Monday, November 21, 2011

#LisaIrwin : #SkyMetalwala - Valhall- Items Of Interest Found In Search

This past Saturday law enforcement conducted a search at Watershed Park in Kirkland, Washington in the case of missing Sky Metalwala.  It is reported that “several items of interest” were located during that search and that those items have been sent of for analysis.

Police expanded their search in this case to the Kirkland area, and in particular the heavily wooded Watershed park area, due to tips that came in reportedly on the afternoon/evening of Friday.  Those tips appear to have come in after law enforcement published new photos of Sky in hopes someone would recognize the child.

As for Julia Biryukova, who has lied to police from the start of this investigation and then refused to cooperate past the first day – instead hiding behind her lawyer, instead of assisting police to find her missing son, she’s been busy uploading pictures to her Flickr page.  Several of the photos uploaded in the past week have Sky in more