Monday, June 13, 2011

Casey Anthony :The prosecution may bring Dominick Casey in next week and ask him under oath who was on that phone.

Write -up by WIDOWAN and her thoughts on the case.
It is very difficult for me to believe, knowing what I know from reading for instance George Anthony's deposition in the civil suit brought by the real zenaida gonzales, say page 108, that the Anthony's had no knowledge of where Caylee's body was.

The PI, Dominic Casey, worked for Baez til he left that office and he went to work for Anthonys. Anthonys were trying to find Caylee and they were doing so IMO in the knowledge that she was dead and had been in her mother's car trunk, George at least I feel really knew this. He admits during the deposition that if it wasn't a psychic on the phonetelling his PI Dominck Casey where to look in the woods for Caylee, then it was someone who knew where the baby was.

Their PI goes out in the woods talking on the cell to a psychic supposedly and bashes all around BEING VIDEOTAPED, by his helper Jim Hoover and guess what, they DON"T find a body. And this will be used in court during Baez case to say that ANTHONYs PI knew where Caylee's body was and he's going to say they knew it because George put her there. But George and Cindy were "working with" this guy and had an "arrangement" to pay him and he was working on finding Caylee AND ON CASEY"S CRIMINAL CASE. Or as George put it "our criminal case."

The prosecution may bring Dominick Casey in next week and ask him under oath who was on that phone. Because whoever it was knew where the child was and D. Casey was either out there to find her or to be filmed searching that area and NOT find her, which means she wasn't there, after Casey was in jail, so Casey couldn't have put her there.

Go to and the files are in there or go to

and you can see the statements the police took, from Kiomarie, Casey's former best friend, saying that this woods is where we hung out.

[On July 20th, 2008, at approximately 2025 hours, Kiomarie Torres Cruz later called me to tell me that she was mistaken when she told me about talking to Casey Anthony on the telephone. She said she was actually talking to Casey Williams, not Casey Anthony. She said Casey Williams also has a young daughter]I asked Kiomarie Torres Cruz if she could provide me with an itemized T-Mobile bill for her July calls. She said she would have to check with her fiance, since the T-Mobile account was in his name and get back to me. She also told me she heard that Casey borrowed the neighbor's shovel and she immediately thought about their "hide-out" that they used to go to in the woods just around the corner from Casey Anthony's parent's house. She agreed to meet me in front of the Hidden Oak Elementary School tonight and take me to their special place in the woods.At approximately 2131 hours, Kiomarie Torres Cruz met with me in front of the Hidden Oak Elementary School and walked me back into the wooded area behind the school where she showed me where Casey, Jessica and her favorite spots to "hang out" were located. Afterwards, at approximately 2153 hours, Kiomarie Torres Cruz willingly without threat, promise or coercion provided me a recorded statement.She told me that the only babysitter she knew of when she and Casey worked at Universal Studios was Casey's mom and dad.

He did meet her there but it must have been different place in the woods because how could you walk 19 feet in to the woods and have that sack under your feet and not see it, the baby would have been there only 35 days and actually by what the evidence tells us would have her remains pretty obvious at that point before the storm came in to cover it with silt and muck. Her skull was almost ON the path into the woods.

You can also read the interview on that same link of the neighbor, who said on June 16th Casey borrowed his shovel at 130 pm, her dad would have just gone to work if he wasn't still AT HOME, she borrowed the shovel for an hour with her car backed in to the garage. So the baby was dead when she brought her home at 130 PM if this is the right day, then George did NOT see Caylee Marie that day leaving at 130 because Casey was fixing to bury her at that time. Either that or he did see them leave, as soon as her dad left, she came and got a shovel, duct tape etc and spent an hour doing God knows what, before returning it. Frantic phone calls to her mother and father I believe (which tends to indicate they were not home)

Zenaida's attorney said that he heard that LEE phoned in that tip to Dominc Casey - remember the jail tapes with Casey telling Lee "look for places familiar to us, to our family". How Lee would have got it I do not know but he's the one who said to "CMA" "Your secret is safe with me" at the memorial. Cindy didn't have a secret (or did she) and Caylee sure didn't. The one CMA with the secret we know of, was Casey. And if he found out from Baez, who was able to talk to Casey with the cameras off, and she told him to tell Lee where to look, and they worked this out with D. Casey to go and look and NOT FIND Caylee there then that is obstruction of justice and the man was working FOR THE ANTHONYs at the time. "I looked there and filmed it, there was no body in August or SEpt"

george was still saying in this civil deposition that he adamantly believed that Casey had a job (although to the FBI Lee swore he suspected she did not have one) and that they still believed Zanny was a babysitter and she took Caylee (although they NEVER LOOKED FOR ZFG or at least gorge never did) and knew this ZFG was not the kidnapper despite their daughter seeing her photo and refusing to rule her out.

