Friday, May 25, 2012

Brittany Hill And Small Child Missing.

Twenty-three-year-old Brittany Hill and her two-year-old daughter, Khloe Wheeler, are missing, and Mitchell County authorities are seeking information leading to their whereabouts. It's Friday morning, and they were last seen on the afternoon of Wednesday the 23rd. The first 48 to 72 hours of a disappearance are the most vital, so it's just a shame that this disappearance is just making it to the headlines.

Where is Brittany Hill and her daughter? She is described as 5'7" and being of average proportion with black and red hair with brown eyes. She has nose and lip piercings with a leopard spot tattoo on her left shoulder. Khloe Wheeler has brown hair and eyes. Both missing individuals are caucasian.

If you've seen either the child or her mother, please get in touch with the Mitchell County Sheriff's Department immediately, or do so if you have absolutely any information that will lead to the whereabouts of this young woman and her more

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

David Hartley : The Disappearance Of David Hartley by Peter Hyatt.

The Disappearance of David Hartley

by Peter Hyatt

Analysis Question:  Has the subject faithfully reported what happened to her husband, David Hartley?

Background: On September 30, 2010, Tiffany Hartley made a 911 call. She began the call with, “hello” and told the 911 operator that her husband had been shot while on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake, in Texas.
Shortly after, she contacted the Denver Post and gave her story to them. She reported that she and her husband, David Hartley, were moving from Texas back to Colorado, and went out for a last visit to Falcon Lake, where David wanted to take pictures of a church which, on the Mexican side, was under water.
It was on the lake, she said, that Mexican pirates opened fire on her and her husband, while they were on jet skis, knocking him into the air. While they continued to fire upon her, she drove her jet ski to her injured husband, who lay floating face down, hit by gun fire to the head, and was forced, she said, to leave him to die, in order to save her own life.

After contacting the Denver Post, she began to show up on various news programs, including Good Morning America, The Today Show, On the Record with Greta Van Sustren, and upon each network news program, where, each morning and evening, the hosts declared her to be a hero, who courageously drove directly into oncoming bullets in an attempt to save her dying husband.

Gov. Perry from Texas declared her a hero and renewed his call for the border to be secured. Hartley’s family called upon President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton to make our border with Mexico a priority.

Gov. Perry stated that anyone who questioned Tiffany Hartley’s account needed to be “ashamed” of himself. Sheriff Ziggy Gonzalez, the chief law enforcement official from Falcon Lake Texas declared that Tiffany Hartley was 100% truthful, and that he saw “no need” for her to be polygraphed after Mexican officials expressed doubt over her story. As more challenges arose in media, the sheriff refused to polygraph her.  This raised the question of whether or not he would polygraph a man who came ashore claiming his wife had been shot by Mexican pirates. 
Then, one of the investigators into David Hartley’s disappearance was found be-headed in Mexico. This came just after the investigator told media that two brothers were wanted in Hartley’s disappearance, as well as other drug related murders.
The news programs announced that this was evidence that Tiffany Hartley’s story was credible and that she was a young, courageous victim. ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, and CNN all declared her story to be credible and that the unfortunate death of the investigator was “proof” that Tiffany told the truth.
Mexican prosecutors, however, stated that the investigator had acted on his own, and that the brothers he named as suspects, were not suspects in David Hartley’s disappearance, but were wanted in other drug related killings, suggesting that the investigator used the Hartley disappearance as an attempt to put pressure on US law enforcement to help bring in the two brothers.

The following are interviews Tiffany Hartley gave shortly after reporting her husband had been shot and killed by Mexican pirates. Your analysis more

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sierra La Mar : Suspect Arrest In Missing Girl Case

In a stunning breakthrough in a case that has captivated the country, authorities on Monday evening arrested a suspect on suspicion of murder and kidnapping in the disappearance of Sierra LaMar.
Antolin Garcia-Torres, 21, was booked into Santa Clara County Jail on one count of murder and one count of kidnapping.
"We believe we have probable cause that he committed the kidnapping and murder of Sierra LaMar," said Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith at a late evening news conference.
The sheriff's office previously announced that a red Volkswagen Jetta may be connected to the case, and according to authorities, Garcia-Torres is the owner of the car, which was seized on May 8.
"We have a lot of physical evidence" Smith said. She said the public's safety is the main concern of her office, and, "we don't want to see anyone else hurt or any other little girls taken."
She said Garcia-Torres had been under surveillance by her department, but declined to elaborate.
Smith urged people not to give up the search for LaMar. "We ask that the public continue to look, and find Sierra for us," she said.
She said the news is very difficult for the family and that they have been appraised of what is going on. She added that they will be at a news conference scheduled Tuesday morning.
DNA evidence may have connected Garcia-Torres to LaMar's items that were found in the days after her March 16 disappearance, KTVU-2 more

Isabel Celis : Becky Celis 'Great Father' Statement.

