Monday, June 13, 2011

Casey Anthony : She is NOT a little girl

This coming week is the last of the prosecution - Thursday is the anniversary of Caylee's death, who ever you think did it, and Friday will be the summation of their case and rest that. They'll have wrapped this whole thing up and tied it with a bow and we will see how Baez does in not only casting reasonabe doubt but making Casey look sympathetic after what they've seen and heard, particularly that she drove around with her dead child's body in the trunk - not "scared and not knowing what to do" but giddily partying it up and getting a tattoo, her diary entry on the 20th etc.

If Ashton doesn't go crazy and make the whole prosecution look determined to kill this girl, regardless of her mental state or the supporting facts, I think they will do well but just as Baez in his bungling can make the jury sympathetic to Casey (poor kid look at her lawyer, she isn't getting a fair deal) so can the prosecution in over doing it.

Did you notice they seem to have Casey's chair ratcheted down about 6 inches to make her look more petite? Next to Baez she looks tiny her head is only up to his chest and I wondered about this as he is not a tall man and I've seen them outside court - but then I notice the back of her seat next to his is much lower. Same for her attorney on the other side, the woman who is there to comfort her when she is crying during the evidence - that woman's chair is ALSO much higher up than Casey's.
Will that work I wonder or will jurors see that for what it is? She is not the little girl here. She's an adult woman.