Saturday, December 24, 2011

#SkyMetalwala : Should Be Enjoying Thoughts Of Father Christmas - However, Valhall Informs Us Investigative Reports Reveal More Information - None Of It Good

KOMO news has obtained copies of what they refer to as “investigative reports” that contain more details about some disturbing aspects of missing 2-year-old Sky Metalwala’s life. 

Included in these details are:  bruises on Sky that appear to be left unexplained, suicide notes by his mother, and more questions about when, exactly, Sky disappeared.Julia Biryukova, who has spent her time since her son went missing signing up for various dating services instead of talking to the investigators working to find her son, seems to be a very unstable woman.  The details reported from these documents state that in March 2010 she sent a suicide note via text message, which is kind of an interesting way to announce your death wish, if you think about it.  To whom she announced this apparent failed desire was not more