Monday, June 13, 2011

Casey Anthony :Caylee's remains were in the trunk of Anthony's car for a few days before they were moved to the wooded area

Stretching a tape measure across the courtroom, defense attorney Jose Baez demonstrated the remains were virtually steps from the road, nearly the same distance as the jury from the defense table. The testimony that the scene was easily accessible from the road could be significant because defense attorneys claim the meter reader who found the remains tampered with them.

During earlier testimony on Saturday, Neal Haskell, an expert in forensic entomology, said Caylee's remains were in the trunk of Anthony's car for a few days before they were moved to the wooded area where they eventually were found. Evidence of insect activity at both locations supports the theory, he said.

Haskell testified that insects related to decomposition were in the trunk of Anthony's vehicle. Flies investigators discovered were associated with some paper towels sent to a national laboratory and found to contain decomposition fluid, he said.


I wonder what Baez is going to try and make of the 19 feet marker. It was easily accessible from the road for anyone including Casey. It's also exactly within the geoforensics data about how far the body would be dumped away from the car. that woods wasn't easy to get in to either, off that path. I wouldimagine those remains were heavy and horrible smelling and she took them out of sight of the road and just left before anyone could catch her or notice her car there.

The meter reader wasn't out there til August the first time then after hurricane fay moved in and left so much standing water, he and the police were back -if they can prove through the bugs and decomp in the car that Caylee was in there for up to five days before being removed, and was in the woods off Suburban drive from June or early July then Casey was still out of jail then, Kronk wasn't yet on the scene yet and the dots seem to connect in the way the prosecution wants them to - dumped June 21st out of Casey's car pretty much leaves out Kronk. The question is, if George busted Casey stealing his gas can June 24 why was there no horrible smell of decomp at that time? She wouldn't let him get up to the car but just sort of flung the gas cans at him.

Also the issue of the PI Dominic Casey specifically looking for the pavers as the marker to where someone, supposedly a psychic, told him the body was.