whether the parents have changed their minds about Caseys interest since Cindy was tsill searching for Zanny the nanny til 6 weeks ago. Has the defense's theory changed their perspective? Have they changed sides?

Scott Peterson's sister changed her mind about her brother's innocence in this way.

They say George may have known or understood what lay ahead from early on and Cindy was in denial mode,

The more they believe Casey killed Caylee though, the more they will realize she faces the DP and could receive it. They may want to save her life.

They are sitting on the prosecution side of the court room... their seats were assigned to them so they are not taking sides necessarily.

Cindy has a gorgeous necklace that says Caylee on it and spends all day taking notes. She has quit bringing Caylee's teddy bear with her though.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Casey Anthony: Baez tries to tear down stearic acids.

The witness Dr Vass is laughing at him.

They are going into what was found on the paper towel, I believe this is fatty acids. From human decomp. To hear Baez try to tear the guy down on stearic acids or what not if he cannot even spell it, will be interesting.

It takes just a few days for the fat to break down - takes weeks or months for it to appear visible. the towel found in the trash had these items on it. Couldn't they have used the napkins from having the munchies? Hamburger would have to be completely raw and have a huge per cent of fat in it. The formation of adipocere is favored by a number of issues - anaerobic environment, alkaline- PH environment, 22-40 degrees Celsius and dry to saturated moisture level - those things need to be in conjunction for adipocere to form, the only way this on the paper towels from someone eating meat is if the meat was raw, loaded with bacteria, and they did so with a bag over theirr head and a significant volume - several pounds of meat - to leave that stain.

Well, that is hiliarious. Baez suggesting the big stain of human fat decomp in the trunk (which before it faded was in the shape of a child's body IIRC) was from someone with "the munchies" eating food then putting a paper towel in the trash in the trunk. I can't imagine getting that hungry. To crawl in the car trunk and eat several pounds of raw meat with a bag over my head. But it's no crazier than Baez's theory about the meter reader.

pause for a side bar, can Baez find anyone who is smarter to interview this witness because he is so friggen dumb his questions make no sense. I don't think it's a deliberate attempt to confuse the jury although it will have that effect -I think Baez really doesn't GET It.

Baez is trying to impeach this guy's knowledge but he only makes himself look ridiculous. Bring on the cross examination. Whoever has the best ability to get the jury to understand this will win.


Casey Anthony : What was in her trunk ?

Casey Anthony: Body was in trunk

Casey's pen pal returns to Orange Co. jail.

Casey Anthony :Investigators talk cadaver dogs !

Casey Anthony : Dog handler testifies

Casey Anthony: Levi Page on Blogtalk discussing day 13.


Casey Anthony : Profiler: Casey Anthony plans to make father kill himself to escape death row:

Casey Anthony: Cadaver dog evidence...

A sniffer dog trained to detect human corpses homed in on the boot of Casey Anthony’s car and on a patch of grass in front of her dead daughter’s playhouse, a court in Florida heard today.

Gerus, a German Shepherd dog working with Orange County Sheriff’s Department K-9 unit during the search for missing toddler Caylee Anthony in July 2008, indicated that he could smell human death in the back of Anthony’s Pontiac Sunfire car, and at a spot in the garden of her home in Orlando.

The canine detective, who is trained only to hunt for human remains and to ignore distractions such as food and other odours, twice gave his handler an indication known as a 'final trained alert' to indicate that it had pinpointed a scent source.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2000636/Casey-Anthony-trial-continues-Cadaver-dog-handler-tells-court-overwhelmed-smell-death-trunk-Anthonys-car.html#ixzz1Ofgu6u3e

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Casey Anthoy : Jailhouse video June 4th.

Casey Anthony: Child molestation...

.........and let me just add, as much suspicion as I have about what they did know, or whatever the dynamics of this particular family were ( I could be convinced that George did in fact molest Casey as a child, because you cannot rule that out) these people still thought or felt at that time that Caylee could be found alive.

A father who knows his granddaughter is dead and how it happened, is not going to go to the jail and have these conversations with the daugher who is similarly aware. It was all on tape and he knew that. Why would you go at all and have these convos you ALL KNEW would be on tv and "the media will have a field day with this" as Casey so aptly put it.

They were in California following up on a "sighting" in LA when Caylee's remains were found. I remember very well when the news came on tv that the remains of a young child were found 3 blocks from their home. Nothing else was on tv for 48 hours on any channel here in the South.

You can fake a lot of things but not, I think, that.

Casey- when bones were found at the park pond - where she claimed Zenaida and her sister had pulled Caylee from her arms - (after changing her story from the Sawgrass apt story) simply left the room. When THESE remains - the real ones - were found she hyperventilated and had to be sedated.

They have that on tape too.

I am sure Baez will move to have that film suppressed, probably successfully, given the circumstances, however it was taped.

I am interested in seeing the testimony of Roy Kronk the man who found Caylee's remains and how Baex handles that,

he is such a shitty cross examiner, and his claim that Kronk found her body earlier and then hid it to "find" it later so he could get the reward (for info leading to the return of a live little girl) will be interesting.

Prosecution HAS to call him, play the 911 tapes, and Baez then HAS to react.

This will be in the next week or two.
Write-up by WIDOWAN

Casey Anthony: her deep betral of her family.

This about Casey's betrayal of her family reminds me of reading Dante's Inferno, with his circles of hell. There are various levels, the deeper you go, for people who have done bad things down to the deepest pit where they've done the unforgivable. The top area is sort of babies who haven't been baptized and other heathens, floating around and their punishment is just being in limbo. Then you go down to the next level and it's adulterers and thieves and so on. At the very bottom, in the left and right hand of the devil, and in his mouth, are Brutus, Cassius and Judas.

Unlike common murderers who exist in a higher level of hell these are with the devil himself because they betrayed the one who loved them.

This resonates for me with Cindy's response now to Casey. Cindy may have believed that Casey had sold Caylee for money and the kidnapper killed her. And Casey lied about it. But when she discovers Casey wants to pull her father down into the pit with her then she gives up on the Nanny theory - or the abductor theory - and won't even make eye contact with her daughter. Caylee isn't more dead, Casey is LESS responsible - the big sin seems to be from Cindy's perspective that Casey is betraying the side. Maybe I am being unfair to her.

Maybe she was willing to be on Casey's side if the death was an accident of some sort or a bad choice on Casey's part - like selling her or giving her away. Only when she sees Casey trying to blame this on her father does Cindy awaken to what a monster her child really is. Cindy must have been defending her to their family for years...

Possibly it's because she knows no such thing did happen - George wanted to know where Caylee was as much as she did & would not react as Baez claims, leaving her in her own sort of hell of not knowing, all those months and letting his daughter be in jail for murder facing the DP even if he did collude in covering this up initially- and as the kidnapping or sale of the child is also a lie - she know nows that none of that is true and that this story is also not true.

The human heart is a deep forest... but the single remaining thesis is that Casey was directly responsible for Caylee's death.
Write-up by WIDOWAN