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Brittany Hill And Small Child Missing.

Twenty-three-year-old Brittany Hill and her two-year-old daughter, Khloe Wheeler, are missing, and Mitchell County authorities are seeking information leading to their whereabouts. It's Friday morning, and they were last seen on the afternoon of Wednesday the 23rd. The first 48 to 72 hours of a disappearance are the most vital, so it's just a shame that this disappearance is just making it to the headlines.

Where is Brittany Hill and her daughter? She is described as 5'7" and being of average proportion with black and red hair with brown eyes. She has nose and lip piercings with a leopard spot tattoo on her left shoulder. Khloe Wheeler has brown hair and eyes. Both missing individuals are caucasian.

If you've seen either the child or her mother, please get in touch with the Mitchell County Sheriff's Department immediately, or do so if you have absolutely any information that will lead to the whereabouts of this young woman and her more

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

David Hartley : The Disappearance Of David Hartley by Peter Hyatt.

The Disappearance of David Hartley

by Peter Hyatt

Analysis Question:  Has the subject faithfully reported what happened to her husband, David Hartley?

Background: On September 30, 2010, Tiffany Hartley made a 911 call. She began the call with, “hello” and told the 911 operator that her husband had been shot while on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake, in Texas.
Shortly after, she contacted the Denver Post and gave her story to them. She reported that she and her husband, David Hartley, were moving from Texas back to Colorado, and went out for a last visit to Falcon Lake, where David wanted to take pictures of a church which, on the Mexican side, was under water.
It was on the lake, she said, that Mexican pirates opened fire on her and her husband, while they were on jet skis, knocking him into the air. While they continued to fire upon her, she drove her jet ski to her injured husband, who lay floating face down, hit by gun fire to the head, and was forced, she said, to leave him to die, in order to save her own life.

After contacting the Denver Post, she began to show up on various news programs, including Good Morning America, The Today Show, On the Record with Greta Van Sustren, and upon each network news program, where, each morning and evening, the hosts declared her to be a hero, who courageously drove directly into oncoming bullets in an attempt to save her dying husband.

Gov. Perry from Texas declared her a hero and renewed his call for the border to be secured. Hartley’s family called upon President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton to make our border with Mexico a priority.

Gov. Perry stated that anyone who questioned Tiffany Hartley’s account needed to be “ashamed” of himself. Sheriff Ziggy Gonzalez, the chief law enforcement official from Falcon Lake Texas declared that Tiffany Hartley was 100% truthful, and that he saw “no need” for her to be polygraphed after Mexican officials expressed doubt over her story. As more challenges arose in media, the sheriff refused to polygraph her.  This raised the question of whether or not he would polygraph a man who came ashore claiming his wife had been shot by Mexican pirates. 
Then, one of the investigators into David Hartley’s disappearance was found be-headed in Mexico. This came just after the investigator told media that two brothers were wanted in Hartley’s disappearance, as well as other drug related murders.
The news programs announced that this was evidence that Tiffany Hartley’s story was credible and that she was a young, courageous victim. ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, and CNN all declared her story to be credible and that the unfortunate death of the investigator was “proof” that Tiffany told the truth.
Mexican prosecutors, however, stated that the investigator had acted on his own, and that the brothers he named as suspects, were not suspects in David Hartley’s disappearance, but were wanted in other drug related killings, suggesting that the investigator used the Hartley disappearance as an attempt to put pressure on US law enforcement to help bring in the two brothers.

The following are interviews Tiffany Hartley gave shortly after reporting her husband had been shot and killed by Mexican pirates. Your analysis more

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Sierra La Mar : Suspect Arrest In Missing Girl Case

In a stunning breakthrough in a case that has captivated the country, authorities on Monday evening arrested a suspect on suspicion of murder and kidnapping in the disappearance of Sierra LaMar.
Antolin Garcia-Torres, 21, was booked into Santa Clara County Jail on one count of murder and one count of kidnapping.
"We believe we have probable cause that he committed the kidnapping and murder of Sierra LaMar," said Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith at a late evening news conference.
The sheriff's office previously announced that a red Volkswagen Jetta may be connected to the case, and according to authorities, Garcia-Torres is the owner of the car, which was seized on May 8.
"We have a lot of physical evidence" Smith said. She said the public's safety is the main concern of her office, and, "we don't want to see anyone else hurt or any other little girls taken."
She said Garcia-Torres had been under surveillance by her department, but declined to elaborate.
Smith urged people not to give up the search for LaMar. "We ask that the public continue to look, and find Sierra for us," she said.
She said the news is very difficult for the family and that they have been appraised of what is going on. She added that they will be at a news conference scheduled Tuesday morning.
DNA evidence may have connected Garcia-Torres to LaMar's items that were found in the days after her March 16 disappearance, KTVU-2 more

Isabel Celis : Becky Celis 'Great Father' Statement.

Quote from statement analysis

Some of you have, undoubtedly, noticed that Becky Celis is actively defending her husband.  The language shows that she considers him very important in her life; above the children.  We will need more of his language to see if it is reciprocal or not.

She said "he is a great husband and a great father"

My husband loves those boys, loves my daughter," Rebecca Celis told

Note "my" husband is possessive. She feels strongly towards him which is why CPS likely concluded that she, herself, needs supervision.  
Note the word "those" in "those boys" shows distance. 
Note "daughter" is last.  Note not "our" daughter, but mine:  this is the expected response from a mother, and not something we have seen when questions arise about her disappearance. 
She went on to say: 'He's a great husband, a great father to the boys and to Isabel. 

Note Isabel is named last.  

Statement Analysis cannot be done by the dishonest.  Those who are not truthful cannot ask themselves what they might say in a given situation.  

Statement Analysis can not be those who abuse children.  

In speaking to parents, no one is ever a child abuser.  None.  Even if found "substantiated" or even  found guilty and imprisoned for child abuse, I have never met a single person, male or female, willing to say "I am a child abuser."

A child abuser cannot do statement analysis. 

