Thursday, December 22, 2011

#AylaReynolds Case: Custody Case And Strange Comments By Valhall

Justin DiPietro, father of missing 20-month-old Ayla Reynolds, issued a statement through the Waterville, Maine police department yesterday concerning the disappearance of his daughter.  While the statement itself came off as emotionally separated and possibly wordsmithed by legal counsel, the most interesting and confusing portion of the statement concerned custody of Ayla.

Justin DiPietro’s confusing statements about custody was:
Ayla was in my sole custody at the time of her disappearance per agreement between her mother and I…
It has always been my intention to have a shared parenting agreement with Ayla’s mother and I will continue to work toward that when Ayla is returned to us.
At this time we only have statements made by both sides of Ayla’s extended families as to why Ayla was with her biological father, and we can’t be sure which (if either) side is telling the truth.  However, there are some legal issues we can use to try to figure things out a more