Quote from statement analysis

Some of you have, undoubtedly, noticed that Becky Celis is actively defending her husband.  The language shows that she considers him very important in her life; above the children.  We will need more of his language to see if it is reciprocal or not.

She said "he is a great husband and a great father"

My husband loves those boys, loves my daughter," Rebecca Celis told

Note "my" husband is possessive. She feels strongly towards him which is why CPS likely concluded that she, herself, needs supervision.  
Note the word "those" in "those boys" shows distance. 
Note "daughter" is last.  Note not "our" daughter, but mine:  this is the expected response from a mother, and not something we have seen when questions arise about her disappearance. 
She went on to say: 'He's a great husband, a great father to the boys and to Isabel. 

Note Isabel is named last.  

Statement Analysis cannot be done by the dishonest.  Those who are not truthful cannot ask themselves what they might say in a given situation.  

Statement Analysis can not be those who abuse children.  

In speaking to parents, no one is ever a child abuser.  None.  Even if found "substantiated" or even  found guilty and imprisoned for child abuse, I have never met a single person, male or female, willing to say "I am a child abuser."

A child abuser cannot do statement analysis. 

What made Solomon's display of wisdom so fitting was human nature.  He had already heard the arguments of the two women in dispute of custody.  He even repeated back their arguments to show that the order in which someone speaks is critical, but when this did not register with his audience, he called for a sword to be brought in, and the baby to be cut in half, with each mother getting 50%. 

He knew that the maternal instinct of the mother, whom he had already heard and seen, would win the day. 

But what of the other mother?

"Go ahead.  Fine with me.  We each get half a dead baby. "

She was willing, in her own pain and grief, to inflict the pain of loss upon her former friend. 

They could never be friends again after that shocking statement. 

But what do you make of her character?  What do you make of the cold-hearted murderer, willing to inflict not only the death of a child upon a caring mother (her instincts prove she cared) but the violent death of the child?  She was vicious and full of envy, and wanted her 'friend' to feel life's worse pain.  

Great parents don't call themselves "great."

I once was at Sbarro at the mall, having pizza with Heather when I saw a young father, perhaps no older than 20 or 21, struggling with his 2 year old.  

His dress and appearance did nothing to instill confidence, nor would he impress at a job interview dressed as he was, but I could not take my eyes off of the way he handled his 2 year old daughter.  She was being...well, she was being 2 years old, and she had pizza, what else could possibly go wrong?  Everything. 

But he reacted calmly, while still setting boundaries, and I was touched by his gentle demeanor.  It reminded me of the great Robert E. Lee who's "Life and Letters" guided me in parenting, who taught that closeness precludes the need for sternness.  This young man was tender, attentive, while still not allowing the 2 year old to 'run the show' as is so often the case.  

I could not help myself. 

I got up and walked over to him, and immediately saw the panic in his face, as he must have assumed I was going to say something critical, especially dressed as I was, perhaps posing a figure of authority to him. 

"You're doing a wonderful job with her, Dad", I said to him in a low and private voice. 

He smiled with a huge smile, and I thought he would cry from happiness of being called "Dad" and said, "Thank you!  I love her and am really trying!"  I could only imagine, being young, that he was probably being told by everyone around him how to do this, and how to do that.  Sometimes the best advice is no advice, and just a few encouraging more

Isabel Celis :Video - Family Are Standing By The Father.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Isabel Celis : Sergio Celis - Sister Speaks Out.

Statement Analysis from the comments section.

We do not know who this person is or if this statement is even true but if it is.......there is no hope of finding Isabel alive

Anna said...

I'm not sure I should be revealing this but last night I had dinner with an old friend of mine. Her husband is a detective with TPD and has worked on Isa's case since day 1. We talked about the case for most of the night and she shared a lot. Since it has been discussed here the writing in the closet said.....

"My dad is bad bad bad"

TPD has removed this piece of drywall.

Ayla Reynolds :Crying Out For Justice - Time For Arrests On A Simulated Abduction.

She suffered much in 20 months of life.
It is difficult to defend.

It is also hard to believe.

With all that is publicly known about the case of missing 20 month old, Baby Ayla, how is it that the three who were present when she went missing, remain free?

I don't know. 

Speculation is that there is a rift between police and the prosecution team responsible for putting The Waterville Three on trial for Ayla's death, or in the least, for her disappearance.