What made Solomon's display of wisdom so fitting was human nature.  He had already heard the arguments of the two women in dispute of custody.  He even repeated back their arguments to show that the order in which someone speaks is critical, but when this did not register with his audience, he called for a sword to be brought in, and the baby to be cut in half, with each mother getting 50%. 

He knew that the maternal instinct of the mother, whom he had already heard and seen, would win the day. 

But what of the other mother?

"Go ahead.  Fine with me.  We each get half a dead baby. "

She was willing, in her own pain and grief, to inflict the pain of loss upon her former friend. 

They could never be friends again after that shocking statement. 

But what do you make of her character?  What do you make of the cold-hearted murderer, willing to inflict not only the death of a child upon a caring mother (her instincts prove she cared) but the violent death of the child?  She was vicious and full of envy, and wanted her 'friend' to feel life's worse pain.  

Great parents don't call themselves "great."

I once was at Sbarro at the mall, having pizza with Heather when I saw a young father, perhaps no older than 20 or 21, struggling with his 2 year old.  

His dress and appearance did nothing to instill confidence, nor would he impress at a job interview dressed as he was, but I could not take my eyes off of the way he handled his 2 year old daughter.  She was being...well, she was being 2 years old, and she had pizza, what else could possibly go wrong?  Everything. 

But he reacted calmly, while still setting boundaries, and I was touched by his gentle demeanor.  It reminded me of the great Robert E. Lee who's "Life and Letters" guided me in parenting, who taught that closeness precludes the need for sternness.  This young man was tender, attentive, while still not allowing the 2 year old to 'run the show' as is so often the case.  

I could not help myself. 

I got up and walked over to him, and immediately saw the panic in his face, as he must have assumed I was going to say something critical, especially dressed as I was, perhaps posing a figure of authority to him. 

"You're doing a wonderful job with her, Dad", I said to him in a low and private voice. 

He smiled with a huge smile, and I thought he would cry from happiness of being called "Dad" and said, "Thank you!  I love her and am really trying!"  I could only imagine, being young, that he was probably being told by everyone around him how to do this, and how to do that.  Sometimes the best advice is no advice, and just a few encouraging more

Isabel Celis :Video - Family Are Standing By The Father.

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Isabel Celis : Sergio Celis - Sister Speaks Out.

Statement Analysis from the comments section.

We do not know who this person is or if this statement is even true but if it is.......there is no hope of finding Isabel alive

Anna said...

I'm not sure I should be revealing this but last night I had dinner with an old friend of mine. Her husband is a detective with TPD and has worked on Isa's case since day 1. We talked about the case for most of the night and she shared a lot. Since it has been discussed here the writing in the closet said.....

"My dad is bad bad bad"

TPD has removed this piece of drywall.

Ayla Reynolds :Crying Out For Justice - Time For Arrests On A Simulated Abduction.

She suffered much in 20 months of life.
It is difficult to defend.

It is also hard to believe.

With all that is publicly known about the case of missing 20 month old, Baby Ayla, how is it that the three who were present when she went missing, remain free?

I don't know. 

Speculation is that there is a rift between police and the prosecution team responsible for putting The Waterville Three on trial for Ayla's death, or in the least, for her disappearance.

By now, no one is publicly committed to "hope" for Ayla; only justice, but what about lesser charges?  What about child endangerment?  What about lying to police?  What about the mountain of circumstantial evidence?

We know this:

That Courtney Roberts' sister was arrested, at her and Courtney's Portland, Maine apartment, where Justin and Ayla had frequented, with a large cache of prescription drugs, meaning that she either paid for the drugs (doubtful given the volume) or that she owed a great deal of money to sellers who don't attach late fees on past due balances:  they take it in blood.

That Justin DiPietro, one to hardly ever hold a job due to a hot temper, was rumored to be a low level prescription drug street dealer, involved closely with the Roberts.

That Baby Ayla had unexplained (or ill explained) injuries, in the short time she knew her father, that showed an increase in severity, or an increase in violence, culminating with a broken arm that went untreated for 24 hours, suggesting her father needed time; time to sober up and time to get his story down pat.

That single unemployed father Justin DiPietro purchased a life insurance policy against, not for, his child, a mere 6 weeks before reporting her "missing."  The policy was 5 times greater than most, and many times more than a funeral would cost.  The amount, in fact, would cover the drug debt owed by Roberts, plus the 'late fees' involved.

That Justin DiPietro telegraphed his scam by texting Trista Reynolds, Ayla's mother, that he was worried that someone would "take" Ayla.  Low and behold, he reported to police that someone did, in fact, "take her" from his home on the only night in which she did not sleep down in the basement with him.  Somehow, the kidnapper picked the only night she would not be in the basement, and made it in and out of the tiny house without waking Ayla, Justin, Courtney, Elisha DiPietro, and 2 other children. Strangely enough, Justin's mother, Phoebe DiPietro, told the news that she did not hear anything that night, either, even though she wasn't sleeping there that night.  The kidnapper picked the only night that Ayla wasn't in her normal bed and, odds be damned, picked the night that Phoebe would not be home either, though from miles away, she still "heard nothing" that night.  That sneaky kidnapper was able to get in and out, without leaving a single microscopic particle of magic of some kind.

That Ayla's blood was found in Justin DiPietro's basement in a sizable amount, one in which she could not survive.

That The Waterville Three all failed polygraphs, in spite of descriptions like "smoke it" and "fine", and

That Police say the Waterville Three are all deceptively holding back information that would allow Ayla to come home;

That after reporting Ayla kidnapped, Justin, Courtney and Elisha all decided to not call out to Ayla, and not to communicate, via media, to the kidnapper, to arrange ransom, or to plead for her return.

That Trista Reynolds was still involved, sexually, with Justin DiPietro, while he was in a "committed" relationship with Courtney Roberts, leaving behind her own DNA on DiPietro's, showing a lack of discernment and unenviable morals. That she became involved with him in the first place is an issue unto itself, but then to become involved with him while he was with Courtney Roberts shows a serious lack of sound judgment. "Vindictive" she said he was.  She knows first hand.

