Tuesday, November 22, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Valhall - #Picerno Loses Gossip Game

Gossip, telephone, pass the message…whatever you called it when you were a kid, you probably remember playing the game.  You sit in a circle and the person who starts the game whispers something in the person’s ear next to them, who in turn whispers what he believed he heard to the next person until it gets to the last person who must say the message out loud.  Rarely does the message stay intact.  Such was Picerno’s latest hope at pointing fingers at someone else.

Picerno hasn’t had a good couple of weeks.  He sure hoped the Tyler Dasher case would be one where he could point his finger and say, “See!  Strange men wander streets in the middle of the night with stolen babies!” – only to have his hopes dashed when the finger turned on him, and wagging fiercely said, “See!  Moms kill babies in their cribs after partying!”  Then, his latest....read more