By now, no one is publicly committed to "hope" for Ayla; only justice, but what about lesser charges?  What about child endangerment?  What about lying to police?  What about the mountain of circumstantial evidence?

We know this:

That Courtney Roberts' sister was arrested, at her and Courtney's Portland, Maine apartment, where Justin and Ayla had frequented, with a large cache of prescription drugs, meaning that she either paid for the drugs (doubtful given the volume) or that she owed a great deal of money to sellers who don't attach late fees on past due balances:  they take it in blood.

That Justin DiPietro, one to hardly ever hold a job due to a hot temper, was rumored to be a low level prescription drug street dealer, involved closely with the Roberts.

That Baby Ayla had unexplained (or ill explained) injuries, in the short time she knew her father, that showed an increase in severity, or an increase in violence, culminating with a broken arm that went untreated for 24 hours, suggesting her father needed time; time to sober up and time to get his story down pat.

That single unemployed father Justin DiPietro purchased a life insurance policy against, not for, his child, a mere 6 weeks before reporting her "missing."  The policy was 5 times greater than most, and many times more than a funeral would cost.  The amount, in fact, would cover the drug debt owed by Roberts, plus the 'late fees' involved.

That Justin DiPietro telegraphed his scam by texting Trista Reynolds, Ayla's mother, that he was worried that someone would "take" Ayla.  Low and behold, he reported to police that someone did, in fact, "take her" from his home on the only night in which she did not sleep down in the basement with him.  Somehow, the kidnapper picked the only night she would not be in the basement, and made it in and out of the tiny house without waking Ayla, Justin, Courtney, Elisha DiPietro, and 2 other children. Strangely enough, Justin's mother, Phoebe DiPietro, told the news that she did not hear anything that night, either, even though she wasn't sleeping there that night.  The kidnapper picked the only night that Ayla wasn't in her normal bed and, odds be damned, picked the night that Phoebe would not be home either, though from miles away, she still "heard nothing" that night.  That sneaky kidnapper was able to get in and out, without leaving a single microscopic particle of magic of some kind.

That Ayla's blood was found in Justin DiPietro's basement in a sizable amount, one in which she could not survive.

That The Waterville Three all failed polygraphs, in spite of descriptions like "smoke it" and "fine", and

That Police say the Waterville Three are all deceptively holding back information that would allow Ayla to come home;

That after reporting Ayla kidnapped, Justin, Courtney and Elisha all decided to not call out to Ayla, and not to communicate, via media, to the kidnapper, to arrange ransom, or to plead for her return.

That Trista Reynolds was still involved, sexually, with Justin DiPietro, while he was in a "committed" relationship with Courtney Roberts, leaving behind her own DNA on DiPietro's, showing a lack of discernment and unenviable morals. That she became involved with him in the first place is an issue unto itself, but then to become involved with him while he was with Courtney Roberts shows a serious lack of sound judgment. "Vindictive" she said he was.  She knows first hand.

That such overwhelming circumstantial evidence, even without a body, has not been presented to a Grand Jury at this time is something that puzzles the public.

That in spite of such cruelty to a child, both Elisha DiPietro and Courtney Roberts are reported to still have custody of their own children.

That Trista Reynolds went on to have another child with yet another man of questionable pedigree, of which it appears likely that, against their will, taxpayers will be forced to support.

This story gets worse each time it is reviewed.  Yet it highlights what little chance Ayla had between the two households.

She was forced into the arms of strangers by her mother's substance abuse, only to find just how violent these strangers were, not only suffering with bruises, muscle injuries and eventually a broken arm, the battered little girl with so little chance in life, had her blood shed in the hopes of cashing in.

What must it have been like to have been such a young toddler and to see this small-minded little bully and be forced to say "Da Da" or look at the scary bold faced liar and have to call "Grandma."  Poor little girl, tossed around in life just to satisfy the party lifestyle of immature adults.

We did notice that Justin DiPietro didn't wait long to contact the State to get his child support payments stopped.

"What child?", he could ask the State worker.

The whole thing is sickening.  It is sickening on every front.

It's time to take the evidence from the Kennebec River, if it matches Ayla, and present it to a Grand Jury.

The public does not want to hear about election year anything, or disagreements between investigators and those responsible to present the case.

We need prosecutors unafraid to go up against powerful defense attorneys who will grab this case, not for justice' sake, but for the free publicity.

We need a prosecutor to present the common sense to a Grand Jury and insist that the Three be arrested in concert.

Take Justin's original statement when he said things were "floating" out there.


I'll wager lesser odds that any one of the Waterville Three, after one night in jail, will tell police just where to find Ayla.