That such overwhelming circumstantial evidence, even without a body, has not been presented to a Grand Jury at this time is something that puzzles the public.

That in spite of such cruelty to a child, both Elisha DiPietro and Courtney Roberts are reported to still have custody of their own children.

That Trista Reynolds went on to have another child with yet another man of questionable pedigree, of which it appears likely that, against their will, taxpayers will be forced to support.

This story gets worse each time it is reviewed.  Yet it highlights what little chance Ayla had between the two households.

She was forced into the arms of strangers by her mother's substance abuse, only to find just how violent these strangers were, not only suffering with bruises, muscle injuries and eventually a broken arm, the battered little girl with so little chance in life, had her blood shed in the hopes of cashing in.

What must it have been like to have been such a young toddler and to see this small-minded little bully and be forced to say "Da Da" or look at the scary bold faced liar and have to call "Grandma."  Poor little girl, tossed around in life just to satisfy the party lifestyle of immature adults.

We did notice that Justin DiPietro didn't wait long to contact the State to get his child support payments stopped.

"What child?", he could ask the State worker.

The whole thing is sickening.  It is sickening on every front.

It's time to take the evidence from the Kennebec River, if it matches Ayla, and present it to a Grand Jury.

The public does not want to hear about election year anything, or disagreements between investigators and those responsible to present the case.

We need prosecutors unafraid to go up against powerful defense attorneys who will grab this case, not for justice' sake, but for the free publicity.

We need a prosecutor to present the common sense to a Grand Jury and insist that the Three be arrested in concert.

Take Justin's original statement when he said things were "floating" out there.


I'll wager lesser odds that any one of the Waterville Three, after one night in jail, will tell police just where to find Ayla.

Ayla Reynolds : Simulated Abduction - But STILL No Arrests.

Arizona officials initially reported that it was a standard procedure for Child Protective Services to look into the circumstances of a missing child case.

It makes sense.  In the case of Isabel Celis, CPS went to the point of forcing a no-contact rule upon Isabel's father, Sergio Celis, due to the threat he poses to his two sons.

When a child goes missing, the first thing a CPS worker will do is assess, rather than investigate.  The two are very different, even though an assessment includes an investigation.

1.  Neglect
2.  Threat of
3.  Placement

1.  Neglect

When a child goes missing, the CPS worker seeks to know if the child went missing due to parental neglect.  Let's take the case of a wandering child, which is a situation that is not very uncommon.

a.  When did the child go missing?
b.  What was the parent's reaction?
c.  How long until the parent sought help?
d.  How long was the child missing?

Next, the worker begins a series of questions regarding substance abuse.  Sometimes these questions are asked by one worker while the other worker walks around the house.  A CPS worker will look in the medicine cabinets for Rx, while 'using' the bathroom.  Foster parents sometimes find this infuriating but get used to it. The worker will look in the trash, and around back for empties; that is, empty beer bottles, wine bottles, etc.

Most times kids go missing, there is a passed out parent on the couch, and the little one took off.

2.  Threat of...

a.  Does the parent express regret?
b.  Does the parent show defiance?  indifference?
c.   If the parent was drug/high, is the parent willing to get help?
d.  Does the parent have a close relative who can care for the child while getting help?  If so, this avoids foster care and the trauma of going to a stranger's home.  It also reduces the high expense for the State to endure.

The parent's attitude is what is gauged by the worker.  If the parent, for example, lies, the threat of neglect continues for the child, and for siblings.  The parent's attitude is gleaned from a lengthy interview, where every aspect you can think of, about child safety, is explored:  everything from discipline to doctor visits to brushing teeth to homework, and everything in between. The only exception is now CPS workers no longer ask what has always been asked:  "How do you provide for your child?" It is politically incorrect to ask, since welfare has become common place in the work.
Interviewing working parents is rare. Some young, able bodied males, when asked what they do for a living, have actually answered, "Tanif, man!" Or, "I have trouble working with people."  "I have anger."  "I have ADD", answering while not missing a beat in the video game. If you think this is a stretch, when you talk to a CPS worker, ask him or her how many interviews did they conduct while the parent was answering questions while playing a video game.  The young males don't appreciate interruptions, either. It is like stunted growth, stuck at age 11, yet old enough to have children and become angry at being asked questions about children.

In the ongoing assessment, the pediatrician's records are needed, as well as an opinion from the doctor and/or staff.  Even the care of the pets is assessed as there is some correlation between animal neglect and child neglect.  (This is not something I have ever encountered.  In every case where a child was neglected, I found the dog or cat to be well cared for; better than the child, including having the dog to the vet for check ups while missing well child check ups with the doctor.  This is for another article).

Drugs, alcohol, criminal history, CPS history, known sex offenders visit the home?  Any sex offenders in contact with the child? (You'd be amazed how just one registered sex offender can talk his way into babysitting for so many different mothers...and all for free!)

In the case of Baby Ayla, we have the worst-case scenario for child welfare.  The baby did not wander off, was not found, and the father, his sister, and his girlfriend, all stand defiantly against police, so that Ayla is not found.

In this case, we have the known association with drugs.  Any connection is a bad connection.
In this case, we have 3 parents who have all lied.  CPS does not have to prove that they lied, they can simply present the police opinion to a judge, with the proof that a baby is actually missing.

The affidavit would be presented to a judge to show that the threat of Neglect is so acute, that the two children (of Elisha DiPietro and Courtney Roberts) are in a state of jeopardy because they were present when a child went missing and police report that they have lied (failing polygraphs, statements, etc).

Next on the affidavit, they can show that in withholding information critical to Ayla's recovery, they have shown depraved indifference to the safety and well being of Ayla, herself, therefore, given the similarity in ages to their own children (incapable of self protection), both children are in a state of ongoing jeopardy.

Lastly, the CPS worker can present to the judge the blood spilling and clean up.  If evidence showed that the children were at the Portland address of Robert's sister, the tie to drug use is even stronger.

3.  Relative Placement

In continuing to avoid taking a child into custody, a suitable relative is sought out to place the children with.  The suitable relative must have a clean criminal history and a clean CPS history (which is no history at all), and must exhibit protective capacities.

