Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Isabel Celis : Pat Brown On Becky Celis.

Pat Brown, profiler and author, on JVM show last night, regarding Becky Celis, referenced Statement Analysis.  Pat Brown continues to be the voice of reason on the talk show circuit.  She never expresses false hope, and does not side with emotion. She is logical when she speaks and is a breath of fresh air on these shows.

But let me tell you what I think is really interesting. If you do a little statement analysis on what the mom says. She said "We`re confident we had nothing to do with this." Now, you either had nothing to do with this but you`re not usually confident you had nothing to do with this. So that added word "confident" means to me that she is not confident that they didn`t have anything to do with this, which means I wonder that she does wonder something about her husband as well. 

When someone says that they are "confident" it shows weakness. If you had nothing to do with this, you would have no need to express confidence.  Marv Albert expressed confidence in his innocence right before pleading guilty.  Confidence entertains a possibility that something may not work out. 

I am confident that the New York Rangers will win the Stanley Cup this June.  You will find readers from New Jersey, Phoenix and Los Angeles who also have confidence, but they do not share the confidence that I have.