Wednesday, May 9, 2012

#IsabelCelis :Innocent Parents Will ALWAYS Call Out After Their Lost Child . ALWAYS

Celis Falling Apart?

Are the Celis' falling apart?  Were they better off not speaking to media?

Now that they have come out and given their third interview, the public has seen their lack of urgency, and constant changing statements, what "Eyes for Lies" calls "false starts" and "self censoring" we see the same way as we say "broken sentences indicate withheld information."

As others see the deception, it may be that the Celis' family will be approached by a lawyer who will seek to stop the flow of information which investigators hope will allow them to find Isabel.

The parents' deception continues, even with 'truth by truth' sentences.  This is evident in the change of pronouns, and the broken sentences where either one begins to say something, but quickly stops, meaning they 'caught' themselves.

Both do it.

Both are deceptively withholding information from police and the public.

Both know what they are doing.

Their first press conference was not staged by law enforcement.   Nor did law enforcement ever tell them not to speak out for their daughter.

Innocent parents will always call after their lost child.  Always.

Source : Statement Analysis.