This means that in the interview of the relative, the relative is asked a series of questions that will exhibit either protective capacities, or denial; that is, the refusal to acknowledge that the mother poses a severe risk of neglect.  Without sober answers, the CPS worker will not vouch for the relative before a judge.

The grandmother, Phoebe DiPietro, by virtue of her television appearance in which she lied for her son, would be considered inappropriate for placement of Elisha's child, due to the lie.  The lie shows that she would put her own son before the vulnerable child, incapable of self protection, and incapable of advocating for herself.

If DiPietro has a history with child protective services, or is unable to pass a drug test, she would not be entrusted with the child.

When a parent poses a risk to the child, the grandparent must exhibit behavior and belief that said grandparent will protect the child, even from his or her own child, if that be the case.  The stronger the grandparent's resolve to protecting the vulnerable, the more likely placement would be considered, after background checks, drug tests, collateral interviews, and so on.

In what we know about the case of Baby Ayla, it is very difficult to understand how it is that Elisha DiPietro and Courtney Roberts may still have custody of their children.

They have both shown that they not only were silent for Ayla last December, but that they are both willing to lie, via withholding information, to police, about what happened to Ayla.

How is that not jeopardy?  How is that, somehow, safe to the little children in their care?

In fact, I have a question about Courtney Roberts and Elisha DiPietro that has been bothering me for quite some time.

Do either of them have a life insurance policy against their own child?

Due to confidentiality laws, CPS cannot speak publicly.  It may be that Roberts and DiPietro's children have been placed with relatives and the two women have supervised visits only.  We don't know, but it does not appear to be so, given Elisha's recent public appearance, though she only answered questions in the same twisted way Justin does.

With a life insurance policy, a broken arm, a history of abuse, lies and a bounty of blood found in the basement, I cannot explain why there has been no arrests.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Isabel Celis : Sex Abuse Concerns.

There are some terribly concerning things about this case.

Is Isabel alive?

Was she sexually assaulted?

Past tense references to a missing child by a parent is a very strong indication that the parent knows or believes the child is dead.

It can be that the police have informed the parents of some evidence, or that so much time has passed, as in the case of Kyron Horman, that the inevitable creeps into the recesses of the parent's mind, yet denial is so powerful that it takes a long time.

It goes against everything a parent believes in and hopes for to admit, even in just one past tense reference out of all the sentences spoken, that the child is dead.

Sergio Celis' references to his daughter's appearance is concerning.  He implores the "kidnapper" to look at her, and look at her beauty.  Even his references to her clothing was sexualized language.

Then he agreed, likely by compulsion, to no contact with his sons.

Now we learn that there is CPS history where concerns were enough to get a visit from CPS last December, 4 months before Isabel went missing.

Sexual abuse was clearly on the mind of talking heads.  Last night from the Nancy Grace Show:

Well, that is a very perceptive question because the question would be, why did she write it inside the closet, rather than on a piece of paper? And presumably, because she did not want it to be seen.

What would be interesting to know is, did this child write on the walls in other parts of the house?

Did she write on things she wasn`t supposed to write on?

And what was that symptomatic of?

You know what`s going to tell us a lot about this, Nancy, is who filed the report. That`s where we`re going learn the most.

Was it the pediatrician?

Was it a school teacher?

 Was it a neighbor?

And what was the report based on?

Was it neglect?

Was a pediatrician reporting that this little girl had infections, feminine infections that a little girl shouldn`t have?

So you would have to put that together with what was the content of the writing in the closet."

Isabel Celis: Circumstancial Evidence In The Missing Isabel Celis Case.

The father of 6 year old Isabel Celis reported her "abducted" almost one month ago.  What circumstantial evidence exists to show an abduction?  What circumstantial evidence points to the family?

1.  There is no fingerprints, footprints, nor even trace DNA found anywhere to support a stranger abduction.  Further, there has been no contacts or demands from the abductors, nor any known connections with pedophile rings.

2.  Behavioral Analysis:  After reporting Isabel abducted, neither parent would make a public plea to the abductors, nor would either parent call out to the child, instead remaining silent, refusing police attempts to facilitate such an event.  Eventually under media pressure, they did.

3.  Failed Polygraphs.  When polygraphs are passed, the parties report it publicly.  Here, both police and the parents have declined to share the results.

4.  Inconsistent Statements by Sergio Celis.  This is what Tucson police have reported.

5.  Information Given To CPS that suggests that Sergio has coached one or both of his sons.  This is the likely reason why there is no contact allowed between Sergio and his sons, including supervised, or even phone calls.

6.  Statement Analysis of the parents' appearances.  In an interview about the kidnapping, the parents did not speak of a kidnapping, abduction, nor of ransom or recovery.  Statement Analysis has shown deception when they have spoken, along with a refusal to commit to statement of abduction.

7.  911 Call Analysis Indicates Guilty Knowledge by Sergio Celis.  Whatever it is that happened to Isabel, this indicates that the father has guilty knowledge of it, and is concealing this information from the police and the public.

That a stranger (unknown person) abducted Isabel Celis is unlikely.
That Sergio Celis is involved with Isabel's disappearance is likely.
That Becky Celis is concealing information, perhaps about Sergio's involvement, is likely.

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Casey Anthony : Jose Baez tests response from public still seething over Casey Anthony trial

ORLANDO, FLORIDA--- In an attempt to test the waters, Jose Baez appeared on HLN's "Dr. Drew" show to promote an upcoming book in which he discusses his role as lead attorney for  Casey Anthony.

The book, "Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story" details what Baez claims went on behind the scenes during the trial of his most infamous client.

Baez was than forthcoming, however, on details regarding the upcoming book, which is due out this July. Known for his smugness, Baez answered most direct questions about his memoir by directing viewers to purchase the book.

Interestingly, Mr. Baez took the time to publicly denounce claims that he had unethical or improper relationship with Casey Anthony, claiming that the two shared a "very professional" more

Casey Anthony Served With Subpoena

One of the attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez is serving Casey Anthony with a subpoena Tuesday morning.
Matt Morgan, from attorneys Morgan and Morgan, served the subpoena at about 11 a.m.


