Thursday, May 3, 2012

#IsabelCelis : A #McCann Scam In the Making - Faked Abduction And Cadaver Hits - Parents Negotiate With Network !

After reporting their child kidnapped by a stranger, the parents of Isabel Celis refused to speak to the kidnapper for the better part of a week until public pressure increased and they gave a brief statement including:

"Tell us what you want" to the alleged kidnapper.

Why would anyone wait to say this to the person or persons who took his child?

Then he said he would "never" stop looking for her, indicating no natural parental optimism:  telling us that he believes she will never be found because he will never give up.  What may sound bravado is actually pessimistic leading to the question:  Why?

Now we learn a bit more about the parents:

They are in "negotiations" with a major network for the big interview.

This should remind readers of the scams pulled off by the family of Casey Anthony in selling pictures and videos for almost a quarter of a million dollars.

It is also reminiscent of the Baby Lisa case in which a false kidnapping report was made and the parents refused to speak to local media, even though if she had been 'kidnapped', it is likely done by a local.  The mother of Lisa, Deborah Bradley called out to locals, "we're grieving!" as yet another in a list of indicators that Lisa was dead.

If the family of Isabel is in negotiations, it is indicative of hiring a 'negotiator'; either a publicist or attorney, and should spell the end of 'cooperation' with police.

Another missing child; another suspect kidnapping claim.

Should they interview, Statement Analysis will get to the truth.