Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lisa Irwin : Picerno Continues To Jump The Shark !

I’m not quite sure why Picerno can’t pass a mic up.  After you step in the non-Shinola pile in front of the media more than one time, you’d think you wouldn’t keep wandering through the same patty-laden pasture.  But he does!  This time it’s in response to the family court suit that has been filed by Rasleen Raim concerning the custody of missing Lisa Irwin’s 8-year-old half brother.

The Bradley/Irwin household is a blended family with Jeremy Irwin bringing a son from a prior relationship (I do not know if they were ever married), and Deborah Bradley bring a son from a current marriage (lol)… serious, she’s not divorced.  Then there was Lisa who was Bradley and Irwin’s biological child.  In past media reports it was stated that Jeremy Irwin had fought intensely to retain full custody of his son from his previous relationship with Rasleen Raim.  Not much has been reported on why the battle was so intense, or why a family court eventually ruled to give full custody to Jeremy Irwin.

Since the news of Lisa’s disappearance Rasleen Raim has filed a suit to try to regain custody of her son.  Now, the first questions I have about this more