Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Max Clifford imitates Clarence Mitchell

Watching Max Clifford this evening made me sick to my stomach. Clifford was PR for OJ Simpson, he later said he bitterly regretted his decission. Clifford, using the same words as those used by Mitchell to cover the death of Madeleine made me wonder what kind of monsters are these two men. Clifford bad mouthing South Africa and saying  Dewani is being set up..words also of Clarence toward Portugal. Does he seriously think they would charge Shreni Dewani on the say so of a taxi driver. ?..they will have evidence and plenty of it. Anni, so unlucky in life , I hope she receives Justice in death. How nice to see Annis family thinking of the victim, if only Madeleines family had thought of her. Poor Anni and poor sweet,sweet Madeleine. And damn the Cliffords and Mitchels of this world who would sell their mothers if the price was right.

I firmly believe KM is responsible for Madeleines death, although it was probably an accident. The cover-up is what is so frustrating. There is no evidence of an intruder, yet so many people have spent time and money trying to prove just that. And thanks to their misguided efforts, the waters have really been muddied. I hear comments all the time like, "No Mother could ever do that to her child". Wrong, it happens quite often. Add in the shame factor and fear of life-in-prison and you'd be surprised what people can do.