Friday, November 18, 2011

#LisaIrwin : #Tacopina's "Defense" Strategy In Custody Battle

 For some, the best defense is a good offense.  Is this Tacopina's strategy?

When the lawyers orchestrated the national media's questions about being drunk, did they not anticipate the backlash of allegations of neglect?

The strategy was obvious:  cover or excuse Deborah Bradley's inconsistencies and changing stories with a blanket reason:  she blacked out because she was drunk. 

The issues?

1.  Deborah Bradley appeared unable or unwilling to use her own words to say that she was drunk and high on anti-anxiety meds, but would only nod or say 'uh-huh' to most questions. 

2.  Drunken mother alone with a sick baby and two youngsters constitutes a situation of risk, as well as Child Neglect. 

The lawyer may have wanted to portray this as an alcoholic blackout, especially since Deborah Bradley repeatedly stated that she last checked on Lisa at 10:30PM, but 2 weeks into the investigation, after failing a polygraph, she changed the time to 6:40PM.   The criminal defense team needed a way to explain this away, even as it brought more attention to the 10:30PM time mentioned by Bradley. more