Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ayla Reynolds : Signs Of Abuse - Vehicles Towed Away

New shocking details in the Ayla Reynolds disappearance have risen, indicating that the missing 20-month-old child had possibly been abused. Present bruises on the child's body and other details have been noted by family members. There are tons of new details in this captivating case, and they don't lend to a potential happy outcome, unfortunately.
 Ayla Reynolds was last seen where polka dot pajamas, and is wearing a soft cast on her left arm. It's just been reported that family members of the missing baby Ayla Reynolds reported seeing bruises on the little girl before she vanished. This is absolutely disturbing, considering the implications involved with these revelations. Whitney Raynor, the child's maternal (step)aunt, said the girl had bruises while in her father's care. The girl had been placed in the care of Justin Dipietro, her father, in October (November in some reports). Since then, the mother's side of the family have been fearful for the little girl.
It's also been speculated upon that Trista Reynolds, the mother of the missing child, could've abducted her own daughter. These are pretty steep allegations to make when police have acknowledged that both parents have been cooperative. Nonetheless, the most breaking development in this case reveals shocking details.