Friday, May 4, 2012

#IsabelCelis : Song For Isa - The Campaign Has Begun.

And so it begins, a child missing from her bed with cadaver hits in her home. Good people who believe the parents version of events, trying to raise money and awareness to bring Lisa home. BUT we have been to a much darker place and we now know those parents and their lies, that place was called Madeleine McCann.

Bring Isa Home", Is a tribute song to Isabel Celis her family & the community.
It is a fundraiser to raise money for Isabel's reward. the reward is currently
$50,000 To donate money go to

Our goal is to raise that reward as high as possible.We also will use the money donated to purchase billboards posters/flyers & t-shirts. The "Bring Isa Home" single will be available for purchase at & also on iTunes. The single also will be sold locally on a cd for $3.00 For more information on when the single will be available email