Friday, May 4, 2012

#IsabelCelis : Parents Conspire To Deceive - Accidental Death And Cover-Up ?

Are we on the verge of hearing an admission of an unintentional tragedy that took place inside the home of Isabel Celis?

Or, emboldened by their non-confrontational appearance (and maybe a payoff) on NBC, we will see them do another national interview, as hinted to by a family member?

Whatever the outcome, it is becoming increasingly clear to the news followers that the parents of Isabel Celis are not being truthful about what happened 2 weeks ago, to their 6 year old daughter.

Here are some of the various theories:

I.  Stranger Abduction: 

The family (mother, father, uncle) say a stranger abducted Isabel, age 6.

Why not credible?

1.  Behavior.  Parents remained silent until criticism brought them out. Parents of kidnapped children have a knee-jerk reaction, similar to a parent when a child wanders off:  yell.  They yell for the child, and they yell for help. Here, the parents did the opposite.

2.  Statement Analysis.  The parents statement revealed deception (pronouns, see analysis) via withheld information.  Father also indicated that he did not need to know "what happened" but rather, "why" it happened.  He expressed that she will never be found.

The father was not able to deny involvement when asked.  If he can't deny it, we can't do it for him.

3.  Polygraphs.  When parents are under suspicion and pass a polygraph, they announce it from the highest roof tops.

4.  Logistics.  The story of kidnapping was a stretch, from the very beginning.  The kidnapper scaled a wall, made it past 2 or 3 dogs, picked the perfect window, on the only night when Isabel wasn't sleeping with her brothers (weird) got in without being heard, carried her out, got her over the wall, and out without disturbing teen, brother, and at least 2 adults and several dogs.  Not buying it.  What is a 6 year old doing sleeping with her 14 year old brother?  This is not healthy and may lend itself to sexual abuse. (see below)

II.  Accidental Death and Cover Up

Without much to go on via statements, right now, this appears the most likely, to me:  the parents are both covering up what happened to more