Saturday, December 18, 2010

The irony , words from AMANDA PLATELL

I do not for one moment believe the McCanns killed Madeleine nor do I believe their story of neglect. Neglect was simulated to create an illusion for abduction.  I do however, believe they hid her body. So I ask Amanda Platell what kind of people are the tapas 7, to allow the McCanns to gain financially from their daughters death?And why when she think's of Amy and her innocence does she not think of Madeleine and her innocence ?

What kind of woman would help protect a child killer?

By Amanda Platell
Last updated at 11:08 AM on 18th December 2010
Tragic: Amy Houston was knocked down and killed by Aso Mohamed Ibrahim in 2003 but he has been allowed to remain in the UK
Tragic: Amy Houston was knocked down and killed by Aso Mohamed Ibrahim in 2003 but he has been allowed to remain in the UK
Dressed in her sparkling white communion veil, grinning shyly for the camera, Amy ­Houston looked a picture of purity and ­innocence in photographs taken when she was 12 years old.
Today, little Amy should be a ­contented young woman. Instead, in the words of her devastated father Paul, she was left to ‘die like a dog’ in the street after being knocked down by Mohammed Ibrahim, a serial ­criminal and failed asylum seeker, who was driving while supposedly banned from the road.

After taking Amy’s life, ­Ibrahim — an Iraqi Kurd who, after killing Amy, allegedly married a woman and had two children by her — committed a series of further crimes, including ­burglary, theft, harassment and yet more driving offences.

Once he was captured, Amy’s family had every right to expect that this vile man would be punished and then ejected from the country.

Deporting him back to Iraq — a country where British soldiers died to help make safe — was the least ­punishment he deserved.

But, this week, Ibrahim won his lengthy legal battle to remain in the UK thanks, yet again, to the Human Rights Act. Being returned to his homeland would infringe on his right to a ‘private, family life’ in Britain, you see, and never mind the devastation he wrought on Amy’s family’s life.

Is it any wonder that most decent people loathe a piece of legislation which, though well-intended, has become nothing more than a charter for villains and a nice little earner for the lawyers who fight their causes.

But the Houstons’ betrayal doesn’t end there. Ibrahim was only able to remain here in the first place because of Christina Richardson, a British woman with two children by another man. She claimed that her boyfriend Ibrahim had become a ‘father’ to her children, even ‘helping them with their homework’.

Highly unlikely, given that he barely speaks a word of English.

Ms Richardson went on to have two children with Ibrahim and claims they had an Islamic wedding in ­Birmingham — though there is no documentary proof of the ceremony.

It’s understandable to rage against the courts, the judges, the Human Rights Act, and the Prime Minister who, when in opposition, promised to do something about an Act that makes a nonsense of British justice — a promise he now seems to have forgotten.

But as long as we have low-life people who are prepared to collude and protect animals like Ibrahim, there will be no justice for innocents like Amy.

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