Monday, June 13, 2011

Casey Anthony :Cadaver dogs, botanists, CSi workers etc had him dead to rights that Caylee had been out in the swamp since June or early July.

It dawns on me that the reason Baez "admitted" Caylee drowned in the back yard pool June 16th was that he knew the forensics of the emtymologist, cadaver dogs, botanists, CSi workers etc had him dead to rights that Caylee had been out in the swamp since June or early July.

That means she had to die before the end of June and if he wants to pin it on anyone but Casey - specifically on George - then it has to be when Casey, Caylee and George were all in the same house. Since Zenaida Gonzales the nanny does not exist and the real ZG never met Casey, or Caylee, then it has to be one of the family and since Casey left June 16th that's the magic date, (also probably the right one since there are NO sightings of Casey with Caylee after that in fact no sightings of Caylee at all after that). So she's home June 16th with Caylee and it would have to be an accident since he won't agree to murder or his client won't agree to even an accident that she had a hand in like Chloroform.

So the accident happened in time to put her in the woods when forensics prove she was in the woods.

For it to be a real accident there has to be a reason not to call 911. The only possible reason would be her fear of getting into trouble. Hard to explain the lack of an attempt at resuscitation except that she'd been in the pool so long she was already so dead they knew beyond a doubt they couldn't revive her. But Dr G says they always do call 911 on accidental drowning in case you can save the child.

And Baez could have explained THAT - the accident - without bringing George into it, and having the possibility he would deny it. But the duct tape means either Casey murdered her or someone else did put it on after Caylee's death, so that means someone else had to have access to and dump her body. The car says that didn't happen, the car and the entymology say Casey did all of this from A to Z with no other person involved including the fake nanny or the poor meter reader -or her father -- and common sense tells you the body was dumped where it lay, and wasn't moved much, if at all by any human hand, after she was left in the wood.

Kronk is key to this because if all he did was pretty much find this baby in August - or think he saw the back of a skull - and kept calling it in til someone paid attention, there goes the idea that anyone but Casey dumped the baby and anyone but Casey put that duct tape on.

Unprovable child molesting as a mental defect - by a father who categorically denies it, with a girl so prone to lie she will do so when the truth would serve her better - and some crazy stuff about Kronk moving the body craftily about so he could get a non existent reward, will not save this case for the defense.