Sunday, November 13, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Valhall - The SODDI Scenarios So Far

In the past couple of weeks we watched Joe Tacopina, Bill Stanton, formerly Cyndy Short and now John Picerno try to push a “some other dude did it” scenario…which varies in flavor according to what information they want to spin.  The latest information, that has come out courtesy of Megyn Kelly and statements made by Bill Stanton and John Picerno, concerning cell phone pings and activity shot a hole in the foot of some of these SODDI scenarios.  Let’s see how.

The wandering man with baby scenario

This started when one or two people claimed they saw a man walking with a baby in the 40 degree weather in the early morning hours of October 4th.  As time went on more people came forward claiming they saw a man carrying an almost naked baby at other locations.  The sightings spanned about a 4 hour period…which in and of itself makes the whole “abductor walking the streets with baby scenario” kind of hard to believe.

Now I’m not saying that someone (and maybe more than one person) didn’t see a man carrying a baby at some point in the early morning hours of October 4th, but I am saying that if the scenario being pushed is that the man seen at multiple locations, allegedly carrying an unclothed baby is supposed to be the abductor of Lisa Irwin, then apparently Lisa Irwin was abducted by an individual who has some kind of zombie-like mental issue who is willing to just meander for 4 hours down various streets and doesn’t care who sees him while he’s doing it.  In short, it really would have to be an extremely mentally deranged person to do this.

But, now that we have learned that there was activity on Deborah’s phone for an almost 4 hour period, and that the pings associated with that activity were never more than 1/3 of a mile from the Irwin house, placing the phone only as far as a wooded area and down toward the river, the “wandering SODDI” scenario becomes even harder to accept.

Why?  Because this requires TWO abductors, both acting pretty damned freaky.  So you have two abductors involved and one takes the baby and starts his 4 hour zombie walk.  During the same time period he is trolling the streets of Kansas City with the baby, the second person is sitting in the woods behind the scene of the crime inexplicably trying to access Deborah’s voicemail (really? why? ) and surf the net.  That person sits in the cold dark woods for almost 4 hours all the way up to within 13 minutes of when Jeremy says he arrived home!  And….for what purpose?

As far as I’m concerned the wandering SODDI scenario is dead…dead dead dead.  It makes absolutely no sense, it’s contrived beyond description, and it’s grasping for more