Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mary Shotwell Little : Mary disappeared on Oct 14th, 1965

The disappearance of Mary Shotwell Little — the most famous missing persons case in Atlanta history — seems as baffling today as it did when investigators saw her blood-smeared car on a warm autumn afternoon in 1965


Mary's case is intriguing because of all the clues that were left behind and because a few years later a woman, Diane, who worked where Mary did and took over Mary's job after she disappeared was found dead, stuffed into the trunk of her car. She, like Mary had recieved flowers from an anonymous person days before her death. And, like Mary, both of their case files complete with evidence housed at police HQ disappeared too. Diane had stated to people she was working undercover for the police to help with Mary's case. This was denied by the PD.

The police never agreed on if the two incidents were related. The lead investigator seemed to think they were.

Later, some of Mary's roommates received threatening phone calls. One woman's husband received one where a man stated 'your wife is next.'

Mary disappeared on Oct 14th, 1965 from Lenox Square district in Atlanta. Friends revealed in the days leading up to her disappearence she had been receiving phone calls at work that seemed to trouble her but she never mentioned them to anyone. She told friends a couple days before she went missing she had something important to tell them - she never got the chance. She received flowers from an anonymous person days before she disappeared. She also had indicated to friends she was scared to be alone and she was especially scared to be alone in her car but she never said why.

After eating dinner with friends that evening she turned and waved good-bye not knowing it would be the last time she said good-bye to her friends.....or did she? She did not show for work the next day and worried co-workers began looking for her. Police said her car was not in the parking lot where she was last seen but when her boss when to look it was there. The police later determined the car had been returned to the area most likely and most brazenly in broad daylight. It was covered with dirt indicated it had been on a dirt road. There was blood smeared on the seats and the steering wheel - the police theorized there actually wasn't that much blood but it looked to have been smeared around to make it look like there was more than there was.

In the front seat, folded neatly, were Mary's clothes. A bra, girdle, underwear - all with blood spatters. A piece of stocking on the floor cut off with presumably a knife. A few days later police learned her credit card had been used in Charleston - coincidently Mary's hometown. It was used again twelve hours later in Raleigh - Raleigh was only three hours away from Charleston. When police interviewed the two seperate gas station attendants they both reported seeing a woman who had a cut on her forehead, blood on her clothes and her legs with one or maybe two men who seemed to be 'controlling' her. Handwriting experts verified the signatures were hers.

That was the last Mary was ever heard from. Presumably she was murdered. By who? And why? Was Diane's murder related or just a grisely coincidence?

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