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Pat Brown : Motorsport Quadruple Murders.

Eight years ago on November 6, 2003 four people were gunned down in cold blood in Chesnee, South Carolina in the middle of an ordinary work day at the Superbike Motorsports, a shop that sold motorcycles. The murdered were the owner, Scott Ponder, his mother Beverly Guy, his best friend and right hand business man Brian Lucas, and a new employee who was cleaning up bikes in the back, Chris Sherbert. Someone came into the business shot them all dead in the middle of the day when there were no witnesses in the building to identify the shooter.

Zero progress has been made in solving this crime. Why? In my opinion, not because it is unsolvable or difficult to solve or because that one person won't come forward and identify himself (the man police claim is the key to the crime, in fact, the man they claim is involved in the crime, the man they have been
showing a composite of, albeit now an altered composite, for year upon year). It won't be solved because the police refuse to believe the evidence in front of them or refuse to investigate it for some reason. I know because I spent a week in Spartanburg Country, South Carolina working with the Sheriff's department, going through the files, analyzing every photo and bit of evidence, and running an experiment to test how long it took to drive from the shop to a convenience store that would help rule in or rule out one suspect. I have read all the more


Isabel Celis: 911 Call - Statement Analysis.

The following is Part One of  Statement Analysis of the 911 call made by Sergie Celis to report his daughter, Isabel Celis, 6, missing.  Statement Analysis is in bold type. 

What to look for in 911 calls?  Follow the principles of Statement Analysis, noting the research done into domestic homicide 911 calls done by Dr. Susan Adams.  

Operator:  911 What is your emergency?

Celis:  Hello.  I need to report a missing child  I believe she was abducted from my house. 

1.  Please note that the 911 calls of domestic homicides research shows that guilty callers often begin with a greeting.  The study (by Dr. Adams) showed that in guilty callers contacting 911, the call did not begin with an urgent cry for help, but a greeting instead.  Here, Sergio Celis begins with a greeting, which is casual, and, given the age of the child, and circumstances of the call, is highly unusual.  Parents of missing children are in a panic and immediately demand help. 

Note also that Dr. Adams found that guilty callers sometimes did not ask for help specifically for the victim, but sometimes for their own selves. 

2.  Note that he reports her as a "child" here,  without using her name.  Note that she is "a" child, not his.  The lack of emphasis likely was felt by the operator. Please note that "child" is associated with child abuse and risk.  "a" missing child is any missing child, not his.  This is unusual. 

3.  Note he asserts belief that she was abducted.  This is an usual term, instead of kidnapped or taken.  He does not say why he chose this word (or topic) rather than just that she is missing, or wandered off.  "Abducted" sounds more like something from a television show rather than the cry of a desperate father unwilling to admit to an "abduction."  

This is critical because he is asserting "abduction" from the beginning, yet he and his wife refused, for 5 days, to address the abductors, or address their child.  An "abduction" is a crime that is planned out and for a purpose.  

4.  We note that he did not use her name which may indicate distancing language by him, from Isabel.  

911 Operator:  What makes you think she was abducted?

Sergie Celis:  "I have no idea.  We woke up this morning and went to go get her up, start her baseball game and she's gone. I woke up my my sons, I, we, looked everywhere in the house and my oldest son noticed that her window was wide open and the screen was laying in the back yard.  We've looked all around the house.  My son...

Deception detected. 

The change of pronouns show that he is not working from experiential memory.  Pronouns are instinctive and humans do not make mistakes between "I" and "we"; having spoken pronouns millions of times. 

Even to the untrained, the casual sound of his voice, coupled with the greeting, will show that this is not a kidnapping. 

Sergie Celis is later heard lightly chucking on the call while his daughter is missing. 

Other things to look for:

On the 911 call, does the caller ask specifically for help for the victim?
Does the caller disparage or blame the victim?
Does the caller use the words "I'm sorry" anywhere in the call?

The tone of voice is something TV commentators will jump on, but it is the language is the most important thing.  He may sound like he is ordering lunch from a drive in, but it is the words he used which show deception.  He may attempted to sound 'confident' in the wake of the nervousness of lying, but people can, and do fake hysteria.  

"We will never give up; we will never give up looking for you." Sergie Celis. 

This shows no expectation of success; the very opposite of natural denial found within parents.

Isabel Celis : 911 Call - Sergio Is Deceptive.

Comments picked up from poster VITA

From LE transcript

Sergio calling 911

Even the 911 Operator is stunned by Sergio said to her, that she stumbles over the word abducted.
The combination of his tone and he not being upset and then using the scariest word to Happen to a child.

911OP: Why do you think she as abdupted (ph) abducted?

I am going to break his words into split sentences. His first words said to the 911 Operator. In his call his first words to report a missing person, he sounds like he is ordering a Pizza.

When the 911op does not react in alert, Sergio changes. He then begins to speak at a rapid pace.
Firing off the information below.

SC: I have no idea.

We woke up this morning

and went to get her up

start her baseball game

and she's gone

I woke up my, my sons

I, we, looked everywhere

in the house and

my oldest noticed

that her window was wide open

and the screen

was laying in the backyard

We've looked all around the house

**this why the 911OP says next
***911OP: Okay hang on

She cannot keep up with his rapid fire, she knows she has to slow him down, to gain his information.
He keeps talking, he does not pause,

SC: are running, yeah, my sons

are running, around the house

looking for her

remove her 911: Okay Hang On

He does not stop, his complete said

I, we, looked everywhere

in the house and

my oldest noticed

that her window was wide open

and the screen

was laying in the backyard

We've looked all around the house

are running, yeah, my son (sons)

are running, around the house

looking for more

Isabel Celis : Pat Brown On Becky Celis.

Pat Brown, profiler and author, on JVM show last night, regarding Becky Celis, referenced Statement Analysis.  Pat Brown continues to be the voice of reason on the talk show circuit.  She never expresses false hope, and does not side with emotion. She is logical when she speaks and is a breath of fresh air on these shows.

