Thursday, November 10, 2011

#LisaIrwin : #SkyMetalwala - Val Hall - Concerning Numbers And Apparent Lies

Right now there are several concerning numbers in the case of missing Sky Metalwala, and a lot of apparent lies…from his mother, Julia Biryukova.  The disturbing picture is created when the numbers are looked at in combination, and it points to the likelihood that Sky is, in fact, dead, and his mother knows it.

Police working the case of missing toddler Sky Metalwala have not been able to find anyone who had seen the child for about 14 days prior to his “disappearance”.  That’s concerning on it’s own.  However, when you add in that just 4 days before his disappearance there was a 12 hour mediation meeting in the embattled divorce/custody case between his parents, those 14 days become a huge pregnant pause about to deliver something very terrifying.

How did Julia Biryukova attend a 12 hour mediation session with her estranged husband Solomon Metalwala and there be no one available to verify they’ve seen Sky in the 2 weeks prior to his disappearance?  Where was Sky and where was his 4-year-old sister during that 12 hours?  We have no confirmation that investigators have confirmed a caretaker for the older girl, but we do have their statement that no one had seen Sky for the 2 weeks prior.  Were both children left alone for 12 hours unattended?

Leaving her children unattended for “extended periods” has been reported to be something Julia was known to do.  Is that the day something happened to Sky? Is that why, within 1 or 2 days (it’s being reported both ways) Julia phoned one of the attorneys and said she wanted to “void” the agreement reached in the mediation session?  An agreement, by the way, that granted Solomon his visitation rights.  Is that why, with an impending visitation period where she would need to produce Sky, she staged this ludicrous abduction story? more