Monday, June 20, 2011

casey Anthony : A personal opinion

widowan wrote:

We know zanny doesn't exist - although the defense never SAID that, it can be inferred at least by everyone but Cindy Anthony who was still looking for Zenaida up to 8 weeks ago when Baez came over to the house and dropped the bomb on them.

Jesse Grund I think it pretty much exonerated, no one is calling him.

Vasco didn't have the phone that called George until last year so he's out.

That leaves George, Lee, Roy Kronk and no one - moving the body.

Either Casey dumped the body out of her trunk 3 days after the death when it began to stink and she began to complain about the squirrel and so on - or her dad father or some stranger found a 3 days dead child, inside a garbage bag, and put her into the woods.

No one moved her after that because the way her body is found says it was right where it was found for months, you could not stage that insect activity and bone scatter and plant growth if you wanted to.

Of the people who would find Caylee's body and move it might be George CIndy or Lee.

However how many of them would then hide it - to protect Casey - in her old Jr High hang out where she used to bury pets?

If it was to hide Caylee and protect Casey they'd bury it or dump it in a swamp that was not right where Casey would be most suspected.

I think they got her.