But let me tell you what I think is really interesting. If you do a little statement analysis on what the mom says. She said "We`re confident we had nothing to do with this." Now, you either had nothing to do with this but you`re not usually confident you had nothing to do with this. So that added word "confident" means to me that she is not confident that they didn`t have anything to do with this, which means I wonder that she does wonder something about her husband as well. 

When someone says that they are "confident" it shows weakness. If you had nothing to do with this, you would have no need to express confidence.  Marv Albert expressed confidence in his innocence right before pleading guilty.  Confidence entertains a possibility that something may not work out. 

I am confident that the New York Rangers will win the Stanley Cup this June.  You will find readers from New Jersey, Phoenix and Los Angeles who also have confidence, but they do not share the confidence that I have.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Isabel Celis :CPS take A More Active Role.

CPS released the following statement to CBS 5 News on Friday.

The Department can confirm that CPS is working closely with law enforcement to ensure the continued safety of the children. At the present time, the children are not in CPS custody. The Department appreciates the community's support and understanding in protecting the privacy rights and safety needs for these children during this ongoing joint investigation.
During a news conference Thursday, Hawke said investigators are still sifting through 1,000 tips that have poured in since Isabel was last seen in her bedroom the night of April 20 and discovered missing the next morning.

Stay with and CBS 5 News for updates on this developing story.

Isabel Celis :Video - Is Isa's Father Involved In her Disappearance ?

Lisa Irwin :Video - Cadaver Dog Hit In The Bedroom Of Lisa's Home.

Lisa Irwin Link

Madeleine McCann : Video

This video is the cadaver dog hits on the apartment , car, mothers clothing and a small t shirt possibly belonging to the missing child Madeleine McCann. In the McCann case there is also a missing sports bag belonging to the father, the father denies he ever owned such a bag even though there are witnesses who saw it in his possession the afternoon of May 3rd..

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Isabel Celis :Missing Tucson Girl's Father Barred From Contact With Her Brothers

The father of missing Tucson 6-year-old Isabel Celis has been told by authorities he cannot have contact with the girl's two older brothers, who are now in the custody of their mother Rebecca, ABC News has learned.

Isabel Celis : Million Dollar Lies

How much did Casey Anthony's lie cost tax payers?

In just 3 weeks, the cost of searching for Isabel Celis has reached a reported $1,000,000.

When a lie is proven, the guilty should be financially responsible for the cost of the lie.

There is no way to measure the emotional cost of the lie.

Missing Isabel's brothers removed from father's care as it is revealed police spent $1m searching for six-year-old in three weeks

  • Child Protective Services removed Julian and Sergio Celis and placed them with their mother
  • Six-year-old Isabel vanished from home on April 21
  • Probe into disappearance has cost more than $1million more

Isabel Celis : Child Services Removes Sons From Sergio Celis Care and Placed With Becky Celis and Relative

In the latest development in the April 21st disappearance of missing Tucson child Isabel Celis, her father Sergio has been stripped of his physical custodial rights of her brothers.

There has been no confirmation from Tucson Police about the children’s removal and placement, and CPS has only confirmed the boys have been placed with one parent.

Sources inside the investigation have confirmed to that evidence gleaned in the investigation has warranted alternative placement of the couples oldest children in the wake of the disappearance of their daughter, Isabel.

The boys, whose names have been reported previously elsewhere but are being intentionally withheld by have been placed together, not separately.

Isabel Celis :Police - Celis parent's living separately - 1 parent not allowed contact

TPD said the developments leading to the custody status are “significant." They also have Ariz. Child Protective Services taking an active role in the case.

TPD tells KGUN9 News that missing Isabel Celis' parents are living separately at this time, and one parent is not allowed contact.

Ayla Reynolds : Police Recover More Items from Kennebec River

WATERVILLE — Police found more items in the Kenneber River that could potentially be linked to missing toddler Ayla Reynolds.

The items were found Tuesday in the diversion channel of the dam near the Hathaway Mill, according to Department of Public Safety Spokesman Steve McCausland. This is the same area where police retrieved unspecified items on April 25.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The McStay Family : Disappeared From Their Home One Day. Many Believe They Are In A Witness Protection Programme.

The couple and their two children simply disappeared from their home one day. They left their two dogs behind, and  left dishes in the sink and a bowl of half-eaten popcorn , although the article doesn't mention those details. They did not take any money out of the bank and their empty car was found in a mall parking lot.

The only lead ,  their computer shows that they did some searches about passport requirements to travel into Mexico. There is also a border security camera photo showing two adults and two kids walking into Mexico through a border checkpoint, but it's impossible to identify the people in the photo.

Mary Shotwell Little : Mary disappeared on Oct 14th, 1965

The disappearance of Mary Shotwell Little — the most famous missing persons case in Atlanta history — seems as baffling today as it did when investigators saw her blood-smeared car on a warm autumn afternoon in 1965


Mary's case is intriguing because of all the clues that were left behind and because a few years later a woman, Diane, who worked where Mary did and took over Mary's job after she disappeared was found dead, stuffed into the trunk of her car. She, like Mary had recieved flowers from an anonymous person days before her death. And, like Mary, both of their case files complete with evidence housed at police HQ disappeared too. Diane had stated to people she was working undercover for the police to help with Mary's case. This was denied by the PD.

The police never agreed on if the two incidents were related. The lead investigator seemed to think they were.

Later, some of Mary's roommates received threatening phone calls. One woman's husband received one where a man stated 'your wife is next.'

Mary disappeared on Oct 14th, 1965 from Lenox Square district in Atlanta. Friends revealed in the days leading up to her disappearence she had been receiving phone calls at work that seemed to trouble her but she never mentioned them to anyone. She told friends a couple days before she went missing she had something important to tell them - she never got the chance. She received flowers from an anonymous person days before she disappeared. She also had indicated to friends she was scared to be alone and she was especially scared to be alone in her car but she never said why.

