Friday, May 18, 2012

Isabel Celis: Circumstancial Evidence In The Missing Isabel Celis Case.

The father of 6 year old Isabel Celis reported her "abducted" almost one month ago.  What circumstantial evidence exists to show an abduction?  What circumstantial evidence points to the family?

1.  There is no fingerprints, footprints, nor even trace DNA found anywhere to support a stranger abduction.  Further, there has been no contacts or demands from the abductors, nor any known connections with pedophile rings.

2.  Behavioral Analysis:  After reporting Isabel abducted, neither parent would make a public plea to the abductors, nor would either parent call out to the child, instead remaining silent, refusing police attempts to facilitate such an event.  Eventually under media pressure, they did.

3.  Failed Polygraphs.  When polygraphs are passed, the parties report it publicly.  Here, both police and the parents have declined to share the results.

4.  Inconsistent Statements by Sergio Celis.  This is what Tucson police have reported.

5.  Information Given To CPS that suggests that Sergio has coached one or both of his sons.  This is the likely reason why there is no contact allowed between Sergio and his sons, including supervised, or even phone calls.

6.  Statement Analysis of the parents' appearances.  In an interview about the kidnapping, the parents did not speak of a kidnapping, abduction, nor of ransom or recovery.  Statement Analysis has shown deception when they have spoken, along with a refusal to commit to statement of abduction.

7.  911 Call Analysis Indicates Guilty Knowledge by Sergio Celis.  Whatever it is that happened to Isabel, this indicates that the father has guilty knowledge of it, and is concealing this information from the police and the public.

That a stranger (unknown person) abducted Isabel Celis is unlikely.
That Sergio Celis is involved with Isabel's disappearance is likely.
That Becky Celis is concealing information, perhaps about Sergio's involvement, is likely.