Friday, May 18, 2012

Isabel Celis : Sex Abuse Concerns.

There are some terribly concerning things about this case.

Is Isabel alive?

Was she sexually assaulted?

Past tense references to a missing child by a parent is a very strong indication that the parent knows or believes the child is dead.

It can be that the police have informed the parents of some evidence, or that so much time has passed, as in the case of Kyron Horman, that the inevitable creeps into the recesses of the parent's mind, yet denial is so powerful that it takes a long time.

It goes against everything a parent believes in and hopes for to admit, even in just one past tense reference out of all the sentences spoken, that the child is dead.

Sergio Celis' references to his daughter's appearance is concerning.  He implores the "kidnapper" to look at her, and look at her beauty.  Even his references to her clothing was sexualized language.

Then he agreed, likely by compulsion, to no contact with his sons.

Now we learn that there is CPS history where concerns were enough to get a visit from CPS last December, 4 months before Isabel went missing.

Sexual abuse was clearly on the mind of talking heads.  Last night from the Nancy Grace Show:

Well, that is a very perceptive question because the question would be, why did she write it inside the closet, rather than on a piece of paper? And presumably, because she did not want it to be seen.

What would be interesting to know is, did this child write on the walls in other parts of the house?

Did she write on things she wasn`t supposed to write on?

And what was that symptomatic of?

You know what`s going to tell us a lot about this, Nancy, is who filed the report. That`s where we`re going learn the most.

Was it the pediatrician?

Was it a school teacher?

 Was it a neighbor?

And what was the report based on?

Was it neglect?

Was a pediatrician reporting that this little girl had infections, feminine infections that a little girl shouldn`t have?

So you would have to put that together with what was the content of the writing in the closet."