After eating dinner with friends that evening she turned and waved good-bye not knowing it would be the last time she said good-bye to her friends.....or did she? She did not show for work the next day and worried co-workers began looking for her. Police said her car was not in the parking lot where she was last seen but when her boss when to look it was there. The police later determined the car had been returned to the area most likely and most brazenly in broad daylight. It was covered with dirt indicated it had been on a dirt road. There was blood smeared on the seats and the steering wheel - the police theorized there actually wasn't that much blood but it looked to have been smeared around to make it look like there was more than there was.

In the front seat, folded neatly, were Mary's clothes. A bra, girdle, underwear - all with blood spatters. A piece of stocking on the floor cut off with presumably a knife. A few days later police learned her credit card had been used in Charleston - coincidently Mary's hometown. It was used again twelve hours later in Raleigh - Raleigh was only three hours away from Charleston. When police interviewed the two seperate gas station attendants they both reported seeing a woman who had a cut on her forehead, blood on her clothes and her legs with one or maybe two men who seemed to be 'controlling' her. Handwriting experts verified the signatures were hers.

That was the last Mary was ever heard from. Presumably she was murdered. By who? And why? Was Diane's murder related or just a grisely coincidence?

Please refer to the links below to read about the case.

The Missing Sodder Children Mystery. (1945)

Mary Ann's account

This is an account written in 1968 by the oldest sister of the missing children, Mary Ann:

The following is the story of the tragedy which occurred twenty three years ago.  The injustice and unfairness of this crime remains to this day.  Please be kind enough to read the following account of the events concerning this tragedy.

On Christmas Eve night during the year of 1945, our home was set afire.  There were nine children in the house at the time, four escaped from the burning building.  My parents also escaped.  I ran to a neighbour's house to have her call the fire department.  She said the operator did not answer when she tried to put the call through to the fire department.  A passing motorist called the Fayetteville Fire Department.  Fayetteville is the nearest small town to our former residence.  The Fire Chief answered the telephone.  When he was told that our house was burning, he said, "We know it."  This was at two o'clock A.M.  He and the rest of the fire department arrived at the scene of the fire at 8 o'clock A.M., that same morning.  The fire dept in the town of Fayetteville is located only two and one half miles away.

That same morning the Fire Chief and eight other men searched the ashes remaining.  The fire had burned out completely hours before.  We asked the Fire Chief if there were any traces left of the bodies of the children presumably still in the remains of the burned house.  He said, "We searched as if with a fine tooth comb and we could not find a thing."  However a few days later he produced a piece of flesh saying that it was a part of a human body.  We could not understand how this soft piece of flesh could have survived the fire, yet there was no trace of bones or teeth.  Another thing that puzzled us was that there was no scent of burning flesh during the time the house was burning, nor was there any scent in the ashes afterward.  I was there and all I could smell was the scent of burning wood.

We had the spot where the house had been, covered over with soil thinking that since it was impossible to find any trace of the bodies, we would make it into a burial spot.  In this place, the Fire Chief buried the piece of flesh he claimed was part of a human body.  Later when we recovered enough from the shock to be more rational, we began to doubt the Fire Chief and became suspicious of all the circumstances concerning the fire.  The Fire Chief had never shown this piece of flesh to the Coroner.  --Why?  We decided to check this item out with the local Mortician.  We had this object removed (from the place where it had been buried), by excavation.  The Mortician swears on an affidavit that this object was a large piece of beef liver and had never been touched by fire.  There was nothing of this kind in our home at the time of the fire.

We asked the Prosecuting Attorney to call in some people who were considered suspects in this case.  He said he could not question these people because they were personal friends of his.  At another time he said, "Today they burned your house, but tomorrow they may burn mine and I have children too."

The telephone wires had been cut during the fire.  The person who cut the wires had stolen during the time the house was burning, a pair of chain blocks.  These are used to hoist automobiles or motors, etc. to be repaired.  They were attached to the ceiling of the garage.  To steal them and carry them away would have required advance planning.  Since they had to be taken down from the celiing of the garage it would have to started (the process of removing them) either before or during the fire.  Also the person who stole them had a taxi cab waiting to haul them away.  Evidently this person either set the house afire himself or knew someone else was supposed to do so.  He was supposed to appear in court.  He never appeared.  They fined him a small amount of money and forgot the whole thing.

I, being the oldest daughter, usually saw that the children went upstairs to bed, before going to sleep myself.  The night of the fire I fell asleep downstairs and the last time I saw the children they were still up playing.  It is our belief that they were kidnapped before the fire or possibly at the beginning of the fire.

Mrs Ida Crutchfield of Charleston, West Virginia, owner of the Alderson Hotel, claims to have seen four of the children at her hotel three or four nights after the fire.  She has signed an affidavit to this fact.

We asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation for help.  They said they would step in if they could get the permission of the county authorities to investigate the case.  The local authorities refused to sign anything giving their permission.  They certainly did not do anything themselves to solve this crime, why then do they refuse help from the Federal Bureau of Investigation?  Is it because some of them may be involved in this crime?
We have written to each president in turn.  Each one refers the case to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (The Justice Dept), then the Federal Bureau requires the permission of the local authorities.  They refuse permission, so it has become a useless cycle, leaving this crime unsolved for the last twenty-three years.

My father has hired private detectives and they have turned up some very good evidence that this whole thing was planned.  But what is the use?  They are warned by certain people to stay off the case.  Even some of the state police have admitted that "their hands are tied."

If this had not happened to my family, I would have said that such a heinous crime as this, could not have been committed in the United States of America, without some justice being done.  But here it is and it almost seems fantastic.

If you wish to print this, you have my parents' permission.  If you wish to communicate with them, their address is (Mr and Mrs George Sodder, Route 2, Fayetteville, West Virginia).  Their telephone number is 1-304-574-1678.

Perhaps publicity on this case would cause some interest in someone who would try to help solve this crime.

Yours sincerely

The Sodder Children - many people believe the Sodder children did not die in the fire that night and that the fire was set as a distraction. There seems to have been a cover up by the fire department.

