Monday, June 13, 2011

Casey Anthony: Baez, Cindy and George all seemed to be very chummy up to the time and after the time including the day they found the body

Source : WIDOWAN updates and thoughts on the Anthony trial
The deposition of Jim Hoover who was the "body guard" working free for the Anthonys as a nice guy private citizen just offering his unpaid services to keep people from harrassing them at the house (?) with Dominc Casey who had left Baez' employee over a money dispute. Baez had told D Casey that when he received the $225,000 from ABC for videos of Caylee that the Anthony's sold to pay for Caseys defense, he would pay D Casey but did not.

Casey then went to offer his help to Anthonys and I don't know if he every got paid. In this deposition Hoover believes that Lee "knew more than he should" about the search in the woods and it was his supposition that Lee was behind that tip. If the pavers were left there as a tip to show DC where to look who else but Anthonys would have done that? The search area was marked by three flast 2" thick 12 by 12 pavers that were marking the area right by the place where Caylee's body was eventually found. Not those big chunks of white rock pieces the prosecution was saying were "pavers" these were ones very much like what the Anthonys have at their house, that George had laid by the pool area.

They went back twice to those woods, parking right across the street from where Caylee was found, and looked but not quite far ENOUGH in. The attorney for Zenaida FG is John Morgan, he is a very good interviewer, gets a lot out of Hoover including Baez' inappropriate conduct with Casey, ( bringing a licorice stick tot he jail and poking it thru the hole in the plastic between them and each of them nibbling an end til they were pressed up against the glass like the two dogs eating spaghettin in Lady and the Tramp) and Dominic Casey's inappropriate relationship with Cindy who was touching and patting his hand and arm and calling him "my rock" in front of Geroge - and how CIndy called DC numerous times a day with tips. He did not say who this woods tip came from, but if you get a chance to read this prior to the next phase of the prosecution it might be interesting because I think it'll come in.

Baez, Cindy and George all seemed to be very chummy up to the time and after the time including the day they found the body and Cindy and George had to come back from California and they all ate dinner at the Ritz and Anthonys and the PIs stayed there, all paid for by ABC by 20-20. Baez was at the house Dec 14th and surely no "George molested Casey and found Caylee's drowned body" stuff was going on at that time. The search for Caylee was over, they all seemed to know that. The duct tape was on tv the same day they found the body that the skull had duct tape over the face so the parents would have known that.

However I can't think of a single good reason for Dominic Casey - who never searched for Caylee on any of the dozens of tips Cindy called him with- DID go and search for Caylee on the one tip right where she was found, and told Hoover to come with him because they were going to find Caylee's body and wanted it videotaped.

Hoover says DC went into the woods 20 feet - we know Caylee's remains were found 19.8 feet into the woods. Hoover claims he does not know if they were at the exact spot where Caylee was found because he never went back there after that and after Dec 11th of course the place was totally different looking however the FBI interviewed him - John Allen did - and Dom Casey as well.

I can't imagine the prosecution not using this, except that it DOES reflect badly on Anthonys in a way to share Dom Casey with Baez and very badly indeed if those calls were from them. Their attorney at the time Brad COnway is no longer with them.

And the defense if they use this, would have this PI going right where Caylee was and not finding her, Dom Casey evidently blurted out "we looked there already" during this meal on the 14th December so it could be a set up to not find her right where she was. This search was Nov 16th ish time frame and she was found by the meter reader (for the third time) December 11 2008.