Friday, May 4, 2012

#CaleighHarrison : Search Will Resume Today For Missing Toddler.

State and Rockport police are planning to check an area near Saratoga Creek where a private citizen’s dog reacted to “some type of stimuli’’ in a “very specific area of the beach’’ Thursday afternoon, according to a State Police statement.

Police were at the site on Thursday, but were hampered by the waters at high tide. Today’s search will take place at low tide, expected around 4 p.m., State Police said.

The 2-year-old Gloucester girl disappeared April 19. Her mother, looking for a ball thrown over a wall, turned her attention away for what authorities have said might have been as long as two minutes. When the mother returned, the child was missing.

State Police have said there was no sign that Harrison was abducted, but her father told a national television show earlier this week that the family believes the child was taken.

But Anthony Harrison, the girls’ father, said Wednesday on the Nancy Grace show on HLN that Caleigh’s sister had told “a couple of different stories.

She mentions a man.

It’s a little bit scattered, of course.

She is 4 years old. But she did, after a while, mention a man on the beach that took her sister.”