Christmas Eve in 1945, the Sodders and nine of their ten children settled in for the evening. Maurice, and four of his siblings - Betty, Jennie, Louis and Martha Lee pleaded to be allowed to stay up and play with their new toys. Mrs. Sodder relented after the children promised to take care of their chores before coming to bed.

Shortly after midnight Mrs. Sodder was awakened by the phone ringing. A female caller asked for a man whose name Mrs. Sodder didn't recognize. The caller gave a weird laugh before hanging up. Dismissing the call as a prank, Mrs. Sodder went to return back to bed but noticed the lights were still on, the shades weren’t drawn and the doors hadn’t been locked. Believing the children forgot to do these things before going to bed, she went back to sleep. She was awakened again by a noise on the roof that sounded "like a rubber ball."

About a half-hour later, smoke began pouring into the bedroom. She yelled for her husband and children. Once outside, Mr. Sodder noticed that Betty, Jennie, Louis, Martha Lee, and Maurice were nowhere to be found. He went to grab the ladder, which was kept near the house, to reach the windows of the room where the children slept. The ladder was missing. Less than forty-five minutes after the fire started, the house was consumed. Firefighters and state police arrived later that morning and placed the cause of the fire on faulty wiring. State police later withdrew their statement. The fire chief and state fire marshal sifted through the ashes and told the Sodders that they couldn’t find any remains.

Another report states that the firefighters found a few bones and pieces of internal organs in the ashes, but the family was never told of these findings.

Some time after the fire, the fire chief informed the Sodders that he had recovered a body part, probably an organ, from the ashes and buried it in a box on the site.

The box was dug up and its contents taken to the funeral home for examination, while a small piece was sent elsewhere for examination. The piece sent off elsewhere was deemed to be beef liver. When the detective went back to the funeral home to find the results of their analysis on the contents he left in their care he was told that they couldn’t be located

The acting coroner impaneled a jury of six local citizens who returned a verdict that the five children had died due to suffocation and flames.

Within a few months, the Sodders became convinced that their children did not die in the fire. Information began to surface to support their beliefs. An investigation revealed that the telephone line had been cut shortly before or during the fire. A late-night bus driver reported seeing "balls of fire" being tossed upon the roof of the Sodder home. An operator of a motel located halfway between Fayetteville and Charleston reported seeing the children Christmas morning.

A Charleston hotel owner reported seeing four of the children in the company of four Italian speaking adults a week later.

Three months after the fire, the youngest child found a hard rubber object that was hollow with a twist-off cap. It was identified by Army authorities as an incendiary or napalm bomb called a "pine-apple." It was later discovered that the fire had started on the roof. During the fire, a man was seen stealing a block and chain from the Sodder's garage. He admitted to cutting the "electric line" to the Sodder home.

The ladder, which couldn't be found during the fire, was found down an embankment away from the house.

A couple of years after the tragedy, Mr. Sodder saw a photo of school children in New York and was certain that Betty was one of the children in the photograph.

He drove to Manhattan to see for himself but was never allowed to see the child.

Sightings of the children came in from all over the country.

Every lead proved fruitless.

In 1952, the Sodders purchased a billboard displaying photos of their missing children and offering a reward for the recovery of any or all of the children.

The publicity fed rumors that the children had been sold to an orphanage or taken to Italy.

The Sodders tried in vain to get their case re-opened, even writing to the FBI.

State police and local authorities wouldn’t reactivate the investigation without any evidence of a kidnapping or murder.

The investigating fire marshal admitted years later that he did not search through the ashes as thoroughly as he would have liked. Mr. Sodder, initially believing his children had died, bulldozed the site and covered it with four to five feet of dirt, planting flowers in memory of the children.

In 1949, Mr. Sodder decided to excavate the site in order to search for human remains.

The assistant chief of Naval Ordinance in Charleston and a noted pathologist from Washington, D.C. were among those helping.

Four pieces of vertebrae and two small bones that could have come from a child’s hand were located.

The pathologist noted that he was amazed at the scarcity of bones recovered after the thorough search, claiming it was unusual that no skulls or pelvic bones were found in a fire that was quick burning and not so intense as to destroy cloth, flooring and other debris found.

Back in Washington, D.C., the pathologist determined the bones to be human, having come from a person 14 to 15 years of age.

Due to the location where the bones were found within the floor plan of the house, Mr. Sodder didn’t believe the remains to be of his 14-year-old son, Maurice.

 Another analysis of the bones conducted years later by the Smithsonian Institute determined that the bones came from someone 16 to 22 years of age.

 It was also noted that the bones bore no evidence of having been subjected to fire.

A letter would arrive on a detective’s desk claiming that the bones had been removed from a nearby cemetery and planted at the scene.

Many believe the children died that night in the fire and the family was never able to accept the loss.

Others believe the children were taken and are still alive somewhere, believing the fire killed their parents and siblings.

Mr. Sodder died in 1969, his wife twenty years later.

The billboard no longer stands.

The youngest of the Sodder children keeps her parents’ quest alive to find out what really happened that night.

In 1968, over 20 years adter the tragedy, the Sodders received yet another mysterious reminder.

 An envelope arrived addressed to Mrs. Sodder with no return address. Inside she found only a photograph of a young man, 24-28 years old, wearing white pants and a shirt, and sitting in front of a window. On the back of the photograph were these words: "Louis Sodder" "I love brother Frankie." "ilil Boys" "A90132 or 35" Mrs. Sodder was convinced that the photograph was of her son Louis Sodder, who was supposed to have died in the fire at the age of nine.

The Sodders took the photograph to Charleston in an effort to convince Attorney General Donald Robertson to reopen the case.

But the Attorney General was not convinced of the identity of the young man. Determined to follow this lead just as they had so many others, the Sodders again employed a private detective.

They paid him in advance and sent him to the town which was listed on the postmark of the letter.

They never heard from him again.

Mrs. Sodder was afraid that if the letter or the name of the town was published it could bring harm to her son.

 She had no choice but to admit defeat.

The photograph was enlarged and placed in a frame in front of her fireplace. She took comfort in the belief that although her children were out of her reach, they were still alive.