Monday, June 13, 2011

Casey Anthony:It's an ugly system that wants a win, not necessarily the TRUTH

Sometimes prosecutors in their ZEAL to win a case are so ugly, the defense too, trying to say that george did this is no better.

It's an ugly system that wants a win, not necessarily the TRUTH. If they hooked up both attorneys to a few volts and a LDT I would think it'd be more fair. When they start in with this bullsh*t about Casey having George's parts in her mouth - or him screaming at her that she'd go toprison for the rest of her life due to accidental drowning - I'd like to see that machine go off as well when and if the prosecutor starts in on something that is pure conjecture that they themselves are only guessing at to try and make things so gruesome a person is put to death based on their say so.

I think Casey is capable, if she can DRIVE AROUND to night clubs with a dead toddler with duct tape round its face, in the trunk, of premed murder and might just be mad, a true sociopath or something other, but then I think that of anyone who can kill another person unless it's in self defense, and in the heat of the moment. WHat heat of the moment could there be in leaving the house with Caylee and her little back pack, bubbly and happy "as usual" June 16 - and her being dead that same day or night? It had to be premeditated, however it did not have to include this scenario - it's quite bad enough as it is.
 Source . WIDOWAN