Saturday, June 4, 2011

Casey Anthony: her deep betral of her family.

This about Casey's betrayal of her family reminds me of reading Dante's Inferno, with his circles of hell. There are various levels, the deeper you go, for people who have done bad things down to the deepest pit where they've done the unforgivable. The top area is sort of babies who haven't been baptized and other heathens, floating around and their punishment is just being in limbo. Then you go down to the next level and it's adulterers and thieves and so on. At the very bottom, in the left and right hand of the devil, and in his mouth, are Brutus, Cassius and Judas.

Unlike common murderers who exist in a higher level of hell these are with the devil himself because they betrayed the one who loved them.

This resonates for me with Cindy's response now to Casey. Cindy may have believed that Casey had sold Caylee for money and the kidnapper killed her. And Casey lied about it. But when she discovers Casey wants to pull her father down into the pit with her then she gives up on the Nanny theory - or the abductor theory - and won't even make eye contact with her daughter. Caylee isn't more dead, Casey is LESS responsible - the big sin seems to be from Cindy's perspective that Casey is betraying the side. Maybe I am being unfair to her.

Maybe she was willing to be on Casey's side if the death was an accident of some sort or a bad choice on Casey's part - like selling her or giving her away. Only when she sees Casey trying to blame this on her father does Cindy awaken to what a monster her child really is. Cindy must have been defending her to their family for years...

Possibly it's because she knows no such thing did happen - George wanted to know where Caylee was as much as she did & would not react as Baez claims, leaving her in her own sort of hell of not knowing, all those months and letting his daughter be in jail for murder facing the DP even if he did collude in covering this up initially- and as the kidnapping or sale of the child is also a lie - she know nows that none of that is true and that this story is also not true.

The human heart is a deep forest... but the single remaining thesis is that Casey was directly responsible for Caylee's death.
Write-up by WIDOWAN