Tuesday, May 8, 2012

#IsabelCelis : Day 17 - Police To Update The Media - Mobile billboard donated to help in seach for Isabel Celis

TUCSON - Day 17 since six-year-old Isabel Celis disappeared from her eastside home and still there are no solid leads.
Meantime police have scaled back the number of officers assigned to the case.
Volunteers are stepping up efforts to assist the investigation.
Many of the signs and fliers you see around Tucson, were donated by local graphic design companies. There's now a mobile billboard zooming around town.
Logging 500 miles a week, it's hard to miss, and that's the point.
"We left it out at KFMA day so it would have a lot of visibility out there," Debbie Frable the owner of Payless 4 Signs said.
She and her son Jerry own the trailer with billboard attached.
"Nobody paid for it, we didn't take any donations or anything for the banner, or the art work for the billboard anything like that," Frable said.
They don't know the Celis family personally, but as parents themselves felt drawn to act. It's their own unique way to help in the search for Isabel.
"It really hits my heart because I have two grand daughters. Jerry has two daughters they are eight and twelve now. The thought of something happening to them is just devastating," Frable said.
Frable hopes the billboard size description of Isabel jogs someone's memory, and the right tip comes in.
"I just hope that she's found healthy. And who ever took her hasn't hurt her in any way. It's been hurting enough to have her away from her family for as long as it's been already," said Frable.
Tucson Police will hold a news conference Tuesday and again Thursday to update their progress into Isabel's disappearance.