It is of some concern, or at least it should be, that Ann Eaton removed the heavily bloodstained panties from whf and that she transported them away to her home address in the same boot of the same vehicle inside which the bloodstained silencer was also transported by the relatives away from the scene, that Saturday afternoon..

Was there any possibility of cross contamination between Sheila's heavily bloodstained panties and the silencer which were both being transported inside the boot of the same car from whf to the home of Ann Eaton?

Who picked up the heavily bloodstained panties which belonged to Sheila and placed them into the boot of the car?
Who removed them once the vehicle arrived at Ann and Peter Eatons home address? Did the same person or people also handle the silencer? One thing is certain and that is that absolutely no precautions at all were taken by any of the relatives to minimize the risk of cross contamination occurring between all the items they handled at the scene and which they took away in the boot of Ann Eatons car?

Once Eaton removed the heavily bloodstained panties from whf and took them in the boot of her car to her own home, Essex police do not appear to have shown any interest at all in them, other than to get Ann Eaton to make a witness statement outlining the facts that she had found them in the kitchen, but did they physically seize the bloodstained panties and ever scientifically examine them or the blood upon them?

Why have Essex police shirked this issue?