Thursday, June 9, 2011

Casey Anthony: Ashley Banfield..

Ashley Banfield has been interesting case watcher. She doesn't think this is such a slam dunk when you see her on Nancy Grace. But clearly they are going to just keep the hits coming one expert after another.

Again we have the helpful parents' intervention, with Grandma Cindy spraying an entire can of Febreeze into the car to hide the smell.

Seeing the garbage, IIRC there was only paper trash in there apart from a pizza box which was either empty or had a slice of pizza in it but not "several pounds of raw hamburger with an extremely high fat content" that could have caused the stain and residue in the trunk.

Seems to me if the chloform levels were 10,000 times as high as normal, if Casey did searches for how to make it on her computer and if a syringe with chloroform in it was found near the body, if they can prove that, then the state has a good case, with the duct tape, the place the body was found and so on.

I don't think they will give her the death penalty though. I think the sentencing is separate so they can find her guilty of premeditated murder, or someething less - murder two, or even manslaughter - and then sentence accordingly.

Baez did bring out that the findigns of the dogs were "speculation" as to whether he was alerting to Caylee's remains, a false alert, or other. I thought the guy was pretty good, he said that he was telling him only what happened - the dog alerted next to Caylee's play house and not to the pool. The next day after they dug the area up and removed the top soil the dog did not alert. But that in his experience in all cases but this one, the alerts did result in a find of a body.

The second dog, bones, handled by a female canine handler had her dog alert in the same place within 6 feet. The dog alerts weren't videotaped unfortunately to see if the dog was alerting to "signals" given by the handler. He said if he knew where we would be today the searches would have been taped.

There was also testimony about the searches on the home computer for chloroform, 84 searches! -also searches for ruptured spleen, broken neck, self defense, and hand to hand combat as well. You wonder if Casey was planning to kill her mom and call it self defense. You don't need hand to hand combat to kill a toddler.

The experts on tv now on HLN say today was won by the prosecution. It seems Baez has conceded that it was Casey on the computer. So how he explains that number of searches for chloroform we shall see. If they were done well before Caylee died on June 16th (or the night of the 15th as I believe is possible) and chloroform was found near the body then either Casey drugged her to sleep and she died or Casey used the drug to put her to sleep before she smothered her so Caylee would not suffer as much. Neither one says she drowned in the pool though.

It occurs to me it wouldn't take much effort to bury a child in a sandbox if the sand were at least 8 inches deep. For at least a day or two. You wouldn't even really need a shovel.

Or she could have laid her there while digging, realized that it wasn't going to be deep enough and gave up, put Caylee's body in a bag and put it int he trunk.

HLN is now discussing whether the parents have changed their minds about Caseys interest since Cindy was tsill searching for Zanny the nanny til 6 weeks ago. Has the defense's theory changed their perspective? Have they changed sides?

Scott Peterson's sister changed her mind about her brother's innocence in this way.

They say George may have known or understood what lay ahead from early on and Cindy was in denial mode,

The more they believe Casey killed Caylee though, the more they will realize she faces the DP and could receive it. They may want to save her life.

They are sitting on the prosecution side of the court room... their seats were assigned to them so they are not taking sides necessarily.

Cindy has a gorgeous necklace that says Caylee on it and spends all day taking notes. She has quit bringing Caylee's teddy bear with her though.