Saturday, June 4, 2011

Casey Anthony : Up-dates

7 minute clip here - the news folks say the jury was sitting there in some cases shaking their heads "no" while watching Casey on the jail house tapes with her parents.

you can see a lot of clips if you go to Orlando Sentinel and search inside it for Casey Anthony - there are dozens of them from 30 seconds to longer from the trial which include Baez opening statement about George finding Caylee and his sexual abuse of Casey being why she lied. And Cindy's testimony and her reaction to them playing the 911 tape where she can't even sit up in the witness stand and is sobbing with head down, I would not wish this on my worst enemy, however I think Cindy had quite a different take on it before Baez came and visited them with Casey's "confession" to him, that Caylee had drowned June 16th and George knew and dumped the body threatening Casey to never tell or she'd go to prison for the rest of her life for an accidental drowning that happened when they both were home - and with NO ATTEMPT AT RESUSCITATION by either of them, no calling an ambulance.

When she still had a shot at sticking up for her daughter saying "the nanny" took Caylee - despite YEARS of looking for Zanny - she was not wrecked like this. It almost seems like it is Casey being responsible for this defense strategy, has shattered her more than Caylee going missing or being dead. Not Caylee's death nor the obvious lies about it but rather Casey's betrayal of her parents is what seems to have tipped her over the dge into being a witness for the prosecution. They KNEW she was lying about the nanny. They had to know.

I grant you there was initial hysteria on Cindy's part when she called 911, but once the police were after Casey, Anthony's seem to have closed ranks around this Zenaida Gonzales theory. Despite that all the houses where Casey SAID she dropped Caylee off - including providing her mother photos of Zanny's home and drum set - which were actually of Ricardo's house - were other people's homes where no Zenaida had even been. Cindy let Casey get away with stating that this photo was just that Zanny's house "was laid out like Ricardo's" - now if your child told you there was a photo of Zanny's apt and Zanny's drum set and doing your own investigation you discovered that it was Ricardo's house - would you not realize, taken with the fact that the houses Casey claimed were Zanny's or her mother's were actually vacant or an old folks' home - that there never was any Zanny who babysat?

She is still waffling about the smell of death in the car. That it could have been garbage. She does not believe that George dumped Caylee's body in the vacant lot but does not want to allow the prosecution to claim that Casey drove around with Caylee's decomposing body in the trunk and dumped it herself.

What's the third choice? George dumped it where a meter reader could find it and the guy hid it for 2 months so he could "find" it later and claim the $225,000 reward for a live child? That is Baez's argument.
Insight on the case with thanks to WIDOWAN.