Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Missing Isabel Celis : Police Ask Parents To Speak Up.

Note the need for the police to go public in asking Isabel's parents to cry out for her.  
This is unnatural. 
It is likely that they are seeking information on Isabel's whereabouts via the leakage that would come from the parents' statements.  This is similar to the Baby Ayla case in which police went as far as publicly humiliating Ayla's father with phrases like "it doesn't pass the straight face test" and "they know more than they are saying..."
This case has not reached that point of contention...yet. 
Like Ayla, there was a 'honeymoon' phase where police privately urged DiPietro to polygraph, and patiently listened to him whine and say how 'emotionally incapable' he was (he was 'emotionally and intellectually incapable of telling the truth), but telling the press, he was "fully cooperating", with the sensitivity noted in the word "fully" only to later ramp up the pressure. 
In the Isabel case, the family got word to the media that, somehow, not crying out for Isabel was the result of coaching by police.  Police finally went public and said that this was not the case, but that we want them to speak out.  
Police said they encouraged the family to speak but only got the very short prepared statement, so they continued to encourage them to speak, but this did not work, so now:
They go public. 
This focuses more suspicion on the parents as it highlights the question:  Why would any parent not cry out for help for their kidnapped child, unless they knew the child wasn't kidnapped?
Expect tension to increase...more informationa at Statement Analysis