Attorneys Morgan and Mitnik - working for ZFG wanted to prove that ZFG - whose picture had been shown to Casey and Casey refused to say "that is not my nanny " - refused to clear her in fact and was suing her!an innocent woman she'd never met who she was willing to have go to the chair for kidnapping and murder! - did not take Caylee and the best way to prove that was not for George to say "no I never saw this lady before and she doesn't sound like the gal Casey described to me, THAT nanny was 25 years old, 5'7" etc " - the best way was to show that someone else killed Caylee and they do a damn good job of showing that George was not going to cooperate, he is particularly combtaive in this deposition, refuses to answer or lies so many times - that he didn't speak to his own PI, he didn't know where the guy was searching, he never asked Casey or the PIs or anyone about this Zanny, never discussed with his wife if Casey had got money from her to pay a nanny, never discussed with Lee if he had phoned in the tip to Dominic Casey - George stated he didn't believe Casey's story but also never LOOKED for a ZFG - and that would be IMO because he would have known or had a damn good reason to suspect Casey did this and there was never a nanny. Baez put the word out that if you find Caylee DO NOT CALL 911.

George said Casey used "Zanny the nanny" about 1% of the time she was going off "to work" different shifts at Universal for the past 2 years - 99% of the time he or Cindy watched the little girl and a couple times Zanny did.

But part of the big fight in their family recently was about the fact that Casey was stealing because she DIDN"T have a job and was leaving Caylee with them so she could go party. They DID discuss taking Caylee from Casey and Cindy stated as much to her nurse friends, that they were considering this yet George again lies about it in this deposition under oath. Because otherwise Casey wouldn't get a fair trial. Cindy's own MySpace post tells you what the relationship was like, so George's lies are easily discovered just like those of his sociopath daughter.

They ask him at the tail end of the deposition if there was a physical altercation between Cindy and Casey ever -and we know Lee testified to this to the FBI that Cindy choked Casey Father's Day night, the night Caylee had sat on her great granfather's lap singing You are my Sunshine to him -June 15th 2008 - when they came home and Cindy confronted Casey about stealing the money from her grandma, for the grandpa's nursing home, and George said no they never got into it other than verbal spats. after that fight, I believe, Casey left and I believe she left with Caylee. And returned 130 PM or at least that is when she came to get the shovel from the neighbor withher car backed in to the gargage, Maybe that was the 17th though.

They are in this up to their beaks, these Anthonys, not that they killed Caylee or knew for sure that Casey did but they suspected it and were trying to hide it, and that is what got them in to this, they will have a tough time explaining that away if the person on the phone to Dominic Casey was not some psychic who has no connection to this at all, but was someone in Baez office or someone in the Anthony home or connected to it, like Lee's girlfriend or Lee himself or CIndy. That Dom Casey is connected to them and to Baez is enough really to make this very dodgy. Baez moved to have D Casey under attorney clietn privilege so he would not have to testify because he had worked for him on Casey's case prior to that. !!

The FBI will have gotten those phone records I hope - and I hope like hell for their sake it was a psychic on the other end and DCasey was not out there trying to destroy evidence and "not find" a body right in that area so Baez and the family could later state that Caylee had to be dumped there AFTer Casey was in jail, by this other Zanny.

Someone knew she was in there, they had several tips. I think it's a distinct possibility that Baez was working with Anthonys via Domick Casey, to at least check the woods where he knew Caylee had been dumped off and pretend that the area had been searched an no body was there at that time. It's a key part of their case, proving Casey was in jail when Caylee was dumped. But it won't wash. she was there from June so say the experts based on insect and plant evidence.