Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Casey Anthony: Baez tries to tear down stearic acids.

The witness Dr Vass is laughing at him.

They are going into what was found on the paper towel, I believe this is fatty acids. From human decomp. To hear Baez try to tear the guy down on stearic acids or what not if he cannot even spell it, will be interesting.

It takes just a few days for the fat to break down - takes weeks or months for it to appear visible. the towel found in the trash had these items on it. Couldn't they have used the napkins from having the munchies? Hamburger would have to be completely raw and have a huge per cent of fat in it. The formation of adipocere is favored by a number of issues - anaerobic environment, alkaline- PH environment, 22-40 degrees Celsius and dry to saturated moisture level - those things need to be in conjunction for adipocere to form, the only way this on the paper towels from someone eating meat is if the meat was raw, loaded with bacteria, and they did so with a bag over theirr head and a significant volume - several pounds of meat - to leave that stain.

Well, that is hiliarious. Baez suggesting the big stain of human fat decomp in the trunk (which before it faded was in the shape of a child's body IIRC) was from someone with "the munchies" eating food then putting a paper towel in the trash in the trunk. I can't imagine getting that hungry. To crawl in the car trunk and eat several pounds of raw meat with a bag over my head. But it's no crazier than Baez's theory about the meter reader.

pause for a side bar, can Baez find anyone who is smarter to interview this witness because he is so friggen dumb his questions make no sense. I don't think it's a deliberate attempt to confuse the jury although it will have that effect -I think Baez really doesn't GET It.

Baez is trying to impeach this guy's knowledge but he only makes himself look ridiculous. Bring on the cross examination. Whoever has the best ability to get the jury to understand this will win.