Saturday, June 4, 2011

Casey Anthony: Child molestation...

.........and let me just add, as much suspicion as I have about what they did know, or whatever the dynamics of this particular family were ( I could be convinced that George did in fact molest Casey as a child, because you cannot rule that out) these people still thought or felt at that time that Caylee could be found alive.

A father who knows his granddaughter is dead and how it happened, is not going to go to the jail and have these conversations with the daugher who is similarly aware. It was all on tape and he knew that. Why would you go at all and have these convos you ALL KNEW would be on tv and "the media will have a field day with this" as Casey so aptly put it.

They were in California following up on a "sighting" in LA when Caylee's remains were found. I remember very well when the news came on tv that the remains of a young child were found 3 blocks from their home. Nothing else was on tv for 48 hours on any channel here in the South.

You can fake a lot of things but not, I think, that.

Casey- when bones were found at the park pond - where she claimed Zenaida and her sister had pulled Caylee from her arms - (after changing her story from the Sawgrass apt story) simply left the room. When THESE remains - the real ones - were found she hyperventilated and had to be sedated.

They have that on tape too.

I am sure Baez will move to have that film suppressed, probably successfully, given the circumstances, however it was taped.

I am interested in seeing the testimony of Roy Kronk the man who found Caylee's remains and how Baex handles that,

he is such a shitty cross examiner, and his claim that Kronk found her body earlier and then hid it to "find" it later so he could get the reward (for info leading to the return of a live little girl) will be interesting.

Prosecution HAS to call him, play the 911 tapes, and Baez then HAS to react.

This will be in the next week or two.
Write-up by WIDOWAN