Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Casey Anthony : Cindy answered questions as to her hair and Casey's.

Cindy up there this afternoon after the hair dna specialist lady and the prosecution asking her about the dna on the hair (mitochondial) and who it could belong to. It seems that that kind of dna is found a little more often in the Hispanic population - I wonder if Caylee's father was Hispanic...

Cindy answered questions as to her hair and Casey's and her mom's and Lee's (all would have same motochondrial dna) and whether it was naturally brunette, what length and treated. Obviously Cindy's hair is shorter and treated, Lee's is untreated but much shorter than 7 inches and her mom's is grey, white, blond and some brown and shoulder length, Caseys after Caylee's birth was cut short and she highlighted it and then dyed it back to tis original brown however it was treated since Caylee's birth. Cindy's own hair has been short and treated either highlighted or dyed that reddish blond since 2004.

None of them seems to be a fit for the hair (with death band never seen in hair from living subject) 7 inches long brown and untreated, except for Caylee!

Cindy then answers about the laundry bag full of toys kept by Caylee's bed then moved to the shed.

And about never having seen the shirt Caylee had on (pink one, BIG TROUBLE Comes Small) on Caylee in the photo of her in that shirt nor found with her remains.

Judge Perry bless him calls for a recess at the end of that questioning by the prosecution, Cindy began crying to see Caylee in that shirt. The pros will have time to work with her before Baez can get at her on cross after the recess.

I am dying to see this cross. The jury will be sympathetic to her and if Baez tears into her - on changing her recollection of the canvas bag, which she did when "she began to remember more" after December - they won't like it. Of ANYONE here she is the one grieving Caylee, Casey sat stone faced during this.
Write up by WIDOWAN