Thursday, November 10, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Robert Lee Beagley ' I Know The Family Well'

I know the family very well. No way do I think that Jeremy have anything to do with this. First of all I have played with all three of the kids and I know if something happen to Lisa while Blake was around he would tell you about it. No way could he not tell the truth about his sister, Both boys love LISA

I have known Jeremy for 10 years and have seen him deal with the kids when they were good and...

But I also know that No way did someone just walk into our neighborhood and steal her. It has to be someone they know because all of the neighbors on our block watch out for each other. We Know each others familes that come and go in our neighborhood

I pray that Miss Lisa will be home soon
when they were not. Debra I have known since she came to our neighborhood and she too is a good mom and has nothing but the family on her mind at all times