Saturday, April 30, 2011

Casey Anthony / Gerald McCann...Cadaver dogs in both cases indicated to the scent of death.

The McCanns as we all know by now had contacts in the British Goverment to help cover-up the death of their child. Casey Anthony has lied about the death of her daughter.... cadaver dogs now admitted in the up and coming trial. Dr.Gerald McCann however disagrees with the experts and claims the dogs are 'incredibly unreliable'...The arrogance of this couple IS staggering , the dogs picked up on items ONLY belonging to the McCanns....including a small piece of cloth in the apartment they had moved to after leaving Apartment 5a where it is believed Madeleine met her death.

Casey claimed the smell in the boot of her car came from a rotting pizza, the McCanns claim the smell in the boot of their car, hired AFTER Madeleines disappearance came from rotting meat and dirty nappies, bear in mind we are talking about two doctors here and not a couple of dirty gypsies. !

When questioned about the cadaver dogs indicating, Gerry cockily replies ' Ask the dogs Sandra' and smirks.

BUT the most important part of this interview is a question asked by Sandra... even when a new investigator took over the case, PAULO REBELO...he said the investigation was still pointing in the right direction... meaning the McCanns were still the prime suspects...BOY are the McCanns smart, they quickly speak over Sandra to avoid answering the one million dollar question and hope beyond hope the public did not hear the question.

Since this interview the McCanns have lost two court cases against Dr. Goncalo Amaral , the book ban has been lifted and Dr. Amaral is free to speak once more.

WATCH from 4.50 - Gerry McCann states Cadaver dogs are 'incredibly unreliable' and 'Ask the dogs, Sandra' - From 4.50

Where the 'unreliable dogs'  (according to gerry McCann) found Cadaver in the McCann case.

1. Apartment 5 A, OC resort from which the girl disappeared

- Cadaver odour dog
• in the couple’s bedroom on the floor next to the wardrobe.
• In the living room, behind the sofa, next to the lateral window of the apartment.

2. Patio area, in front of apartment 5 A

- Cadaver odour dog
• in one of the flower beds, the dog handler commented upon the weakness (lightness) of the odour detected.

3. Apartments where the rest of the group was staying

• Nothing was found by either dog.

4. Residence of the McCann couple at the time of the date of inspection

• Nothing was found by either dog in the villa.

5. In the locality of P da L

• Nothing was found by either dog.

6. The clothes and belongings of the McCann family

- Cadaver odour dog
• on two pieces of clothing belonging to Kate Healy.
• On a piece of clothing belonging to Madeleine.
• Possibly, on a soft toy belonging to Madeleine (cadaver odour was detected when the toy was still in the residence (on the date it was occupied by the family)).
• Signalling was confirmed in a scenario outside the villa.

7. In the vehicle used by the McCann family

- cadaver odour dog
• signalled the car key

- blood dog

* signalled the vehicle’s key.
* signalled inside the vehicle’s luggage boot.

8. In a vehicle used by a friend of the family who was staying at the same resort, coinciding for a few days.

• Nothing was found by either dog.

9. In all the cars used by Robert Murat and people close to him

• Nothing was found by either dog.

(Of a total of 10 vehicles the cadaver odour dog and the blood dog only signalled the vehicle hired by the McCann family on 27th May)."

Intercalary Report
Portimao, 31st January 2008

Inspector Joao Carlos